Update your Fireworks CS6 Path panel

Aaron Beall is the guy behind the famed “Path” panel. The team has been working with him in the past releases to keep it up-to-date every release. Since the panel is not really embedded in the heart of a release, it is good that the issues in panel can be resolved without much issues and overheads.

Here he helped us with the panel which you already have in Fireworks CS6 release.After that, there are some more edits with bug fixes specially with keyboard shortcuts and focus related ones.

Download the latest panel from his website at fireworks.abeall.com/extensions/panels/Path

Path panel

Path panel

**A Big Thank you to Aaron Beall on behalf of Adobe and Fireworks team!**

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Fireworks CS6 new feature list

Fireworks CS6 has been released a few weeks back and hopefully you all have explored the feature list. There are times when some of the lesser known items are not shared or tend to loose out against the big things engineered.

Below is a categorized list of things which I feel need a mention. This list has been contributed heavily by the engineering  folks specially Priyanka. Thanks amigos.

Big Features

  1. CSS Properties extraction: This feature helps you easily translate Fireworks design elements to CSS.
  2. jQuery Mobile Theme Skinning : This feature helps you customize and export jQuery Mobile themes along with the icons.
  3. CSS Sprites: You can export individual slices on the page as CSS Sprites, that generates a single sprite image along with the CSS Style sheet.


  1. Performance: On 64-bit Windows machines, Fireworks can now access more than 2GB of memory.
  2. Performance: “Out Of Memory” issues that was encountered when the GDI objects count hit 10000 has been resolved.
  3. Performance: Property Inspector on Mac is more responsive.
  4. Extension usability on Mac has been stabilized.


  1. Option to save file as *.fw.png.
  2. Quickly Switch Fill Options: The drop-down menu for Fill types has been replaced with button for each fill type that makes it easier to switch between the fill types.
  3. Quickly Switch Fill Options: Separate opacity control for Fill and stroke options.
  4. Quickly Switch Fill Options: Numeric input fields for angles of gradient handle in the gradient dialog.
  5. Quickly Switch Fill Options: Numeric input fields for opacity/gradient nodes in the gradient dialog.
  6. Quickly Switch Fill Options: Ability to browse through the color stops using “Control + Arrow” keys.
  7. Quickly Switch Fill Options: Multiple gradient previews have been replaced with a single preview.
  8. Quickly Switch Fill Options: Numeric input fields for angle in the pattern dialog.
  9. Quickly Switch Fill Options: Size of the preview in the Pattern dialog is bigger.
  10. Quickly Switch Fill Options: Color swatch has been updated in the color picker dialog.
  11. Quickly Switch Fill Options: Ability to copy  RGBA/HEX color values from the Color Picker dialog.
  12. Crop tool has an option to lock constrain proportion in PI.
  13. Tooltip is shown on File import.


Workflow Improvements:

  1. Symbol Improvements: Creation of symbols with the option “Save to Common Library” selected, retains the symbol on canvas.
  2. Symbol Improvements: A refresh button has been included in the “Document” library panel that updates on canvas, the selected button in the panel.
  3. Symbol Improvements: Imported symbols can be updated from the Document library panel using the refresh button mentioned above or using Update Symbol option in the flyout menu option.
  4. Symbol Improvements: Exporting a slice present inside a nested symbol does not scale the exported slice.
  5. Styles: Styles are saved in the selected style library and in the current document library.
  6. Styles: Switching between the documents retains the last selected library in the panel.
  7. RGBA/HEX color values can be copied using the eye-dropper tool.
  8. Layers: Layers panel has been updated with new thumbnail icons for different Fireworks objects.
  9. Layers: Reordering of layers/sub-layers in the Layers panel on Mac.
  10. Layers: “Share Layer to Pages” option is enabled for all the pages.(Earlier it was available only from the page that the layer is shared)
  11. Pages can be dragged to the top of the pages panel.
  12. Default PNG 32 option is available in the Optimize panel.
  13. “Group as Mask” option is available in the context menu.
  14. Path Panel improvements
    1. Dialogs which appeared in the center of applications now appear in panel itself
    2. Path panel option now appears in Window>Path.(earlier, Window>Others>Path)
  15. Export area tool bug has been fixed.(The preview of the image appears at the center of the preview dialog)
  16. New APIs have been included.

