Fireworks CS4 Bug fixes – Part 2

Bug fixes part 2 lists some more issues which have been ironed out in Fireworks CS4 release.

  1. When objects are present in sub layers and the canvas image is resized, the sub layer objects do not get resized.
  2. & character is now allowed in Symbol Properties dialog.
  3. Layer in FW created in a PSD have the blend mode set to Pass Through now instead of Normal.
  4. Exporting the slice from contextual menu was causing a hang of Fw.
  5. Text with PS effects had a bigger bounding box. Now it is fixed.
  6. Text object which had multiple attribute settings when copy pasted did not preserve the attributes when pasted. Now pasting the text object preserves the same.

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140 Responses to Fireworks CS4 Bug fixes – Part 2

  1. I’ve just bought Fireworks CS4 and it seems completely unstable. In addition to crashing regularly the behaviour of the application is also very erratic.I’m very disappointed at this release and expected something much tighter from Adobe.

  2. Dan Rodney says:

    If you are on a Mac I suggest cleaning your font caches. Whenever Fireworks CS3 got in a funk for me, that helped a lot.

  3. Sarthak says:

    Thanks Dan for the suggestion. Hope it solves some problems for Justin.Justin,I recommend you to post some work flows where you find the application unstable.That seems a way we can start to isolate the issues.

  4. dirk says:

    Hello Sarthak,I’m sorry, but this Software is a pure dissapointment for me.Objects align different on the screen after ungrouping, 9-scale slicing symbols behave unpredictable, lately I undid an operation and FWCS 4 sended me around 10 steps into the past, redo (of course) was impossible, so my work was lost. Not to mention the frequent crashes and the text rendering-issues which are another story (why must a 12px verdana, unaliased, be positioned outside of its text-box???).Yes I could nail down every single bug I ran into after working 1(!) day with FW CS4, and send example files and descriptions to adobe. But I have to earn a living, not to betatest software I already payed for. This are not exceptional bugs that occur under certain circumstances. These are bugs everybody will run into under normal conditions after a real short time, and every beta-texter should have (and I’m sure has) seen them. In the boards a lot of bugs are attributed to the new text-rendering-engine. Maybe. But I also run into a bunch of bugs where no text operation is involved, so for me its kind of unlikely that the new text-rendering engine is the only cause.Most freelancers and agencys I know already switched back to CS3.

  5. Hi Dirk,I would request you to post specific issues for me to investigate them.If you wish you could send me a mail as well with all the issues faced by you.Posting it here might help others users of Fireworks to comment on the issue.ThanksSarthak

  6. dave says:

    helloam trying firefox cs4 and there is annoying bug – when u work with text block /line-height 150%/ blue border is moving

  7. For the benefit of people visiting my blog, I will highlight the bugs sent to me by Dirk.1. When a bitmap is inside a 9 slice enabled symbol and the symbol is scaled in both directions, the bitmap is scaled in all both directions even when the guides are placed such that to exclude the bitmap from scaling in one direction.2.Blend modes inside a symbol are not respected when a user comes back to the main canvas.3. Masked vector object when converted to 9 slice disabled symbol and a glow filter is added to it, scaling it causes a change in object attributes. The current workaround for this bug is to enable 9 slice scaling in the symbol.4. A psd file was crashing Fireworks, although I was able to open it on a mac and win without any issue.I want to thank Dirk for highlighting the issues. Investigation will be done for all of them.

  8. Hi Dave,We have seen the user running into such an issue. It is under investigation.Currently to solve it and let the blue border bound the text just double click inside the blue border.The text might get moved around some pixels and might need some re-alignment.Thanks

  9. dave says:

    thx for reply, am sorry .. i mean fireworks, not firefox 😉

  10. In case any of Fireworks CS4 user is facing issues with the software, I would recommend that they write down scenarios where they are facing the issues.Talking abstractly about the stability of the application will make it even harder for us to pin point the issues and improve them.

  11. dave says:

    next bug – when you selecting transparent color from optimize panel cursor turn from picker into arrow … i want to buy fireworks but this bugs make me sad

  12. Hi Dave,I am not sure if I follow the bug mentioned by you. Please confirm.When the mouse is hovered onto the transparent color box in the color picker, it changes the cursor shape to arrow.This is the case with all the places from where color picker set pops up. It is the same as in CS3 as well.Thanks

  13. dave says:

    cursor bug:select tab optimize, click on PNG8 format, select index transparency – click on “Add color to transparency” And now cursor is correctly change to picker and when u move with it about 50px cursor change to arrow – this is the BUG

  14. Nikachu says:

    Having the exact same problems as those mentioned here.Undo suddenly going back about 20 steps, and no way to ‘redo’.If you open a file and leave FW while it is opening, the screen appears blankCreating a vector shape and making the stroke anti-aliased but the fill ‘hard’ creates a hard edge (the ‘fill’ seems to spill out over the stroke if you have both anti-aliased)Rotating a vector object seems to cause the fill to ‘collapse’ and not fill the entire space of the objectFont ‘falling out’ of the text box, meaning you can’t select it or edit it – this is a SERIOUS issueSelecting objects seems to require 2 clicks. Once turns the selection border red, the second time, blue. Only then is it actually selectedThis is worse than the beta release I tried.I’m running OSX10.5.5 on an Intel iMac.Due to problems installing and serial number issues (another massive Adobe problem) I had to un-install CS3 to get CS4 to work (this was the solution after a 3.5 hour phone call to Adobe support).I use FW a large part of my time in this job – not having it work correctly is causing complete havoc.Does anyone know if re-installing CS3 will create any serious problems? The rest of the CS4 package is great.

  15. Hi NikachuMultiple people have reported the sudden undo and no redo possibility. Will it be possible for you to share more information on it like the scenario/work flow being exercised when you ran into the bug. Can you check the History panel and check if that also does not help in redoing. Also ensure in the preferences the Undo steps are set to a big value with the default being set to 200 in Fireworks CS4.The screen going blank happens for any file even if it has less objects? Can you give a more insight to the work being done with Fireworks?Can you share a screenshot for this scenario? Are you working at high zoom? The fill of the vector object not filling it completely is quite weird to me. Are you using primitve vector shapes like rectangle, ellipse, polygon or other objects created using joins/intersect etc? When you nudge the object, does it affect the fill?Font and the blue bounding box around it mis-aligning is a major issue which we has observed post CS4 release and we are at the moment trying to give users some workaround before a concrete plan for it can be finalized. If you run into such a situation, the quick painful solution is to double click inside the blue box and the mis-aligned text will jump back into the box.The object required multiple clicks to be selected is now a known problem at our end and we re investigating it.Sometimes installing and serial numbers can cause a pain. I generally dont mix installations amongst versions. Incase of issues I also use the same cleanup scripts as available at scenario I follow is to install the complete CS3 first and then install complete CS4. Then I use whichever versions suits me better. This has not caused any problems for me till now.

  16. nikachu says: – thanks for the response.Adobe told me that I couldn’t install CS3 and CS4 at the same time – hence the complete uninstall/reinstall. It took about 6 hours, and I’ve been left with the almost unusable Fireworks CS4.I’ve been using FW for 10 years and this is the first version I’ve had issues with – please, please, please get it fixed! If I can be any help tracking down the bugs let me know – following on from my previous post here are some screenshots and a few other issues…Here is a screenshot of the ‘blank page’ when opening a Fireworks file and going to another program while it loads in the background: is an example of the ‘fill’ not really filling the vector shape (this is very annoying as the only way to fix it is to draw the shape from scratch). The shape was part of a symbol, but doesn’t display properly whether it is left as a symbol, broken apart, grouped or ungrouped. the undo/redo issues – it’s only happened a coupe of times. I’ve got ‘undo’ set to 200 steps (with 4Gb or Ram this shouldn’t be a huge issue). There didn’t seem to be anything I did differently when it happened, so I don’t know how to recreate it.’Double clicking’ on a text box that the text has ‘dropped out of’ is not easy – sometime the text box is hundreds of pixels away from the text and if there are groups of objects, it’s almost impossible to find the right text box. One thing I have noticed is that if you view the whole doc as a ‘wireframe’ (Apple+K), the text that has ‘fallen out’ of the textbox doesn’t show up ANYWHERE on the document. – here is a host of other less important issues (but bugs none-the-less).Radio buttons don’t allow for any text – adding more than one word creates multiple lines. Stretching the ‘label’ to fit the text, just stretches the whole images. a symbol ‘in place’ and coming back out, moves the text from the position it is in within the symbolIf a grouped object has text in it, everything jumps out of place when it is ungroupedAlt+arrow keys no longer duplicates an object – I’ve had to create a keyboard pref to fix thisWhile editing a symbol, I clicked on ‘symbol properties’ and my mouse cursor disappeared. I could still select and move objects but couldn’t see the cursor. I had to save and relaunch FW to get it back again.Backspace doesn’t work in Leopard’s ‘Help’ menu when typing.

