Fireworks CS4 release issues…

Thank you all the designers for upgrading to Fireworks CS4 version.

I have been reading about some stability issues with this Fireworks release which seems to be crashing or generating unexpected behavior at different work flows. I would request all the designers to be a little more patient and post some of the work flows here so that we can investigate them deeper.

We would be really happy to hear from you to make Fireworks a better product. Please try to provide me with as much information as possible like the steps involved, which platform you are designing on. In case it is possible to share the fireworks png file, it will be even better.

If you don’t feel comfortable posting all these details here, you can mail me. Or you could post a message so that I can contact you offline. Any way of communication works for me till I am able to solve your problem.

Thanks once again for using Fireworks!

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51 Responses to Fireworks CS4 release issues…

  1. Arpan says:

    I love the new Fireworks CS4 release. It is a huge improvement for a software that I use all the time.I’ve had a few problems with stability. Mainly I’ve found issues when trying to open an eps, pdf or ai files. I can experiment and get you more details in a day or two if you are interested.But the bigger problem is that Fireworks doesn’t seem to be able to handle expose and spaces properly.note: I’m using Fireworks in the single window mode in OS X 10.5.51. When Fireworks is open, spaces slides between different workspaces jerkily.2. Hiding FW doesn’t work properly. Sometimes it refuses to be hidden. Selecting hide from the menu, or using the shortcut does not work.If I am able to hide Fireworks, and I change the workspace (spaces), if I select Fireworks, it displays the document window in the current space, but the Main window with the tools and panels is in a different space. I can take a few screenshots as well as more information on when exactly it occurs on Sunday or Monday.

  2. Gopal Raju says:

    Hi Sarthak,We met today and I hope you have my email id :-)Btw, I am really happy to see the new features and improvements in Fireworks.This is my blog, which I designed using Fireworks CS3

  3. Hi Arpan,Thanks for the posting. Please experiment at your end and send me all the information you are willing to share to iron out all the Fireworks issues faced by you.

  4. Hi Gopal,It was a pleasure meeting one more Fireworks designer enthusiast.The portfolio highlights your design skills quite well. Keep it up and have a good time using Fireworks.Thanks

  5. buhrmi says:

    Fireworks is a wonderfull product. It’s much more usable for Web Work than photoshop. Is much faster. The interface and workflow is far more elegant.But one problem there is: I do not find any setting to adjust the export quality for png32/24 and my files always end up several MB large. Not quite suitable for the web. What am I missing?Cheers

  6. Hi Buhrmi,I hope you have explored all the options available under File->Image Preview dialog.Can you elaborate more on what settings are you looking for PNG 24/32 optimization?

  7. Clifton says:

    Hi Sarthak,I’m glad you’re listening to the issues. I have the money ready to buy CS4 but I won’t get it until its performance is enhanced and the major bugs are squished. CS3 is much faster and more stable.Some of us have posted our issues here: look forward to hearing about some improvements.Thank you!

  8. Hi Clifton,Thanks for sharing the link and letting me know the issues.I don’t think the link is monitored by Adobe consistently. I will suggest all the users on that forum to use my blog OR Fireworks support web forums at to report/interact for all the issues they have been seeing.As you have correctly posted in that blog, we are definitely hearing where customers are feeling the pain in Fireworks CS4 release and would like to improve on them.As mentioned in my blog post above, I will need steps of crash/errors. If there is a crash report you could post the crash report as well. Send the png file along with the steps will be just great!

  9. buhrmi says:

    Hi Sarthak,yes sure I have explored the settings. When choosing PNG 24 or PNG 32, there are no settings presented. There is only the “Format” select box visible. For JPG however, there are more options available like quality etc.Is this correct? Or is it a bug or is something wrong with my machine?

