Adobe Fireworks CS4 Beta annouced !

Fellow designers and Fireworks users.

Adobe just announced the availability of its web designing and prototyping tool Fireworks CS4 beta on labs.


Please follow the below link to visit the labs site from where you can download a copy of the public beta version.Download LinkIn the subsequent posts I will walk you through some of the changes and enhancements made in this release. I welcome all feedback/suggestion/bug discussion for the beta version of Fireworks CS4.Have a great time exploring the powerful features and also reading the subsequent posts for feature related details.Share on Facebook

8 Responses to Adobe Fireworks CS4 Beta annouced !

  1. tom says:

    Sir, how about the relationship between Photoshop and Fireworks, maybe more&more user want to choose one.Fireworks CS4 beta version supports much tighter and better integration with Photoshop. If you are looking for something very specific. Ensure that you have the correct PSD Import/Open preferences set to be able to use this enhanced feature.

  2. Jim Ecklund says:

    The trial is up on Fireworks cs3 but is it possible to buy the cs4 version? It says I only have 2 days on the trial and I need to use it for prototyping. If I buy the cs3 version will I get a free upgrade?ThanksJim

  3. Sarthak says:

    Hi Jim,The CS4 version has not been released yet. This is just the beta version of Fireworks for CS4 release.If you have a CS3 serial number then you can enter it at to generate a serial number for Fireworks CS4 beta. This serial number once entered in the application will make it last beyond the limit of 2 days.After buying CS3 you will be eligible for upgrade to CS4 at a discounted price instead of the regular price.ThanksSarthak

  4. christopher says:

    where do you get the serail codes to actavate fireworks its self?

  5. Hi Christopher,I am assuming you need to activate Fireworks CS4 beta. For that please refer to the asnwer I have mentioned to Jim.In case you have any other older version of Fireworks then you will have to buy a serial number from Adobe which can then be activated.

  6. HiI have tried several ways to get a serial number to keep using the beta – did it for Dw CS4 beta – can’t nmange to do it for Fw CS4Can you help?

  7. Hi Jan,Please follow the below link and enter your CS3 serial number to generate the CS4 beta serial number. it helps.

  8. Marcos says:

    Preciso do serial doadobe fireworks cs4