  17. Marieke says:

    I have experienced soooo many problems since upgrading. Just now the program crashed and has corrupted the file (that I had saved numerous times!) When I went to re-open the file it was named as ‘00000002’. I tried to open it but it said that an internal error had occurred. I have just lost 3 hours work! Will someone please fix these problems! It seems to me that this software shouldn’t have been released, the people who decided it was ready for the market should be liable for all the hours and money lost by the people using it. Among many other things when the start up box comes up as you launch the program, when you click on a recent Item to open it, fireworks crashes every time. I avoid using it now, but why have it there if its not functioning?I will now spend my Friday night trying to re-do the work that I have lost – not impressed

  18. Hi Marieke,I am sorry for the issues witnessed by you. I also acknowledge the presence of such issues in CS4 version. These issues are being seen by multiple users but the exact steps for the issue has been hard for us to nail down.The file ‘00000002’ being referred by you is the temporary file which is generated before saving the contents on the actual Fireworks png file. If you had been saving the file regularly, the file should have some objects instead of loosing all the objects. I understand the frustration that you are facing with loosing so much of work.Can you let us know of all the issues that are being faced by you? From the earlier comment post I have found 2 issues.Crash while saving the fileRecent Items document is causing another crashFor the second issue, is it the same file which was causing crash on save? If no then is the png file placed on local hard disk or opened from a share location?It will be really nice if you could send me the clear steps which are causing all the issues for you in Fireworks CS4 version.By steps I mean the objects you were working on while the error/crash/issue was encountered.Thanks

  19. Tim says:

    Thanks for pointing out the selection bug… this is a huge pain having to click twice.Also, when I Export (applekey-shift-x) one file with multiple files open, sometimes it opens the export window with a different file, instead of the one I am working. I have to click on the file I”m working in and try it a couple of times before it lets me export the file I want.

  20. Hi Tim,The selection bug is a huge problem which I have also faced on occasions and just breaks the design work flow.The export issue being reported by you is another issue which seems to have the same roots.Thanks for emphasizing on the bug.

  21. Jeff says:

    I have been using Fireworks CS4 and it is aBIG DISAPPOINTMENT!This new release has so many bugs and I can’t beleive it was released.Adobe better get on the ball!I have been using Fireworks since Version 2 and never encountered this many bugs. Fireworks is a great application and Adobe should give it the attention it deserves!It seems that Macromedia took more care with their products.WAKE UP ADOBE!

  22. Hi Jeff,I know there are quite a few bugs in the application.Fireworks is slowly gaining its due and I am hopeful that in the times to come it will be a much talked about application from Adobe.For the issues you have been facing can you enlist some of them so that we can investigate further into its causes?

  23. I’m running the CS4 Master Collection (student version) on a Mac and can’t seem to even get Fireworks to open on my Mac (OSX 10.5)… It boots the yellow splash screen, but whereas it would usually say “Initializing” or something of the sort. Instead, no text appears in the splash box and the application hangs for a minute, before quitting itself. The standard Mac error report box is shown, then a separate Adobe one pops up. I’ve reported the error each time (which is EVERY time) I’ve tried to boot the program.Could it be a custom font? like they’re having a similar issue.If that IS the case, I’ll be seriously annoyed given I have several hundred custom fonts on my system… :(- DavidP.S. Sarthak… You’re doing a smashing job monitoring the comments and I hate to be a bore. If you *could* possibly e-mail me when a response is posted, I’d be greatful!

  24. Hi David,It seems like the same issue which you are referring to. I feel that on a Mac machine it should be easier to resolve.Just open the Apple FontBook app and try to find all the corrupted fonts through it. You can even disable some of them to verify.Once the fonts have been disabled or uninstalled, launching Fireworks should work now.Let us know if it worked for you.Thanks

  25. Clifton says:

    This is a pretty comprehensive list of the bugs I’ve experienced: Adobe issues an update, and the app is faster and more stable, I’ll buy it. Thanks!

  26. Eva Miller says:

    My bug is pretty simple: Fireworks CS4 crashes about 30% of the times I try to save a file. Because of the instability, I save frequently, so as not to lose too much work. I have developed a chant at these times: “pleasedon’tcrash, pleasedon’tcraseh, pleasedon’tcrash…”

  27. Hi Eva,I have heard many users face this same issue. I know it is a big issue. I can’t say much from the product’s patch perspective but this extension will auto save your files and prevent from probable data losses.

  28. Mike Beaulieu says:

    1. I save often to reduce the effects of many crashes.2. Export pages as images (all available workflows) always causes an internal error.I’m torn b/c I recently switched from PS to FW for web work and I find it to be very productive, except for when it is not working.

  29. Sarthak says:

    Hi Mike,The issues you have mentioned about Export as Images, can you tell me more details of it?The details I am interested in are :If this happens for all fireworks png file?The file format you are exporting the pages as?Is it for all pages or current page only?Does a Fireworks restart solve the issue or it still persists?If you find any other observations please send them.This is a nasty problem and makes the important feature of pages of less value.Thanks

  30. steve turner says:

    Fireworks CS4 is awful. It won’t open my CS3 files – every single time I try to open a CS3 file, it crashes. Every time. It’s killing me at my job. Nothing works – not restarts, not preference trashing, not re-installs, noting. The apple log states it is an exception error, and that CS4 is trying to address an invalid area of memory. In my experience, this is when a programmer creates and array that tries to access an array key that doesn’t exist – a common programming error in C++ – Please fix this software.

  31. Sarthak says:

    Hi Steve,It will be kind of you if any png file causing the crash can be shared.This is blocker issue and we will need to investigate it once we receive the png file.Thanks

  32. Kat says:

    I really need help with getting Fireworks CS4 to work – I’ve tried everything mentioned on the blogs and it still will not work! It tries to load and after it comes to Initializing Tools, a dialog box that states Could not launch Fireworks displays. An internal error occurred. It won’t even start. Does anyone have any advice? I would really appreciate any help that you can offer.

  33. Tak says:

    The one thing that should not have happened when adobe took over macromedia’s fireworks, is make the application less stable. I have figured out work around for the many bugs I’ve encountered in the first week, but I don’t expect to have to hold my $600 upgrade together with scotch tape and bubble gum. This is ridiculous. If your release is going to suck, it should have an appropriate price tag.

  34. Sarthak says:

    Hi Tak,I would appreciate if you point us the issues which is causing you to take multiple workarounds.We have been made aware of the instability of the application on a generic note but we need a little more deep information where we can isolate the issues and fix them.Thanks

  35. Tak says:

    1. The application crashes constantly. I work on a brand new 24″ imac with the latest OSX. Sometimes the crashes happen when I am trying to get the text objects to stop jumping around, sometimes it crashes when I am moving a path object by the nodes, sometimes it crashes for now apparent reason and sometime it hangs when a basic font size change is made.The most egregious problem is the font handling. The entire engine running this part of the process seems like it was rushed into the app. It is basically unusable to a veteran FW users. I cant express to you how disappointing and aggravating that is. Especially, as I noted before, the price of the products upgrade.When do you plan to release a patch?

  36. Sarthak says:

    Thank you for the comment on my blog post, Tak. I apologize for the issues you are facing during designing with Fireworks CS4.I need some support from you and other readers to identify the cause for these problems and also get them fixed eventually.1. Can you tell me the Mac OS version you are working on? 10.5.?2. For the bug you have mentioned related to text and vectors, can you identify a reproducible workflow so that we can work on it at our end?We have worked on the text engine for this release and would appreciate if you help us out in ironing out the issues. Can you also let us know clearer what do you mean by Font Handling.