  10. Hi Buhrmi,On selecting JPEG format, the settings are customizable since it is a lossy format and user has the choice of finding the right file size and Image quality balance. PNG being a lossless format allows for smaller customizations possible.What you are seeing is correct and not a bug. I want to know from you what options are you looking for in PNG format like the quality parameter present for JPEG.Thanks

  11. Amy Stewart says:

    I am having many stability and refresh problems on Fireworks CS4 (late 2008 aluminum Macbook Pro, 4gb RAM, Leopard 10.5.5.). The Properties panel often won’t show anything in it until I move it around, click something, wait, or open and close the app. Today it didn’t show any of my active fonts in the app; I had to open and close FW to be able to see them. It’s also shut down on me about a dozen times in the week I’ve been using it, at random intervals.Also, there seems to be a lag in the pages and states panels; it can be several seconds before it will activate the layer I click on.Looking forward to some patches!! I have been an avid user of Fireworks since version 1, and this is probably the buggiest version I’ve ever tried.On a good note, I LOVE the pages concept and the smart guides. Just hope you fix the stability and refresh problems.

  12. Hi Amy,Thank you for pointing out the problems.The machine configuration mentioned by you is a good one and that is definitely not the reason for the issues you are seeing.I am inferring that the Properties Inspector is not refreshing for text objects. Are there any other object types which are not refreshing the PI?The random shutdown mentioned by you seems to be crashes that you are seeing. Can you send me the scenarios where the application is showing that behavior?Will it be possible for you to send me any png file where you are seeing the performance and stability issues? Does your fireworks png file have huge number of pages and states in each page?Thank you for using Fireworks for a long time. We are trying hard to nail down the issues.Pages was definitely one of the biggest features that had been done in CS3 release. CS4 had more productivity enhancing features with Smart Guides being a good example.

  13. Adam says:

    I have had the new Fireworks crash 3 times in the last 4 hours. Each crash has been while saving the file, which has caused all work to be lost. So far, I’m really disappointed with the new version.

  14. Hi Adam,This is a problem which has been reported by multiple users not only on this blog but on many other forums as well.Will it possible for you to privately share the Fireworks png file which led to crashes?An extension was posted which auto-saves the file while you are working on it. You can find more details about it at link

  15. iwan negro says:

    dear sarthak singhal. could you please contact me through email. i have an issue email with personal working files for you. thanks.

  16. gonchuki says:

    I just pity the very slow UI responsiveness. Everything is way slower than in CS3, even switching from one tab to the other causes a big repaint delay.Upgrading CPU and v.card didn’t improve it enough to call it “fast”.I’m currently running a 3.0ghz E8400 (upgraded from E2160 @ 1.8ghz).In the “feature request” side, I would love if you could integrate pngout or pngcrush in the image export options. My current pipeline always need an extra optimization step as the PNG files produced by Fireworks are way under-optimized.

  17. Hi Gonchuki,Fireworks does not utilize the capabilities of Video Card so upgrading that will not help in increasing the performance. Photoshop CS4 utilizes that power.Thank you for the feature request. I think this can be provided as an extension also rather than including in the main product for the time.Can you also highlight the areas of interest when you say that “the PNG files produced by Fireworks are way under-optimized”?Thanks

  18. Marieke says:

    When I’m using Fireworks a dialog box frequently pops up with ‘-2147221498’ and an ‘ok’ button. Sometimes it goes away if I click ‘ok’ but most times it crashes shortly after. I can’t seem to find a pattern of behavior that causes it.

