CS4 Text woes workaround

Users facing the text bounding box issue can breathe a sign of relief as there is a workaround for that problem. As a temporary solution is through an extension which will correct all text objects whose blue colored bounding box has been shifted in the document.

Important Note:

  1. Running this script will correct the bounding boxes for all text objects in the document affected by this bug. This correction is limited for that png file edit session only. The bug may be encountered again during future file edits where the extension script will need to be executed again.

  2. Any CS3 text element if present inside a Group ONLY will get re-rendered on running this script. After installing this extension, you can access this script from Commands menu–>Re-sync Text

  3. This extension will not touch any text elements containing missing fonts. The missing fonts dialog pops up when opening a png file which contains fonts not found on the system.

Thus there is no need to worry about CS3 text and missing text getting re-rendered unnecessarily on using this Extension.


Re-sync Text Bounding Box is a simple Extension which will go through each and every text element present in a png document (be it inside a page or a layer or a state) and re-align its bounding box.


The following is the screen shot of a file which got affected by this problem.

Text bounding box issue

After running the extension script mentioned in the above link, the following is the state of text objects.

Text issue resolved

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18 Responses to CS4 Text woes workaround

  1. Ben says:

    This really isn’t much of a workaround. It moves your text to align with the broken bounding boxes, rather than moving the bounding boxes to align with your text.Hey Adobe, people paid A LOT of money for this software. This bug is not acceptable, and having to use it for 3+ months with no patch in sight is even less acceptable. Fix. It.

  2. Hi Ben,I admit to this being a nasty bug which designers like you are facing on a regular basis.This might not appear to be a workaround but it will help users in some respect when they try to edit the buggy text objects.You might be knowing of Fireworks supporting point text and area text. In one of the cases the bounding box will move and in the other case the text characters will move.

  3. jpvisual says:

    I agree with Ben. This bug is not acceptable and I can not believe that ADOBE released Fireworks CS4 with this bug.Fireworks CS4 is unusable because of this bug and should be fixed ASAP.I have been using Fireworks for 10yrs, I love this application, but this is the WORST release I have ever seen.Hey ADOBE, wake up and give Fireworks the respect and attention it deserves. I never had bug problems when Fireworks was owned by Macromedia.Take some pride in your products ADOBE!

  4. Duncan says:

    Has this issue still not been resolved? What are you guys doing at Adobe?? Congratulating each other on making yet another program look grey and dull and take ages to boot up.

  5. There has been no patch from Adobe so the bug is still there in the application.About what we are doing at work, I think we are working quite hard to nail down all the issues and making Fireworks a better product.I accept your appreciation with a pinch of salt. We are working on it as well.

  6. I’ve been a long time advocate of Fireworks but this bug is driving me insane. It’s not a ‘small’ bug but a ‘huge’ issue which effects every user on a daily basis.Is there any word, official or otherwise on when this is going to be patched?

  7. Sarthak says:

    Hey Nathan,Good to see your comments.On behalf of Adobe and the Fireworks team I want to thank you for evangelizing Fireworks application.I agree with the frustration you have with this huge problem of text bounding box getting shifted while working with the png file in Fireworks CS4 version.I am not sure of a patch being referred by you. But we are definitely aware of this problem and are actively working on it.Thanks

  8. Vanessa says:

    Thanks for ruining my entire life!

  9. Moritz says:

    Please fix this bug. Fireworks CS4 is unusable at this moment…

  10. kosmar says:

    this (and some other) issues virtually render fireworks cs4 useless for my workflow. i wouldnt pay a cent if that was shareware. unfortunatly i did paid a lot more than that.

  11. Stuart says:

    I must admit as a new user of Fireworks this bug drives me a bit batty. I thought it was something I had done until I search for the bug in Google. Looks like its been unresolved for quite a while too. hmm.

  12. Dan says:

    As a FW user ofcourse I also encountered this problem, as well as sudden “Internal Error” alerts, with no reason or friendly explanation… did someone forget to comment their debugging messages?And what’s with the x floating in the middle of nowhere in cs4?! (I mean the X button for closing windows).The idea of placing the X on the top right corner was that you wouldn’t have to look for it – simply drag the mouse as right and as up as you can and click – this doesn’t work in cs4.And don’t even get me started on sudden crashes…Adobe is very dissapointing with this release, and the bad publicity it gets them will cost them eventually more than taking the time to fix critical problems as these would have.

  13. rkyser says:

    It is indeed heartbreaking that Adobe has turned this product into garbage. We used to anxiously anticipate each release of Fireworks when Macromedia was at the helm. Now I dread it because as a self employed web designer, the Ad Agencies, always upgrade to the latest release. To keep up I have to as well…and suffer through the diminishing returns of the latest Adobe garbage. DO NOT BUY FIREWORKS CS4!

  14. Sarthak says:

    @rkyserThat seems more of an offensive remark pointing directly at Adobe.Internally each engineer gives more than 100% to make the product in best possible shape and features for a worthy upgrade to end customers like you.I appreciate you letting your true emotions and we respect that.I have publicly admitted to this bug and we are seriously working on creating a remedy for it soon.Feel free to respond and engage me with any other queries you might have about the product features,suggestions, bugs.

  15. Paco says:

    Any news about this prob?(I’m seriously bored to do and redo texts alignments on my designs.)

  16. Adam says:

    Has then been fixed yet in the application itself? It’s been over 6 months now.

  17. John Wilson says:

    I am having this problem when I attempt to print from Photoshop CS4 on a MAC.Any suggestions?