  37. andy says:

    I only downloaded the trial (end of december) of CS4 as it is my primary graphic tool. Like everyone else disappointing and not buying it. Sorry not to look through the list fully to see if my bugs were there, so I’m just gona add them to the bottom.- when using the export wizard after doing a simple cut/paste into a new doc, the wizard keeps the last document exported from previous tab as the reference to export. It does not export the current tab until you select a layer on that image- using percentages to change image size does not work (linked height/width). what ever you try it only makes a percentage that similar to 0.6. Using px works fine.

  38. Sarthak says:

    Hi Andy,Thanks for highlighting the issues.The first issue has been reported by another person.I will need some more information on the second issue you have mentioned.Let me know if you would like to work with me on investigating that one.Thanks

  39. Peng Zhang says:

    I love Fireworks for web & software interface design. But with CS4, I am experiencing a critial problem. I work with a file with 53 pages inside, no other states, just pages. The file size is about 30 mb. Every time, I make a change, I have to save it for fear of losing the change when the program crashes. And every time I click the save button, I start to pray that the save goes through because very often and randomly the save will fail with an error message like ” an internal error occurred. blah..blah..”. When that happens, the change is lost, there is no way to save the file any more, no even if you attempt to save as under another file name. And it is crashing so often while trying to save. It is frustrating and make the workflow so efficient. I hope this bug can be fixed as the top priority and get an update out there so people like me can save their work.But otherwise, I like Fireworks over Photoshop for interface design and rapid prototyping.

  40. John says:

    Here’s a big issue for me that über annoying…Mac issue only: Create a rounded rectangle auto shape. Select the rounded rectangle and use the Auto Shape Properties panel to set a new width or corner radius. Use your tab key to try to jump from input field to another input field. Fireworks jumps to Fullscreen mode. The cause is obviously that the panel is a Flash panel. The workaround is to manually select the new input field but that is a horrible solution.I would also like to say that I have found Fireworks CS4 on Mac less stable that CS3 and that is saying a lot. Fireworks CS4 was supposed to fix a lot of memory leaks but seems to have caused plenty of new ones. Its pretty erratic as well, so I have been unable to reproduce on a consistent basis but it almost has me interested in dropping Fireworks completely and using Illustrator/Photoshop.

  41. Sarthak says:

    Hi John,Thanks for highlighting the issue. We will investigate it.The stability of CS4 version is a big concern for us right now.

  42. Dorian says:

    Hello,fireworks CS4 doesn’t have a few problems it has a LOT ! it’s a shame to release it like that. EACH day fireworks crashed 2 or 3 time, loosing EACH time my work. i try to save as often as i can but i began to think about killing adobe people :)Do this people, like you as i see, working for ADOBE have thought that some people, like me, working all the days on this program since a long time ? Imagine to loose your work and do it again twice a day and try to explain to your boss that you do the best as you can but you can’t do your work on time…So, i found another serious bug : when you try use the rubber on associated objects, it crash almost all the time.sorry for my poor english, i’m a french designer and i’m not familiar with the english version of fireworks.

  43. QualityGuy says:

    I upgraded to CS4 in Nov/08 and everything worked well for a couple months.However, now Fireworks crashes 100% of the time and i cannot even get it started.Was there a windows update or something?Any hints?

  44. QualityGuy says:

    Hi Sarthak-Thank you, this worked: menu – RunEnter ‘regedit’ and hit ENTERLocate HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Adobe/ (I put this in a slash format but what you’ll be seeing are drop downs.Locate and Rename the Fireworks folder to ‘Fireworks_old’.Then in the Adobe folder locate Common/9/Sites and rename it to ‘Sites_old’Once this is done try starting Fireworks, it should start up again.

  45. Sarthak says:

    @QualityGuyGood to know that Fireworks CS4 now launches for you.

  46. dogfood says:

    What’s the status for an update of FW CS4?I’m suffering from the same problem as Eva (January 13). Fireworks crashes during the saving (but without corrupting the PNG/FW-Sourcefile)The loss of time & effiency due to having to start Fireworks after the second or third save, makes me sick. Obviously there are huge stability concerns since the release in november and problems around saving should be judged as crucial. So an update after four months into the product release seems to me OVERDUE.I actually need to know, if it makes sense to continue to work with a workflow based on Fireworks/Dreamweaver. The frequency of crashes during the saving makes working in Fireworks nonsensical, due to the loss of time.Second: I’m astonished to find these informations on a blog of an Fireworks-Developer and not somehwere in the support-area of would like to help and provide informations to iron out bugs. But how the hell should i know, when such informations are written somewhere deep in the Adobe-blogosphere instead on the official support-pages of Adobe?(Mac OS X 10.5.6, iMac G5, Adobe CS4 Intl.Engl.)

  47. Sarthak says:

    @dogfoodThe status seems positive at moment. We are close to it.This saving crash is also one of the big problems we have known apart from the text jumping issue for CS4 release.I empathize with your workflow issues. I have run into these issues myself when designing using Fireworks CS4. I would request you to work with the applications as we fix the issues.I am quite happy with this effort of Fireworks team interacting directly with the designers using Fireworks. We get a first hand information of how users like you feel when they run into an issue. It gives a true reflection of how the application is being used.I would appreciate if you could engage with us more to make Fireworks better. Let me know if it sounds good. I am open to involving you more closely with the progress of Fireworks future.

  48. Thomas says:

    Hi Sarthak,Although I appreciate your honesty concerning the mishaps with Fireworks CS4 I share dogfood’s opinion that it is unacceptable for a big, expensive program like Fireworks to crash every some odd minutes. It is a terribly annoying occurrence and we are seriously discussing the best next steps either with or without Fireworks.Do you have any more news concerning an upcoming update? Know that it is highly anticipated by multiple members of our team.Thanks,Thomas

  49. Sarthak says:

    @Thomas,The news I have is quite positive with the team working on getting smiles back to lot of Fireworks users in the very near future.Just needs a little more patience from your end.

  50. HeatherP says:

    Hello;I too am having internal errors in CS4 on Windows XP, but not just when I try to save. It seems to happen randomly. Sometimes I will be able to save after the error occurs, other times I will lose all my work. It is unpredictable as to when the error will occur, and is driving me nuts. Is there anything I can try that will hold me over until the promised patch appears??

  51. Sarthak says:

    @HeatherP,Wil it be possible for you to share the png files and explain to me in more depth about the workflows that have been applied to the file.This way it help in working on it internally and getting to the root cause.

  52. low says:

    Heywhat the hell are you thinking there in adobe? That we are your lab mouses or beta slaves? People pay hundreds of dollars for this “product” and they try to work with it. What is exactly your job in this scheme? Asking what “pervert” workflow they use on simple PNG? You should’ve replayed all the scenarios in the design / engineering stage, not half a year after it hits the shelves! Or at least you coud’ve released 1 (one) patch to clean up your mess.This is outrageous. As greedy as your miserable company is, I hope your shares plunge to hell then grab some popcorn and watch your joke of a team look for a job.- “Oh hi there, Im a software developer.”- “Hey hey, any CV?”- “Well yeah, I worked Fireworks CS4 and im proud of it”- “Ah, the one which wouldnt run at all? See you then!”

  53. adam says:

    Indeed, Fireworks CS4 is extremely buggy. I am surprised it passed the Adobe QA bar.The most common crash I experience is immediately after editing some text, clicking on the canvas, and then trying to save the file. I would estimate that Fireworks crashes about one third of the times that I try to save files, perhaps a quarter of the time.

  54. Joe bedington says:

    Hii’m getting multiple bugs1. Text box moves but text stays put, when you go to edit it everything moves up or down 10 px2. Text leading is all over the place its almost as if fireworks makes up the distance each time you change it.3. Symbols don’t appear in the library when you make them.4. Getting positional problems similar to the text box with Symbols. When you align everything in the symbol it moves slightly when you come back to the main stage.Hope theres an update for FWCS4 soon!Joe

  55. robin says:

    Aside from FW CS4 crashing all the time, it does not recognize fonts that other adobe program recognize. And I have to restart FW every time i open a font with suitcase. This is very annoying.