  19. Hi Marieke,Does the dialog box show something more or is it just the number you have mentioned?Which OS are you using and is it the English Fireworks CS4 you are using?Is this dialog seen on launch or when does the dialog pop up?Are you running some extensions/commands when the dialog pops up and then the crash occurs?Please let me know a bit more whenever you see it in future so that it can be investigated.Thanks in advance

  20. gonchuki says:

    Hi Sarthak,Basically it’s not an issue per-se with Fireworks, all image authoring tools I know use a very naive approach to PNG compression.As you know, the PNG file format has the possibility to increase compression by using several possible filters that are applied in a per-scanline basis so the deflate algorithm can be fed with more compressible data.pngout and pngcrush make use of that possibility by iteratively applying those filters via brute-force, and additionally pngout uses a modified deflate algorithm that is compatible with the standard but reaches a higher compression rate.My request here, directly relates to the focus given to Fireworks as a web oriented application, as every byte saved in image size can be several thousand dollars saved in bandwidth.Also, I found a rather annoying bug/feature today: PNG images that contain a gAMA chunk are automatically loaded with the gAMA pre-multiplied in the file and there’s no way to remove it using Fireworks, so an external application is needed to either adjust or remove the gAMA chunk. (Photoshop for example, but the issue there is that PS is oblivious of the existence of gamma information in PNG files and right out ignores it).I don’t have a good suggestion for a fix right now, but at least the app should warn the user that a gAMA chunk is present and give the option to load or ignore it.And if I can make another feature request, it would be nice if the palette editor would support editing 8bit+alpha palettes, as right now you can just export the generated palette and any attempt at manually replacing entries roll back the export format to 8bit with no transparency.Workflow:- open a 32-bit image containing various levels of transparency- go to image preview- in the formats drop down select PNG 8 and then select Alpha Transparency- right click on any color of the palette, select “replace palette entry” and select any color- color gets replaced in the palette, but the whole palette is converted to “No Transparency”This issue also exists in CS3 so it’s not a newly introduced bug.

  21. Sarthak says:

    Hi gonchuki,You have a very interesting comment. I am quite impressed with the contents of it. I will try to answer the questions you have raised. Fireworks uses the open source libpng and zlib for png file format operations. I agree with your perspective of compressing the files further and saving the cost of downloading heavier bits. But changing such a basic library is a lot of engineering effort.The gAMA chunk can be made optional to load in Fireworks. To do so just browse to the preference txt file and toggle the boolean value for “IgnorePNGGammaOnRead” key present in the file. You can go and explore more options present in this file as it contains many other hidden preferences. I would warn to create a copy of this file before experimenting with it.I will suggest you to post the feature request at link

  22. Tim Sheiner says:

    Sarthak;I’m seeking information on FW UI latency.I’m using FW CS4 on the Mac. I’m new to FW and really like the product vision. The implementation, however, is breaking my heart. The UI is incredibly slow and balky to the point I am considering abandoning the product.Is this a known issue? Is there some way I can optimize my install to mitigate it? Or are there plans to address in it in a point release?I don’t believe I am alone with this issue, though it may be only a Mac problem. I started a thread on this on the FW forum, 4 or 5 have responded indicating similar issue, you can see it here: for any information.Tim

  23. Sarthak says:

    Hi Tim,Thanks for emphasizing the areas of improvement.We are aware and surely working on them. I have also sent you a mail seeking more information.Thanks

  24. Jette Rybak says:

    I purchased The CS4 Master Collection in December 2008. At first everything worked fine. Did not even have problems with the registration. About 2 weeks later I downloaded a tutorial from Adobe homepage. In this tutorial for Dreamweaver there was a png file, that I needed to edit. I double clicked it, and Fireworks tried opening, but it did not. I have not been able to open it ever since. Have tried everything that Adobe suggest on their homepage. Have even reinstalled the programs, but it did not help. How ever everything else in the package works. I also started the fireworks from the diagnostic mode in Windows. Again it dont start but gives me a error: 148:3 – so I figure that the registration does not work in Diagnostic mode.When I start Fireworks in Windows XP I just get the report site, asking me to send the reports to Adobe, which I have done several times. Have not heard anything about it yet.I will be happy to send you such a report as PDF if you would like that. Hope you can help – I have run out of ideas about what to do next.Warm regards

