Fireworks CS4 Bug fixes – Part 1

Apart from the workflow features in Fireworks CS4 there have been some bug fixes which seem important from a designers perspective. Below mentioned are 7 bug fixes which stand out amongst the other fixes.

  1. When pages in the png file are linked and then renamed, the links had to be updated manually. This updation of links now happens automatically in Fireworks CS4 on page renaming.
  2. If an invisibile layer or object was selected, the visibility was getting turned on automatically. This has now been taken care, where the visibility doesnot toggle automatically.
  3. A restriction has been added to disallow the presence of special characters in page names. An alert message is displayed now.
  4. Images copied from a web browser and pasted as a mask was broken in Fireworks CS3. Version CS4 has rectified the issue to make it work once again.
  5. While scaling a vector or on some other occassions, a stray pixel used to crop up on the canvas. This stray 1 pixel has been taken care of now with the CS4 version.
  6. When a web object aka slice/hotspot is cut and pasted, it now pastes in the selected web layer/sub web layer.  CS3 pasted in the lowest layer hierarchy irrespective of the layer selection.
  7. The "Select Unused Items" in the document library now works across multiple pages. In Fireworks CS3 it was limited to the current page.

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