  56. Deb says:

    HelloI have never been able to launch Fireworks – Mac OS X leopard – it crashes.All other programmes in CS4 work. I just thought I would try Fireworks but I can’t.I have searched for solution but can’t find central repository that works through step by step.Deb

  57. Eduardo says:

    Hi,I have been experiencing the same errors as reported above.The only comment that I want to add is that today I tried to update fireworks, with a little hope that some of the buggs would have been fixed.There was 2 updates,Media serverand Media Encoder.With so many bug reports, what are the adobe priorities?And if the answer is there is a Fireworks team looking into it, when will it be fixed?

  58. Zoltan says:

    I’ve been using a trial version of Fireworks CS4, hoping that these bug fixes arrive before the end of the trial period otherwise we’re going with CS3. All bugs below experienced on Vista x64 with oodles of RAM.Bugs include:- New fonts not showing up unless Fireworks is restarted. This is a critical issue as it means font management programs are useless. Also happens if a font is manually installed into system fonts folder. With CS3 and below you just had to deselect and text for the fontlist to be refreshed…- Text bounding box moves from actual text, as described many times above.- Random linebreaks within text. This happens sporadically when text is copied or font is changed. The linebreaks cannot be removed, the only solution is to create a new text area and retype or use a different font.- Keyboard arrows stop working! After working in a document for a while, I can nudge a selection down but not up. Not sure but I think this has also happened to left and right arrow keys.There’s more issues that I’ve encountered but not in a consistent or definable way that I can describe here. Overall I’m shocked at what a step back this has been for FW, really hoping a patch will be released soon enough.

  59. Zoltan says:

    Just noticed another bug which I don’t think has been mentioned:I have a text layer which I have double clicked on to ‘reset’ the bounding box. I now cannot resize the text box. Even zooming in to 600% to make sure I’m dragging exactly on the corner of the box does not work – the cursor does not change to white as it should.I can create a new text box right next to this one and resize it to my heart’s content.

  60. Sarthak says:

    @ZoltanOne of my posts mentions that a patch is being worked upon and it should be available in some time. The emphasis will be on the text related issues.• New fonts requiring a restart of the application is a known issue to us.• Text bounding box is also a known problem.• I need some more information from you related to the random line break issue.• Keyboard shortcuts freeze to work while nudging is also a known issue internally. It will be good if you could walk us through a reproducible step.If possible please send some screenshot/screen capture with the workflow along with the Fireworks png file. Please feel free to send us all the bugs that you encounter. We are all ears for the issues you are running into.

  61. Joe Mellin says:

    This is RIDICULOUS!My CS4 on os X 10.5 crashes every time I save a file when I have more than one open.The file gets saved but I get a spinning wheel of death hang and have to force quit.Seeing on this blog that this has gone on for multiple months makes me want to look for an alternative to adobe.To the adobe representative, I understand that your team is working on it but please express to the project lead that I am very disappointed that they launched with such a buggy product. It really makes the company look bad.

  62. Jim Griswold says:

    Hi Sarthak,Reading this forum, I really appreciate your patience and excellent customer service skills. You are handling everyone’s frustrations very gracefully and kindly.I agree with the general consensus that fireworks cs4 mac is, while useful, quite unstable and buggy in many situations — so much so that I am quite frustrated with having paid such a high price for the product.One issue I have encountered several times that I haven’t seen here is that my “tools” and “properties” panels will disappear, and I have no way of getting them back.This doesn’t happen in a predictable way, so I can’t give you exact steps to recreate, but often when I switch back into fireworks from another application, the panels will be missing. When I go to the “window” menu, the “tools” item is checked, as is the “properties” item. When I try to uncheck them, they still remain checked. I also have tried to use the keyboard shortcuts cmd-f2 and cmd-f3 to no avail. The only solution seems to be to quit the program and restart, which is of course undesirable.Thank you again for your work on this forum, and I am looking forward to a patch from adobe to rectify these issues.

  63. Tak says:

    I’ve been checking this board for months since I bought this piece of software as part of one of the bundles from Adobe. As a professional web designer, I use this application the most of all that came in the bundle.Considering the stability of the prior versions of FW and the hefty price I have to pay every year and half for an upgrade, I find it completely unacceptable that you have released this software at full price as though it is an improved product and that you have not released an update yet that returns the basic stability of the program.I have read multiple comments here regarding how patient and excellent you are with customer service and dealing with bugs. however, your job is to create the stable software I pay for. Please get to it. Tell when we can expect our expensive software to be patched. Your “please be patient a bit longer” routine is no longer acceptable.- Very Pissed Off Long Time Adobe Customer

  64. Sarthak says:

    @TakThe update should be on its way soon.Regarding some of your comments challenging my job, I think I know my job and the team has expressed public apologies for the problems users like you have been facing after CS4 release.I am not sure what else is expected out of us now. The update is being worked upon and are quite close to it.

  65. Kris S says:

    I have to agree with much of the complaining on this blog. This software yet feature rich, is poorly built. With the amount of consistency I find errors occur, it surprises me your QA team allowed it to go out the door. Below are my workflows to create the errors I am having. Some one may have posted similar issues… I didn’t have the time to read through the entire list.OS:Mac OSX 10.5.6Processor: 2.4 Ghz Intel Core 2 DuoMemory: 4 GBWorkflow One:Can Not Change style on Rounded Rectangle more than once.Steps:Use Rounded Rectangle shape toolgo to style paletteselecting a style does not change the fill statedoes change borders, glosses and shadowsWorkaround:create regular rectangleapply style of choiceonce chosen redraw rounded rectangleWorkflow Two:Fireworks Crashes when trying to open a multi-page documentI have one document w/ up to 14 pages, after system restart I open fireworks choose the multipage document system crashes…Workaround:create a new document of any sizeafter the document is created open the multipage document of choice

  66. Sarthak says:

    @KrisThe rounded rectangle you are using to apply the Style is an Autoshape and the styles do not work for all attributes on such objects. The workaround you have mentioned is the way to approach the workflow. Create a rectangle, round its edges using the options in Properties Inspector and then apply the style on to it.Can you send me the crash report as an attachment?

  67. jediha says:

    Another bug: When I drag a shape to the canvas FW cs4 crashes immediately (100%).Any clue when the update is ready? This is taken TOO long!

  68. Sarthak says:

    @jedihaCan you be more specific on what the shape is?Where is it being dragged from onto the canvas?

  69. David says:

    Hi guys,I’ve noted that several of you have reported problems saving files. I have am ore specific problem along the same lines, but that does not result in a crash.1 in 3 file saves, mostly to new files, fails with a prompt about an “Internal error” or something.This also happens when I export slices etc. to other file types (jpg, png) – for no apparent reason, FW is unable to write to the file. I have to repeat the export process 2, 3, sometimes 10 times before the file is created.If saving the main file fails, I end up with a temp file in the save destination that I need to delete manually. It’s named something like “00000000001.???” and increments each time a new one is created. At the end of a session I have to clean up several of these files.Since CS3 there have been HORRIFIC issues with the mouse cursor when dragging using several bitmap tools. Those issues are largely fixed in CS4, but some remain and there are new problems. On high res images I have noticed that the preview of a dragging motion sometimes doesn’t occur, so I have to release before I see the actual change I’ve made – useless :/I reckon there’s significant memory leakage or something. Using a high res document recently, performance degraded to embarassing levels, sometimes resulting in crashes, even though on my 6gb system I had 3.5gb free, and CPU usage isn’t the cause of the problem I’m fairly sure. I’m using a 2.4ghz C2D and at cold boot I can manupulate a high res document witih no slow down at all. It’s 100% degenerative.Exporting files again – more often than not FW creates a seemingly randomly named folder in the same output folder, as if I had seleced HTML output and it intended to put the images in that location. On one occasion I noted that the name of the stray folder was a compound of two folder names I had selected using the file browser during the save process before I clicked ‘Save’ – no idea how accurate that is.I get many graphic inconsistencies on screen, but I think that may be video driver related, though FW is clearly over complicating rendering.That’s all I can think of at the moment.I know you’re under pressure, so I appreciate your efforts, Sarthak. I just wanted to make sure you’re aware of the larger issues I’m having, that I can only guess others have also had. Hopefully the imminent update will do wonders.Cheers to all you others who have taken precioius time to report problems. Where would we be WITHOUT involuntary beta testers…