Asset updates:

  1. Common Library
  2. Templates
  3. Styles
  4. Textures
  5. Patterns

Feature Deprecation:

  1. Removal of redundant information from the document title bar.
  2. Deprecated features:
    1. AIR export
    2. Flex skinning
    3. Create slideshow
    4. Device central
    5. Share my screen

There are plans of sharing more details on some them mentioned above in future through blog posts. If you would like to know more about something, write a comment below and I will write that first.

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Adobe Shadow!

Designing for mobiles? Deployment issues? Previewing Problems!

Adobe Shadow may be able to help solve your problems. Find a preview of the new technology at Adobe Labs.

“This version of Shadow focuses primarily on the following:

  • Device pairing
  • Synchronized browsing and refreshing in sync with your computer
  • Perform remote inspection and debugging so you can see HTML/CSS/JavaScript changes instantly on your device.”

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Issues with building Native applications in Dreamweaver CS5.5?

Andrew from TriceDesigns has written an elaborate article if you run into issues with building native applications from Dw CS5.5.

Thanks Andrew for writing the in-depth article for us with the resolution.

Article Link

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Make the web awesome – move it forward

If you are interested in making the web experience for yourself awesome, here is an effort which outlines how you can contribute back to the web. Be it as simple as just talking about it or to the core of contributing back to it in the form of hard core code writing or putting it under some stress by testing it.

If you want your web experience to be awesome, just engage with it in some form and get involved.


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Blank panels in Fireworks?

If you are running into issues with some panels appearing blank on start, please refer to the KB article published at http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/924/cpsid_92443.html.There are couple of browser plugins which are conflicting with Fireworks and leading to blank panels.

Feedback is always welcome with more real world scenarios for us to investigate and fix them.

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Adobe Proto goes live – Adobe Touch apps

Adobe Proto lets you create wireframes of websites and apps on your tablet. Design interactive wireframes and prototypes for websites and mobile apps with the convenience of simple touch gestures.

You can download the app at Android marketplace.

Developed by one of the engineers I have worked very closely in the past years! Congratulations to him on working for a version 1.0 product. It is an engineer’s dream to achieve it.

A total of 6 apps have been launched on the Android app market

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Adobe Fireworks CS5 patch re-posted


New Patch for Fireworks CS5 is available through Adobe Updater.(Help->Updates).Installer through Adobe.com site will be available in couple of days. Please install the update and let us know your feedback.


Please note that the Application package has not been changed from what it was in older update( the application version also remains the same ( the update shows version  as 11.0.2 though internally it is same as 11.0.1.

 UPDATE: The above mentioned new update for Fireworks CS5 (11.0.2) has been posted in Adobe.com as well.Please download the update from


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Flash Platform summit in Bangalore, July 2011

Announcing Adobe Flash Platform summit in Bangalore. Full details on www.adobesummit.com

Date: July 27-29, 2011

Time:  Full day

Venue: NIMHANS convention center, Bangalore, India

Recently added goodies were 10 Playbook and 10 smartphones on offer. More goodies may be added. 

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Fireworks CS5 update has been pulled out temporarily

The recent release of Fireworks CS5 update has been pulled out after multiple user reports of it not getting successfully installed. The Fireworks engineering team is investigating the root cause and identifying how to make it smooth sail the next time. Looking at this situation, the update has been temporarily been turned off from auto update or the manual download of patch from adobe.com. Once the issue is resolved and we have identified with the issue, we will release it again. If you would like to help us in testing in real world scenarios at your machines, just send me a note below and we can work with you. On behalf of the entire team at Adobe, I personally apologize for all the pain this update has caused for your valuable time and efforts. EDIT: The contents of the patch will not be changed and all the bug fixes will remain as-is. The only change will be packaging and delivery mechanism of the update. So people who have been able to successfully install the older patch need not worry when the new patch comes out. UPDATE: The update is back online and can be independently downloaded from the Fireworks support page at adobe.com

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