  25. Jesper says:

    I have to join many of the comments in here: especially the one with the broken heart: I would LOVE to use this app only, as it seems to be the answer to most of my daily needs.But the UI is very sluggish. everyhing must be done in a slow easy manner, to be sure to do it right. A couple of examples:– If I quickly want to select a couple of layers at once, i often find myself moving the first layer instead of selecting.– Sometimes there is no content in a panel that I open, like lets say Behaviours: its completely empty. Sometimes it will help to switch to another application and back. Sometimes I will have to quit and restart FW– At other times I cant select anything: I only get red bounding boxes on hover, but am unable to actually select the layer: the only answer is to select it via the layers panel.– At times I cant select anything i a text box. Will have to deselect the text box, and then move back in to be able to select again.– Cant highlight text in boxes using the keyboard (ie shift+alt+arrow should select a word. Only with slow movements from mouse can I select a word/paragraph– If I have more than 3 pages with 2-3 states on each, the file becomes almost impossible to design in. Waiting time is 1/2-several minutes between selecting objects, correcting text etc. The file size is only 2 mb, and it doesnt help to switch to wireframe view (command+K)– The properties pane always take 2-3 seconds to update to the object I’ve selected: it should be instantaneousI could come up with more examples. The main issue being speed. It seems to be an alpha version of the software, and as such I would be entitled to try the software for free!?I really hope you can do something about this soon, as we are already planning to roll out this software throughout our organization of approx 25 designers, but are now of course waiting to see what happens…Is there a way to get access to the CS3 version while we wait? I havent used it, but people say its faster…sincerelyJesperPD.Im on Macpro 2x2ghz intel, with 4 gb videoram and 320 bg 7200 harddrive.

  26. Sarthak says:

    @JesperThank you for letting your heart out. It just amazes me how much passion a user of Fireworks application is towards the application itself.I am always under the pressure of ensuring the best of features and the quality for designer to cherish and wish for the next version.The performance is definitely a negative feedback we have got apart from the text related issues. Your issues related to Layers moving accidentally, selections not happening as expected, PI not getting refreshed has been communicated internally.We are working hard to get them addressed. I am quite excited about the usage of Fireworks amongst other designers in your organization.The CS3 can be downloaded from The change you will encounter is the text will re-render as the rendering engine and the text engine beneath the application in CS4 has changed.

  27. LoZoMo says:

    I’m with Jesper.I love FW and would love to just work in this app all day and not have to open PS.Recently with CS4 I’ve noticed some of the issues above. Perhaps the layering and paging issues could be solved if we would use the master page feature in combination with symbols. I haven’t tried it yet but I did notice that what Jesper says is true. More than three pages and its really slow.I work extremely fast sometimes and waiting for the App to catch up is not acceptable when previous versions from Studio 8 to CS3 on mac and pc have not had slowness when selecting/zooming/switching+hiding layers.Also not sure if this is a bug, but a few times this has happened….I had three grouped elements, the top one was a text layer and when used the ‘A’ tool or the ‘type’ tool to select just the text, the text repositioned itself about a whole line below where it was before I selected it.I’m using CS3 on a MacBook Pro running X.5 with 2/2 gigs with no issues!!!At work I run CS4 on XP with 2/3.5 gigs and 256 video.My friend at work sent over this link for autosave with AIR for all those experiencing crashing. I haven’t used it yet. want to say thank you also for having this thread available for all us people who absolutely love FW and want to see it succeed.

  28. Sarthak says:

    @LoZoMoI want to thank you for posting the comment here.Performance is also one of the areas for investigation internally.The bug you have mentioned of selecting a text object inside a group seems to be the famous text jumping issue and we are releasing a patch for it.The AIR extension is a help for people who are running into the save and crash issues. This will provide some sort of relief from the existing problem.

  29. Scott says:

    I’m locked out of the system color palette when I try to get a color from their via the Fireworks CS4 color palette. It simply will not let me select any color from the system color palette. Text is also wack.I’m not impressed with beta software sold as the real thing.