  70. Max says:

    Noticed several more bugs running Fireworks CS4 trial on Vista Business 64. Here they are:1. Sometimes when opening Fireworks PNG source file, “layers” palette is empty. You need to close open documents and reopen them to access layers.2. If you have complex artwork with multiple objects overlaying one another, some objects have blend modes and gradient masks, then often you encounter problems with exporting images. Fireworks fails to render properly all these objects and in exported image you’ll see abrupt gradients, different colors like some blend modes are perverted. “Image Preview view” shows the same distorted artwork as exported image.This is really annoying, because when you finished your work and ready to export it you discover you need to tweak some objects to mimic previous appearance so the Fireworks could export them without spoiling.3. When opening PSD Fireworks discards masks applied to bitmap objects.4. Sometimes objects on the canvas disappears or becomes partially hidden. Usually it happens with objects that have live filters applied to them. You have to hide this object, then switch it back on, then it looks ok.5. Hot keys only work in English keyboard layout. For example if you need to type some Russian text you have to swith to English, press “T”, switch to Russisn, type in the text, hit “Esc”, swith back to English, hit “V”. Consumes a lot of time when working with texts. As far as i know Fireworks is the only Adobe application that suffers from such bug. Please please fix it.6. If in Windows Explorer you open a file with Fireworks and then click “Save as” Fireworks saves the file NOT in the same folder from where it was opened. It saves it in the last folder Firewors worked with. It takes much time browsing folders if you work with multiple files. Once again Fireworks is the only Adobe application that suffers from such bug. Other programs save file in the same folder where it was opened.7. If you apply “Life Filter” to an object, for example Glow filter and then apply a vector mask to this object, you’ll notice that Live filter is not properly masked. Looks like live filter is applied to a masked object, not a mask applied to an object with filter how it was done. You have no other choice but only flatten the object with applied filter and then mask it.In general, development team did a lot of work, implemented many new features. But with this release Fireworks becomed slower, consumes more PC resources. It runs slowly on Core Duo T9400 with 4 gigs of ram. Many of old bugs from previous version where not fixed + some new appeared.Looks like the main goal was to stuff Fireworks with new features. It’s speed, stability and usability were less taken care of. But these 3 are crucial to the end users. I think they will not have reasons to upgrade unless bugs are fixed.Thank you.

  71. Max says:

    Another bug – sometimes arrow keys don’t work. It doesn’t depend on language layout. You need to relaunch Fireworks to make them work again.

  72. Sarthak says:

    @MaxCan you handhold me in explaining the steps which lead you into the arrow keys not working?

  73. David says:

    Right, I’ve played with it a bit now, having read both this article and the previous one…It seems that for no apparent reason, a “rounded rectangle” isn’t treated the same as a rectangle with rounded corners as applied via the Property Inspector.I’ve followed all your instructions, with and without the ‘Scale Attributes’ option turned on, and it appears it actually works as desired ONLY if you start with a standard rectangle.In fact, when starting with a standard rectangle and specifying the roundness using properties, the ONLY way I could get the attributes to skew was by using the Free Transform tool. Under these conditions the ‘Scale Attributes’ option actually works as it says on the tin.With a ‘Rounded Rectangle’, using the ‘Resize’ handle (bottom right corner) it doesn’t scale the attributes regardless of the option state. But if you disable that option you can resize using any method with success, BUT it still skews the roundness upon doing so.So, to clarify, the only way to resize a ‘Rounded Rectangle’ without skewing the roundness is to use the ‘Resize’ handle – so it can’t be done with accuracy.

  74. David says:

    I’m sorry – I think I posted a comment in this thread that doesn’t belong. I can’t see it yet though, so THIS may even be a mistake :/

  75. Sarthak says:

    @DavidI completely missed you. I was always talking about the rectangle which now has the ability to specify roundness from Properties Inspector.If you see, rounded rectangle is an autoshape. Hence it is different from the rectangle.

  76. Mike says:

    Wow, I’m glad I read all this before buying.Looks like Adobe new development process requires it’s customers to do QA.That’s something I’d expect from open-source or shady over-seas developers, but certainly not from Adobe.I guess times (and attitudes toward customers) have changed.

  77. Max says:

    @ Sarthak”Can you handhold me in explaining the steps which lead you into the arrow keys not working?”Unfortunately no, this happens occasionally and i don’t know how to reproduce it. Just noticing that sometimes nudging with arrow keys doesn’t work.By the way there are some useability faults in comparison to previous version of Fireworks. For example if you export image (Ctrl+Shift+X -> Export) all you have to do in Fw CS3 is to press Enter. In Fw CS4 you have to click Save with mouse. There are also some situations where extra mouse clicks needed.Another bug – when editing Symbol Properties of a symbol that has a text field often you can’t paste text in this text field. You have to type it since copy/paste routine doesn’t work in 50%.

  78. Sarthak says:

    @David,That is a very good point you have raised. The presence of 2 tools related to rectangles can confuse people working in the application. We will see how to simplify it.When working with “Rectangle Tool” and you want to round one vertex, create the rectangle and then ungroup it. Once it is ungrouped, then you will be able to use the free form tool on the object. Also the points created by the free form tool cannot be controlled explicitly.I guess you will have to manually remove the points not needed once the freeform tool have been used on a vector object.Once the rectangle is ungrouped, the layers panel will reflect it as a “Path” instead of a “Rectangle”. Then you can also use the pen tool to add more points whose curvature can be defined.

  79. Max says:

    One more bug – you can’t copy artwork from Photoshop and paste it into Fireworks. Copy/paste in opposite direction works.

  80. Max says:

    Another minor bug – when you press “q” to cycle through transform tools some times Pointer Tool is selected.It happens with symbols where 9-slice scaling tool is not available. So if you have have Distort Tool selected and you press “q” then the Pointer Tool becomes selected, not Scale Tool how should be.

  81. Max says:

    Sarthak, it would be really nice if user doen’t have to reselect font style while changing font. For example if text has Arial Bold font and you changed it to Tahoma it’s setted to Tahoma Regular, not Tahoma Bold.

  82. David says:

    In my experience, adding a vertex to a path using the pen tool does not result in a vertex with curve handles. I’ve not found a way to add curve handles to a vertex that doesn’t already have them.It seems what’s missing here, is a ‘Vertex Properties’ portion of the Property Inspector. One that enables you do specify which curve handles you require on a given vertex.There are only two ways I can find to create curvable vertices; use a freeform tool and deal with whatever comes out of the anarchy, or create an autoshape object, ungroup and use the bits you actually need at the time. Neither of these is very intuitive, and a simple vertex property piece would sort it out nicely.

  83. David says:

    I’ve noticed that when maximised, this ‘nice’ new interface (I’m clearly not a fan of the Windows easthetics, especially in light of what I saw of the Mac version on some of your Adobe videos you linked on your blog) seems to creep onto the edge of my second screen. Very annoying.I get quite a few UI mis-haps in the main toolbar, but those COULD be chalked up to poor gfx drivers, as I’m running Windows 7…In what I presume to be a space saving attempt, it seems you’ve scrapped the standard Windows window structure in favour of pushing the main menu right to the top of the window. It makes dragging windows a pain. It’s also not particualarly clear where one must drag a file from the ‘shell’ in order to open the file as a new document, as oposed to inserting the item into the current document.Floating pains is good, iconic mode is good, being able to control everything like that is ALL good! But the unnecessary changes to the UI are annoying. I hope we don’t end up in a place where all apps look totally different. UI consistency is important. I’m sure it’s also covered at great length on UI development courses, so I’m intigued as to the design process used here…If noone else agrees that the new UI is a little odd, then I’ll shut up and go away 🙂

  84. David says:

    Upon starting a batch process, I have noticed that the default browser location when one selects “Custom Location” for output is the Fireworks program directory :/Super.

