Maze of Pages/States/Layers simplified

Fireworks had Frames and Layers to help designers manage the document they were creating. Logically, frames were the container for layers where each Frame had a separate independant set of layer hierarchy contained within it.

Fw .png file logical organization prior to CS3

The CS3 release version saw the introduction of Pages feature which added another level of abstraction on existing frames. So now each fireworks png file contained atleast 1 page, state and layer. The logical organization became such that a page was the topmost level which contained multiple frames. Each frame as earlier contained separate independant set of layer hierarchy.

Fw .png file logical organization after CS3 release

The pages feature allowed that each fireworks png file could now contain multiple pages with flexible structure as shown above. Fireworks CS4 saw just the renaming of Frames to States. The document organization remained same with a page containing multiple states. Each state in turn contained independant set of layer hierarchy.
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