Fireworks CS4 workflow changes – Part 1

  1. Master Page Optimize settings can be carried over on to the child pages.  For optimize settings to be inherited by child pages, they need to be linked. Child page can override the master page optimize settings. Alternatively when the optimize settings for child page is modified, the linking goes off and the master page optimize settings are overridden.
  2. Designers can now select multiple pages and change the optimize settings in one shot. It will be reflected in all pages.
  3. Layers contextual menu has a new menu item called "Share Layer To All Pages". This option will share the selected layer across all the existing pages.
  4. Another option added to the Layers contextual menu item is "Exclude Shared Layer". This option will remove the shared layer on current page without affecting it on the other pages.
  5. The contextual menu can be accessed by right clicking in the layers panel. Similar right click functionality has been added to Pages and States panels.
  6. Icons use for Extensible Flash Panels. Users can now place icons along with swf files, which will be considered as panel icons in workspace.The icons need to be png files. The name of the png file should be the same as panel name. Mouse over behavior can also be specified an icon and its name should be ‘panelName_over.png’

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