  85. Jo says:

    I have been using FW CS4 for 2 months solid now. And I use it almost everyday.In the Adobe Roadshow for CS4, the main feature being push is making life easy and saving time. So far, CS4 hasn’t save me time and quite the reverse.I have to keep restarting the program because:1. It crashes2. The tools, properties etc.. dialog panels disappears and I can’t get it to show even after reselecting it in the Windows Menu or hitting the shortcut keys. (e.g. Ctrl F3 for properties). I have this happen to my Tools, Properties, Optimize panels. And quite often.3. Quite often the Align Panel box is just gray (blank), the icons not showing even after I have selected two objects to align. So no way to use it. Unless I quit and restart Fireworks.4. Opening a file sometimes comes up with just a gray-out or blank canvas.5. The 2-Up Preview used in Optimize takes long time to load and show.6. The Undo (ctrl Z) has a mind of it’s own and does not record the latest action but jumps back to at least 5-10 steps and hitting the redo (ctrl Y) doesn’t bring you back to the last action. So I have to redo work often due to this.7. The crop tool is harder to use8. Cropping an image and selecting, I don’t know if it’s just me but the object doesn’t get selected on first click. I often copy and paste into another window. And whereas this method never cause me grief, it does on Fireworks CS4. I have to keep going back and reselect it – which often takes two clicks???I’m on a Mac and so far Fireworks CS4 like everyone says is costing me time and pauses my workflow so much.I might need to go back to Fireworks CS3.This is a really frustrating product. The excitement quickly dissipates after a week of using it.I think it shouldn’t have been release if it’s so buggy.

  86. Sarthak says:

    @DavidWith the CS4 redefining the UI for applications, there are mixed reactions to different perspective of the change seen.I do not say that there have been no negative feedback but at the same time the positive feedback has been huge as well. Customers have reported the time saving which was the intended purpose along with the consistent experience across applicationsThe new UI will take some time for people to get used to it and become familiar with it’s functionality.The files need to be dragged directly on the menu bar area which is present right next to the File menu options of the application. This will open up the document in a new window. If the file document is dragged on the canvas, the file gets imported.We would love to hear more from you about the UI changes/enhancements specially since you are on Windows 7.I have placed a video at which should help you understand the way to create curvatures from existing points on the vector shapes. Also on how to add points to existing vector object.The key point is to click and without releasing the mouse button, drag the mouse on the canvas to define the intended curve.

  87. David says:

    UI consistency is VERY important, agreed. The new UI isn’t awful, and will just take time to get used to. My only concern is that all too often people seem to feel it’s necessary to stray from the standard Windows GUI objects. While it’s sometimes nice to see something fresh, and some would prefer a world where all apps look different – I’m not one of those people. I like professional tools like FW to be consistent to other software I use. If all Adobe software looks the same, that’s great. As it happens I don’t use that many other Adobe apps, so I’m in a position where I’m using a single piece of software that USED to look just fine in Windows but now looks like it was designed for the Mac appeal, which I’m guessing is the case here.This is all personal preference though, so no big deal I suppose.More importantly, the maximised window is larger than the actual screen, as mentioned above, which may or may not be 7 specific.Finally, I’d like to thank you for that video about curves – beautifully simple, and now I feel rather embarassed that I didn’t even TRY to manipulate an existing vertex using the Pen tool. This makes like MUCH easier, now I know I can actually define curves myself without having to bodge them using other, less appropriate tools.

  88. SMCK says:

    My Fireworks CS4 crashers all the time as well. What a time waster!!!When you say cleaning font caches would resolve it, do you actually mean clearing the fonts folder in the library or is there a preferences or something to do this?

  89. mollita says:

    I’m experiencing consistent crashes when trying to preview in Firefox. To replicate my actions, simply do Chapter 11 in the Adobe Classroom in a Book for Fireworks. (cringeworthy)Using the Preview/2-up/4-up panels are amazingly slow (even on my new MacBook Pro).I haven’t used this product since it was in MX and there are many improvements, but the preview in browser used to be a snap. The crashes I’m getting w/ fairly simple example documents make me dread using this for work (starting Monday).Finally, there were several comments related to autoshapes that I believe can be answered by understanding that they are restrictive because they are “grouped.” The Classroom in a Book mentions that you need to ungroup autoshapes to apply live effects, etc.Mac OS 10.5.7, Power Mac G5 Dual 2.5 with 6GB ram.

  90. Shen says:

    Fireworks CS4 (mac osx 10.5) has been unusable for me since I installed it. It’s impossible for me to select an object on the canvas in one or even multiple clicks.I have updated to, but i’m still having the same issue with selecting object. I even reinstalled the whole suite several times trying to get it to work.So: Please, is there any solution to this selection bug?It is very frustrating to work in fireworks cs4, when the selection tool is not working for me

  91. Max says:

    Sarthak, i few more bugs:1. In previous versions of FW it was possible to edit symbol and view it’s appearance in the document at the same time. In FW CS4 if you edit symbol and want to review the main document, you have to slose symbol window. So every time you close symbol window you lose history of your symbolediting.2. Often when you enter or leave symbol window FW looses focus of object you’re working with and other part of the artboard is shown. When you change magnification, for example when you press Ctrl+1, focus is restored back.3. Sometimes it’s impossible to enter in symbol editing mode by clicking on a symbol. I don’t know how to reproduce this bug, it look it happens in certain documents.FW update that you released recently fixed a lot of problems and made FW more stable. But also many bugs are waiting to be fixed as well as usability issues. FW CS4 still feels slower and less handy software comparative to CS3.Please, please release one more update ))

  92. JRM says:

    Where, oh where, is the promised patch?Like a good chunk of the people here, I have not been able to open Fireworks CS4. Sadly, reading the rest of the comments, that seems to be a blessing. Any company in the UK putting out this sort of defective product would be liable to a product recall and a whole lot more.

  93. Max says:

    Sarthak, another very annoying bug – i worked on animated gif and deleted one shared layer and then trimmed canvas. After that duration for all states was reset to 7/100 of second.

  94. Adam Friedman says:

    I have been using Fireworks CS4 on a brand new P4 WinXP machine for over two months after using Fireworks 8 happily for nearly three years.In this two month span, Fireworks CS4 crashes approximately every 20 minutes, simply by working with files that range from 2-10MB in size, have 1-3 pages, and contain 20-30 bitmap and vector images.Basically, I’m putting so little “strain” on the program, and it crashes unexpectedly, constantly. This situation is nothing short of an unprecedented nightmare.How is it that, all other things being equal (like O/S), an upgrade of an enterprise software application contains MORE critical bugs than its predecessors?Adobe should be working overtime to clean up the apparent mess that it has made out of the Fireworks codebase.

  95. Sorry for the delay… This did fix it.Thanks a lot Sarthak!And for the record… I didn’t just receive this now… I was waaaay behind on the replying to e-mails and am blitzing through my inbox. I didn’t get chance to thank you properly at the time – but here it is… a big hearty “you rock socks!”All the best,David =D

  96. Hi,in hopes of getting a fix or a hint in that direction, here is the bug I discovered:I like using the icon panels collapsed so that only the text shows (the panels by the right). After selecting and using a panel I always want it to autohide when I click outside the panel. I set this in the preferences window but it somehow manages to always get unchecked.I saved the layout under a new name after checking the option but after it works for a while, panels stop auto-hiding and the option in preferences is unchecked again.I need to get around this please – its pretty annoying.Thanks and keep up the good work, fireworks is still my only choice for web graphics/work.

  97. Max says:

    Sarthak, Fireworks keeps on crashing from time to time. Sometimes it just alerts “Not enough memory. Can’t complete action.”. And you can’t save or export your work, in fact you have only to restart Fireworks and loose it. Pretty weird ((

  98. Sarthak says:

    @BenjaminI will have to investigate further on it.I quickly tested on a Win XP SP3 english machine and I did not see the issue at my end.Is it happening after prolonged usage of Fireworks app?

  99. Sarthak says:

    @Adam,I am assuming that you are submitting all the crash reports to Adobe with good amount of information for us to investigate.We are working towards stability of the app.

  100. Sarthak says:

    @SMCKNo need for clearing the font caches as the update should take care of that issue.The crash is at saving the file and/or abrupt?@JRMThe patch can be downloaded automatically by checking for the updates from help menu in Fireworks.Alternately you can download it directly from you able to select the objects by clicking on the object in layers panel? This is not a workaround suggestion but just checking if the selection is somewhere working in the application. Are you using the english language of Fireworks?A try could be to clean the Fireworks CS4 application preferences and check if selection start working again?@mollitaCan you share the png file with me?The autoshape needs to be ungrouped before styles and the within contained effects and other attributes can be applied to the autoshape object.@MaxThank you for the suggestion. This is the first time I am reading a comment like this and I find it completely acceptable. To know more are you a Flash user? If yes how do you work around this issue in there?We will need to investigate on the focus issues.Enter the symbol editing mode seems to resonate with the issue where the objects cannot be selected on canvas on occasions. To work around this you will need to edit the symbols from the Document Library panel.For any issue if you can share the Fireworks source png file and the steps to reproduce, it will be a great help to us.I need more information like the test file, a video file for the issue related to delay getting automatically set on cropping the canvas.