  30. Jesse says:

    Whenever I try to load Fireworks CS4, it crashes. I have been unable to get into the program even once on my computer. Any solutions? I uninstalled, then reinstalled Fireworks and the problem still persists. Are there any updates that have fixed the crashing issue?Thanks!

  31. Sarthak says:

    The Adobe Fireworks CS4 team has released the much awaited patch to fix some of the big issues related to text and stability. The update can be downloaded from . The automatic update for the application from Adobe Update Manager (AUM) is also available.After applying the update, please ensure that the version screen now shows as Please spread this information so that users who might be affected can benefit from this announcement…Sarthak

  32. Fox says:

    The main trouble that I can see is the speed. Working with a standard web comp I have serious lag when it comes to dragging elements with the pointer. The scale tool is more reasonable but it only shows outline and you loose the snapping argghh.

  33. Christian says:

    Recently I have had a lot of issues with pages becoming extremely slow. Jumping from one page to another, creating a new one or duplicating an existing one.I notice that when i first start FW, there is little to no problem, after working for a few minutes or if I have a document with too many pages or if I have two or more documents open at a time FW page issue gets worse and worse.I find my self closing FW ever 15 or 20 minutes because it becomes useless.It is also worth noting that I have two machinesare experiencing the problem.Any ideas?BTW – each machine is a windows machine 2 vista, 1 XP all with at least 4GB of Ram. FW CS4 with the latest service pack installed.Also worth mentioning that I didn’t have this issue prior to the service pack install.~ christian

  34. kiat lim says:

    For my case, hiding and turning on a layer, will create a sudden spike in CPU usage from 12% to 100% for a short few seconds, causing delays in work flow…On a mac leopard.

  35. kiat lim says:

    The pages and states situation is still buggy. Symbols like buttons have multiple state on its own, when copied from Page A state 1 to Page B state 2, the symbol image will be blank.Copying objects from Page B state 1 to Page A state 2 will paste the items into Page A state 1!Am a fluent fireworks user for many years and so far CS4 has the most problems and bugs…even after I updated to 10.3…

  36. @Kiat,Whenever a symbol is created in Fireworks irrespective of the page and state on which you currently are, the symbol is always created on the first State of that page in the document.Can you share the file in which on pasting the symbol across page, the blank image is being generated?

  37. kiat lim says:

    hi sarthak, i’ve send you via email through your website’s contact form. can download the png file there.the symbol occurs when it is a custom button symbol without state 2 / 3 / 4.When the symbol is coupled with other elements (non symbol) the elements are affected as well by only allowed to be pasted on state 1 instead of state 2…

  38. kiat lim says: download the test png file in the above link. do a copy from page 1 state 1 to page 2 state 2 and you see what i meant. Do copy with the non symbols (eclipse) element to see the issue. 🙂

  39. Chris says:

    How can Adobe release a product, that, lets be honest really isnt up to what its advertised for.Im working with tiny 15-20 mb PNG files in CS4, its just too slow its unusable! Such a pity the UI responsiveness is slow laggy and slow.And this is on a Bran New MBP with 4gig of RAM!Im going back to CS3, really dissapointed.

  40. Sarthak says:

    @KiatThank you for the bug finding.

  41. kiat lim says:

    @Sarthak no worries man, its my pleasure to improve Fireworks, I love the program and use it on a daily basis so if it gets better, I get better too!

  42. Thomas says:

    I would like to confirm all statements made above concerning speed. FW has become incredibly slow – and I am running a 64-bit machine with 8 GB of RAM and 4 x 2.5 GHz CPU!!The three worst handicaps that I am currently encountering are:1. selecting objects used to be so easy – it has become a real pain, I have to do it in a sort of slow-motion now – similar to the over-complicated and much-hated Illustrator software!2. managing objects and layers via the layer panel has become a game of luck, especially when it comes to moving objects up and down – again, I get the feeling that Adobe is trying to make FW behave more and more like Illustrator, but please, I implore you, don’t!3. managing text is ridiculously slow now. It takes up to 3 seconds for the property panel to refresh when selecting text!As I have no alternative to FW, the new CS4, despite some improvements having been made, wastes not minutes, but hours of precious work time each month.Generally speaking, FW used to be a self-explaining, very intuitive-to-use program. I didn’t need books, the help panel or other stuff. Since Adobe took over, it becomes more and more conceptual and is slowly, but surely losing its intuitive usage. I really regret that. Please stop integrating ever more functions, please make the CURRENT functions work in a fluent manner! We are depending on it!!

