Fireworks CS4 workflow changes – Part 3

  1. Pixel radius definition for primitive rectangle. The radius can be changed even after the rectangle is 9 slice scaled. This is apart from defining it in percentage values.
  2. Pixel roundness for rectangles
  3. Restricting the scaling down of objects which have 9 slice scaling applied to it. This prevents the objects from getting distorted for vector and bitmap objects.
  4. States and Layers panel have a small radio button kind of functionality which allows for moving the objects from 1 state/layer to the other layer/state without any issues. When an object is selected contained in the State or Layer the radio button is enabled. Once the button is enabled designer can move just the radio button which inturn moves all the selected objects under it.
  5. Radio button functionality to move objects in Layers and States
  6. The vector objects like Line, Ellipse, and Polygon now show up with names unlike just "Path" as was present in earlier versions.
  7. Vector object names
  8. When guides are present on a document, pressing shift will show the distance between 2 guides on the canvas in pixels.

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