CS3 and CS4 rendering engine differences

Fireworks CS4 now utilizes a new rendering engine. Users have the option of toggling between the CS3 and CS4 vector rendering engines using the following scripts: Any object created afresh in CS4 version will utilize the new rendering engine.

A legacy file created in version prior to CS4 even when edited in CS4 version will not use the newer engine until the object is selected and the script is run on it.

  1. Download link for script to enable Fireworks CS3 vector rendering on selected objects
  2. Download link for script to enable Fireworks CS4 vector rendering on selected objects

Users can toggle as many times between the 2 options to verify the graphic appearance.

Visual Illustration: See the 1 pixel anti-aliasing added to red rectangle on right which uses CS4 rendering.

Rendering difference between CS3 and CS4
The above editable fireworks png file can be downloaded from here.

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6 Responses to CS3 and CS4 rendering engine differences

  1. Arpan says:

    So is there any practical difference between them for the user? ie, is there any real benefit in toggling between the two rendering engines?

  2. Sarthak says:

    The designers might see a 1 pixel anti-aliasing added to vector objects for some objects.There is no benefit but will hinder the appearance of pixel precision designs.

  3. Dan Rodney says:

    I am confused when you say “There is no benefit but will hinder the appearance of pixel precision designs.” Are you saying that switching back to the CS3 rendering makes things worse? The CS4 rendering is better right? Which style hinders pixel precision designs? I would assume CS3. I just wanted to make sure. Do you have any examples of when it would be good to use CS3 style (other than to make art match CS3 files) or should we always use CS4 style?Thanks,Dan

  4. Sarthak says:

    Hi Dan,I have updated my blog post to highlight a case where you can see a 1 pixel change in object appearance due to the rendering changes.The change is reversible with the script posted. Such pixel differences might not be visible for all the vector objects using CS4 rendering.The rendering difference cannot be classified as good or bad. It is as per convenience of the designer who has the flexibility to see the CS3 and CS4 rendering in CS4 itself.Thanks

  5. Hi,Every time I merge objects this new rendering engine adds anti-aliasing to the edges of the new object, even though it was on a pixel. This is completely useless to me, why would I want less than pixel perfect objects when I draw them ON A PIXEL.This is up there with the idiocy of the text bounding issues. If this is always going to happen, is there anyway I can permanently switch back to the CS3 engine.This bug has to be fixed, I could just about stomach the hard pixel bug on rendering for 5 years or so but this one is a nightmare to work with.Regards,Chris

  6. Sarthak says:

    @ChrisCurrently there is no permanent solution.The scripts which are embedded in the post above can help you on occasions but I agree that it is quite painful when there are huge number of objects to be re-rendered.