  101. Max says:

    Sarthak, thank you for understanding. Yes, i used Flash for a while and Flash keeps history on symbols even you’re finished editing them in symbol editing mode.By the way it’s very usefull to resize text in Flash – it changes size on th fly like gradients in Fw CS4. It would be realy nice to implement this feature in Fw.

  102. Martin says:

    Sarthak, I think you need to offer a 101 on what seems to be the ‘random out of memory error’ bug. It has become so problematic for me now, I no longer view fireworks a practical application and i’m starting to look for alternatives. I’ve lost too much work (and hair) over this and the update patch offered no restbite either.Shame on Adobe for releasing such an awful update to such a wonderful product…bring back Macromedia all is forgiven!

  103. Max says:

    Sarthak, the more i use FW CS4 the nervous i became. This software is no more pleasure to use. Please tell if you are planning to release another update for it to make it at last stable and smooth running. If no, i’ll revert to CS3 or look for another alternative. Thank you.

  104. After the release of Patch 1 for Fireworks, currently there does not seem to be a plan for further updates.

  105. Max says:

    Thanks Sarthak, i’ll look for another alternative. It’s a pity that Adobe spoiled such nice software.

  106. Okay, I’m having issues with the text engine (still!) even after installing the patch. I’m using Calisto MT, and on changing the horizontal stretch in the properties panel, I get irregular sizes between letters. I shouldn’t be manually having to edit kerning. So disappointed with CS4, and It’ll soon be that I bought it nearly a year ago – and still these errors?!how do i send you pictures?

  107. The memory leaks in FW cs4 have been getting worse every since late June 2009. I do not know what was pushed in that time frame but every since then when I open FW I immedately get message from any other application open at the time that it cannot function due to system resources not being avaliable, please close a few applications. The only thing running would on my XP be outlook 2007, IE 8, and fireworks. My clipboard also begins to fail. For some reason FW is using the Outlook clipboard instead of its own. And no, I am not doing this remotely.What is the fix for this, please?

  108. iam says:

    Hi Sarthak,The two issues I’ve been experiencing with Fireworks CS4 that havent been mentioned before:I’ve created a file and when i export it as CSS and Images (.htm), the program crashes.Also, when i hide a few layers, save the file, close and re-open it, Fireworks crashes.Is there a way to send you the file?Thanks.

  109. Ben says:

    I just encountered the same bug as “dave” earlier: I want to add a color to an image’s transparency, but I lose the color picker when I move it over to the preview. I would have to pick the colors out of the Optimize panel, which is like shooting nearly blind.It’s a big shame that no more patches are planned. I hope this changes. It seems like there are a lot of bugs to be fixed from the number of comments you have here.

  110. Alan Millar says:

    SarthakI just wrote a relatively long post with a lot of detail about my workflow and errors – ‘internal error occurred’. But your site said the post didn’t work because ‘the text was wrong’ or something of the sort.Nothing was saved and I have to start all over again.

  111. snagnever says:

    another annoying bug, even after updating: when setting elements to be animated, you cannot control the z-index of them in other states, no matter what you do. fireworks decides by itself, and if a symbol is OVER the other in the first state, it may be UNDER the other in the next. (and fireworks is still crashing for no reason.)

  112. snag says:

    adobe should be ashamed in having a “mature” software so full of bugs. macromedia itself hadn’t that many it REALLY a final version?i’m totally disapointed, TOTALLY.and the sw ARE NO WAY cheap.

  113. Chris says:

    I have Fireworks CS 4 and have experienced the following bugs:1) Without fail, the application causes a blue screen crash in WinXP (SP3) when I close it. It saves fine.2) When moving text objects using SHIFT+[ARROWKEY] the text somehow breaks out of its constraints and, when double-clicked, realigns at an offset of 10px.I agree with everyone here – why do Adobe keep releasing buggy versions of software for hundreds of pounds/dollars. It isn’t fair to the consumer. When I pay this much for an ‘industry standard’ piece of gear I expect it to work, especially as I’m using it on a well-known OS.Adobe – do better!

  114. Chris Lowry says:

    Any update on an upcoming patch? Really is time to move this on!

  115. Don says:

    I’m currently experiencing problems with editing symbols. I’m making a button symbol and after converting the box and text to a symbol, I double click it and it breaks up my symbol without allowing me to edit it in the property inspector. Please help! Thank you.

  116. I have a problem with FW CS4 in a dual monitor setup: the color picker shows up in an x position to the right of the picker button (the resulting color selected). If I have FW in the rightmost monitor and maximized, the picker shows up outside the monitor (unreachable). I have to move the FW window about 100 pixels to the left so I can see the picker. If I have it in the leftmost/main monitor the picker shows up in the second monitor.Mac OSX 10.6.2

  117. One thing: this behavior can be seen better in the Optimize menu clicking the Matte color for a PNG file.

  118. Every time I quit Fireworks CS4 on my MacBook Pro with Snow Leopard it crashes.

  119. Patrick Miller says:

    Fireworks CS4 is crashing daily with a “Not Enough Memory” error and we are working on tiny files. We are on Windows 7, and it’s a big disappointment since we now may need to buy CS3 just for Fireworks (if we can even find it). We are running I have been using this program since Version 1, and it is the primary app for all my work. Please fix the problems. I’m so sad you bought Macromedia.

  120. Matt says:

    Yep, I have to agree with the consensus here; Fireworks CS4 is an absolute embarrassment and I would not be proud of putting my name to it.It has constant random low memory crashes(I have dual core 3GHz, 6GB DDR3 RAM, and good quality, mid range graphics card running Windows 7 64bit), regularly crashes when manipulating objects in quite small files (6-8MB web page layout samples), and displays many other odd characteristics when opening editing windows among other things.As part of the web design package with Photoshop, Dreamweaver, etc, this is no cheap piece of kit, and just demonstrates how much our beautiful world is now all about “get it out quick and make heaps of cash before people notice its crap” rather than “do the job properly”.

  121. Kevin says:

    I love how you can’t even purchase FW CS3 since as soon as a new version is out, the old version is no longer sold. So you’re stuck with this buggy excuse for a graphics editor. Hell I have been using FW since version 6 and have been in love with it. I would venture to say I know at least 90% of the program and all its features. However, as much as I absolutely love FW, I find most of my passion gone with CS4. It is no longer fun to use and now I only use it when I have to. This actually saddens me a great deal to say but is the honest to God truth! I’m not blaming Sarthak as he seems to be the only one brave enough to respond to our complaints (let’s see some upper management who said CS4 was ready to ship post some responses here!). I personally believe that the FW team may not be to blame either but rather upper management who said FW needs to change 3 of its major engines (UI, text, and vector) in a very short time. It is absolutely moronic to believe such a feat can be accomplished without buggy results. Hopefully Adobe is being publicly shamed enough here with the comments and on the countless other websites that one can find easily by searching something like “fireworks cs4 sucks” or “fireworks cs4 buggy” such that this mistake won’t happen again (and don’t kid yourself, FW CS4 was a “mistake”). I imagine almost everyone who bought or is thinking about buying FW CS4 knows about this. And since CS4 is the only version being sold, they won’t just avoid this version, but the entire application. And Adobe only releases one patch that really doesn’t address the vast majority of complaints? I can’t even comprehend the stupidity there! Anyway, CS5 needs to be pretty rock solid for me to continue with Fireworks.

