Get to know the all new Adobe CS4 Help

You might have noticed it already—when you launch Help from any of your CS4 products, you now have a much wider pool of knowledge to get information from. Earlier, all the information that you could get when you launched Help was from the content created by Adobe. Now, we know it is impossible to have all features, all scenarios, and all conditions documented at the time of release.

Welcome to Community Help.

Starting with CS4, Help launches the Community Help landing page—where you get a one-page view of what’s new, what’s hot, and some selected pickings from the wide variety of content sourced from the user community—that includes you. Take a look at the select video tutorials, blog entries, or see if any of the issues that you faced have a technical resolution posted on Adobe Support site. Needless to say, you can search for any of the content too.

One of the best features that I liked about is that you can effectively enhance the existing Help content on the web page with the commenting feature. You might have noticed that I added a few links to some very useful extensions on Adobe Exchange. So, I added a link to the Fireworks Exchange page for the  Inherit Guides extension ( on the Help page for adding, editing, and deleting pages:

Now, everyone is a Help author!

So, if you have a great web site that contains some valuable tips for Fireworks users, go ahead, and post them as comments at the relevant Help pages. Or, if you have a tip to share, add them as comments. You even get some community points for suggestions and inputs that benefit the community.

And now, there is a cool short web page that lists all the options of Community Help:

And don’t forget that Fireworks Community Help home page is here:

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8 Responses to Get to know the all new Adobe CS4 Help

  1. Billy Gee says:

    We’ll be sharing this with our students – awesome!

  2. Thanks Sarthak for this article but at the moment when you press F1 for Help you get a white page with one link: presume it should be only temporary

  3. I visited your website: and your article about the new Help system is very interesting but at the moment if you click on Fireworks Help you are directed to a white page ( with only one link:

  4. Hi Thierry,I went to the URL mentioned in your last post and it is navigating me to Fireworks Help and Support Center.Thanks

  5. Damien says:

    I too get the white page with the one link whenever I hit F1 from any Adobe application. Clicking on the one and only link just takes one to the main help page (just like the link says) and lists Acrobat at the top, obviously since it’s at the top of the list alphabetically. Naturally, when I hit F1 in Dreamweaver then I want to go to Dreamweaver help directly. Same for all other Adobe applications.

  6. Gee, where are all the comments with glowing opinions of CS4 Help?

  7. James says:

    While the new Help can certainly be useful in offering a wider base of knowledge, that’s not what I need! I just need a search function that works effectively.I use Flash Help specifically to read about the classes and their methods, see sample code, etc. Now you have effectively removed that. The search results are often confusing to read — pretty-much nothing more than random chunks of code — and I get more meaningful summaries from Google.Here’s an example.I wanted to learn more about loaderInfo (as in root.loaderInfo.parameters), so I managed to navigate through to the “Flash CS4 Professional ActionScript 3.0 Language Reference”, whose structure looks similar to the in-program Flash help of versions past. When I search for loaderInfo I get a ton of pretty unreadable results; I would have to click on one to even guess whether it will be of use.See for yourself!! How am I supposed to make sense of that? And that’s after limiting the search results to AS3, Language Reference Only, only showing content from Adobe!By contrast, in Flash CS3, the same search (using the dropdown to limit results to AS 3) produces an intelligible, consise list of results — and in seconds I can see an entry for the LoaderInfo class. Perfect! Just what I was looking for.Adobe, I certainly can’t fault you for trying to make things better — and you’ve made some real enhancements — but I believe you made a big mistake when you removed and replaced what you had before, rather than simply adding to it.Why is there no option to see a “dumbed-down” help that functioned just like the old way?From now on, if I hope to be productive, I will be forced to rely on Flash CS3’s help, and on what I can find on Google … but not CS4 help.Please give this some more thought … see what you can change or add to help restore what you took away.

  8. Sarthak says:

    @David,I sometimes see the issues of posting the comments when using Firefox.I then have to use IE just for this purpose.