  43. Natalya says:

    I have recently upgraded my computer and have 6 GB of RAM and a very fast 64 bit CPU. I also updated from CS3 to CS4. I am having trouble running Fireworks CS4 as it opens slowly and saves files very slowly. Is there any system optimization steps that need to be taken to make CS4 run properly? Is there any issue having CS3 and CS4 installed on the same system? I can run Fireworks CS3 normally on my system, it is Fireworks CS4 that is the problem. I would like to realize the advertized benifits of switching to CS4 on a 64 bit system. Can you help me?Natalya

  44. Hi,I’d like to add my little bit to the “performance” topic. I own Photoshop CS4 and Lightroom and am evaluating Fireworks for use in UI design. Overall, the functionality is nice but Fw consumes an inordinate amount of CPU, even when it’s in the background. i’m using OS X 10.6.1 on a 3.06GHz MacBook Pro running in 64-bit mode. With one single-page document open Fw always consumes at least 15% of the aggregate CPU (both cores). The graphics mode (fast vs low power) doesn’t affect this. The OS has lots of available RAM and hard drive space. I just started Fw and opened a new, blank document. Fw is in the background and is sitting at 14% CPU.Thanks!Kevin Monahan

  45. Junaid Atari says:

    Hello,I have some issues here ’bout FW CS4.1. I get empty files of css, html when i expost my created work as CSS and HTML. After exporting only i get the empty css, html files and empty /images directory why?2. Sometime i apply verctor mask and i get this error, “Cound not complete, FW internal error”3. Text engine is buggy.4. Sometime i get error when i open file atleast 4 MB :(5. Takes 60% performance of my CPU onDual Core 1.804GB RAM512 MB Geforce 8500and am using Windows 7 32bit with 1,280×1,024 resolution. I close my all programms when i FW CS4 and sometime i notice am unable to move my cursor on FW and after few seconds my FW CS4 shows not responding.Please help me, some of my files are corrupted by FW CS4 which I made in FW CS3 :((Please help…

  46. Julie Thompson says:

    I have just bought a new computer using 8 GB hard drive and 64 bit using windows 7. I have downloaded adobe creative suite 4 and yet fireworks will not start up. Is there a fix for this or doesn’t fireworks cs4 work in windows 7?

  47. James Schot says:

    I didn’t see specific reference to the error message (I get) 148:3, although it came up here in a search.Just upgraded to new Asus laptop and now get this. Could be Windows 7 related? Graphic card related? Feedback appreciated…James

  48. ipeama says:

    It possible to using flash action script load firework’s png format into a flash movie
    and controll layer of png file. How can flash reach second chunk of firework’s png. It’s possible??

    • Sarthak Singhal says:

      There is no API exposed to do that functionality.
      Can you share what are you trying to achieve in this workflow?It appears interesting.

      • ipeama says:

        I have a lots of png’s work to modify and maintain.
        Idea came from someone asking me about: If we can just close eye of the layer on png like Firework capability. We can reduce file to load into flash.

        Example, I have a cartoon character with 4 types of eyes. I have to load 4 png into flash movie. Then programing to config position x,y of that 4 eyes. Or load xml config of that eyes position.

        That’s wasting time and we will have a lots of file on server.

        If it’s can be load on a single time. It’s will reduce file to load and size of file will be reduce too.
        If adobe looking into this, that will be awsome and we will have a new technology of png file.