  122. Kevin says:

    Also, the new GUI doesn’t work like other apps with Windows 7. Try using Aero Snap and you get nothing. Try moving the maximized FW window and nothing happens (all other Windows 7 programs will revert to an undocked, unmaximized state). Try Aero Shake with FW…nothing. Also sometimes the top half of the taskbar seems almost shifted when running FW (happens in Vista too). Minimize the program and the taskbar restores to normal, bring FW back up and the shift comes back. Clearly an error in some sort of Windows graphics API. It’s nice to see that Adobe really thought out the GUI change and didn’t foresee any problems with making it look completely different from pretty much all other Windows programs (and perhaps Mac too?). That just screams of arrogance to go out of your way to make something different than everything else out there even if what is already out there works perfectly fine and doesn’t bother anyone. I’ve never known a Windows (and again perhaps Mac too; I don’t own a Mac so I can only speak for Windows users) user to complain about how all Windows programs have a title bar and small border around them. Yet Adobe seems to think that these people do exist, and believe it so much so that they are willing to break consistency and some Windows built-in behavior to redesign the look of their apps. If that isn’t a great example of hubris and delusion, I don’t know what is!

  123. Carl says:

    Wow. I was running the 30 day trial and ran into an what appeared to be a bug with the Main Menu toolbar being empty or not displaying correctly. I came here for a solution and instead I found tons of problems. I was minutes away from purchase, but now I think I should hold off.

  124. Sarthak Singhal says:

    @CarlYou are probably seeing so many issues here because as an engineering team member, i felt that any Fireworks user can feel safe that the issues reported by them are getting heard. We have acknowledged the bug presence in the application. This does not mean that the application is filled with bugs only.

  125. Carl says:

    I’m still considering the purchase. How do you resolve the problem with the main menu bar?

  126. I have been holding off on upgrading to cs4 but would like to very soon – I am however a fireworks user and have long used the product (since version 2 under macromedia). I’ve been using the trial for just a couple of days – and while I have been looking forward to greater psd support – I’m very concerned over the number of random crashes I’m experiencing with fireworks.A lot of the crashes appear to be completely random – I switch from dreamweaver or my web browser back to fireworks and it crashes without interacting with the program at all.Other “bugs” I’ve noticed in just a few days are:• property inspector going blank• when switching to 2up view for optimizing very slow to load preview (empty)• frequent, seemingly random crashes (about 8 times today, minimumFireworks is an intregal part of my agency’s workflow – currently don’t think I feel secure leaving cs3 which was quite stable, although lacking in psd support features.

  127. Chriz says:

    Damm – i like to with fireworks, but since CS4 it’s seems to be an alpha version. crashing all the time! 🙁

  128. Tony says:

    After being plagued with the inevitable ‘not enough memory’ dialogs on my Vista machine equipped with 4 gigabytes of memory while running FW CS4 for a year (without resolution in the form of a service pack) I finally decided to upgrade my company’s main work machine to a Win7 64-bit System with 8 gigabytes of memory.Guess what? Fireworks still leaks memory badly enough that the ‘not enough memory’ dialog springs up within an hour of loading one of our larger files. We don’t mind restarting the application when this happens, but too frequently the program refuses to even save the current file when it runs out of memory.Please! Try to plug some of the worst memory leaks in this program! With 8 gigs to work with it is ludicrous that the program can’t even save files after a bit of heavy use.Thanks,Tony

  129. kasnj says:

    Adding a me too on this one – adding/editing text in Fireworks CS4 (with all updates) on WinXp (with all service packs) fails more than it succeeds. And cutting and pasting text? No matter what font (mostly arial, clients love that font!) I use that also fails most of the time.

  130. Alex says:

    Sarthak – thank you for helping us with all of the many, many issues that FW CS4 has.A FW UI comment – I really dislike how the colors of the various icons and tools have been deadened. Making almost everything in the UI gray may suit some Adobe visual designers idea of style, but it fails in 2 ways: 1) it communicates less visual information, so I need to concentrate on the shape of the icon instead of scanning for the color that I know the icon is, 2) it makes it hard to differentiate states, i.e. when looking at the Bold icon in the Properties area, it is no longer clear when bold is on vs. off, one is lighter than the other, but which state is which is not visually apparent.I just wanted to say that I am very unhappy with the Adobe version of Fireworks. The usability and the quality of the software in terms of performance and bugginess has gone done. Is this what I, as a new Adobe customer, should expect in terms or quality software releases? FW CS4 is by far the least stable, least bug-free program I work with on a regular basis (aside from Window XP of course.)As a new Adobe customer, I have to say, I am NOT impressed.

  131. Marko says:

    Adobe Fireworks CS4 is like Vista is to Microsoft. I hope that we will all as soon as possible see new version. I don’t understand my self why I still use it. It keeps crashing all the time without option to save your work.I would not recommend this product to anyone.

  132. Patrick says:

    Like many here, I am a longtime FW user, and its painful for me to watch this product I have championed for years turn into absolute garbage. It fails regularly (without saving anything) with the low memory errors (I run a i7 quad, 4 gigs ram and another gig of video ram with a clean install of windows 7), we have frequent menu problems requiring a restart. These are daily issues and appear across many computers and operating systems … Until Adobe supports FW users in the same manner we have been supporting them for years … I consider this a failed product and will not, as much as it pains me, buy this product for our department again.

  133. Medford TOrr says:

    Fireworks CS4 is simply sh@t! Adobe clearly is trying to phase it out and releasing it as a peice of cr@p so to deter re-orders (or am I being paranoid).I have been usinf FW since day one and CS3 onwards the daily crashes started.ADOBE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give FW half the attention you do to Photoshop and we might have a descent product.FW is far better for web design than Photoshop. Don#t be fooled.Really pissed of Adobe customer

  134. Doctor Fox says:

    I just removed some really large Fonts from my Windows/Fonts folder and wow, Fireworks CS4 is back to normal speed!No more freezing windows when I switch windows with dialog boxes open.It would also be noteworthy to mention that these font files were between 9MB and 40MB in size, some of which were added by Adobe Fireworks when it was installed.You should try this to see if your FW CS4 gets a boost!

  135. John says:

    Unbelievably frustrated by the instability of Fireworks in CS4. FW has gone from being super reliable to a piece of crap in one generation. My copy crashes under the most mundane circumstances, like copying & pasting simple geometry or while sending a job to the printer. I haven’t had problems with freezing, just plenty of crashes and some erratic stuff with the selection tools and the layers menu.So, is there a patch or a fix or a recall that might remedy the constant crashing? Or else could somebody please figure a way to make CS3 run on the new iMac so I can get on with my work?This experience with Adobe is starting to shake my faith in one of the few companies I thought I could rely upon. I bought CS4 along with a brand new iMac after my last iMac died a premature death from faulty hardware (which just happened to occur only days after my Applecare ran out). Toyota, Apple, now Adobe?

  136. Klaye says:

    The arrow key bug is probably the most frustrating I’ve experienced with Fireworks. It will work fine for a while, then suddenly I won’t be able to arrow key a certain direction (but shift+key) works, then the other directions and shift+key will stop also. Restarting seems to be the only way to fix it.

  137. I’m seeing the ‘not enough memory’ bug in CS5, too. For me, it’s happening at least weekly on an 8-core XP box with 4GB RAM. I thought CS5 was a stability and performance build. I like using Fw, but I’m afraid of a file corruption. Overall, CS5 is faster and a decent improvement.

  138. Tarek says:

    I experienced most of this problems here. Especially the one where you save your file and then it crashes is pain in the ass. You have a 0000002 file. That’s all. After the last update there is still no solution. But i know Adobe, they probably will focus on cs5 so our version of cs4 is not going to be updated anymore.

    Check his latest reaction:After the release of Patch 1 for Fireworks, currently there does not seem to be a plan for further updates.

    I find this unbelievably mean to the clients of adobe.

    How hard is it to build a fireworks on the indesign engine. I dont understand it. Why keep on building on the shit that macromedia made?

    Goodluck with macgyvering your way in FW. Im designing in Photoshop now. Its shit, i know, but as long there is nothing better.

  139. Alpesh Prajapati says:

    Hello guys..

    I am using fireworks cs5 now.. and i am big fan of fireworks as i had used fireworks 8, cs3,cs4, and now cs5… in cs3 4, 5 i got 1 same problem which is “Low Memory”.. and then i have to restart the fireworks software,. and this problems arrives in very short time around 1-2 hour, and if i doing any work with zoom.. then its arrive soon. i have search over the internet but didn’t get any kind of solution for that error.. if you have any solution.. then let me know i will be very great full to you.. thanks in advance..

    i love to you this software.. and i don’t want to use another software compare it…..