Easter Egg? Other Fireworks engineers!

Easter egg is a hidden feature of Fireworks which is no way related to the functionality of the product. It is a flash demo which contains photos of a lot of people who are involved with the building on Fireworks over different versions. To access the feature go to menu item

  • MAC: Fireworks -> About Fireworks CS4…
  • WIN: Help -> About Fireworks…
About Us dialog

The about dialog will pop up. Now press Control on Mac or Win and a single mouse click on the FW icon. Be patient! This will pop up the faces of people who work quite hard to bring the various versions of Firework to you. I am also in one of the images. You just need to hunt me down!. This trick can be found in earlier versions of Fireworks also.

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4 Responses to Easter Egg? Other Fireworks engineers!

  1. smerwin says:

    ha! neat. it never occurred to me to check fireworks for the same sort of trickery indesign has.

  2. Just some things engineering team liked to put in and has become a long tradition now in many products.Were you able to find me out 🙂

  3. SiamJai says:

    This is pretty cool! Nice to see the people who made this great app possible. Thanks Sarthak!By the way, I recognized your photo – a familiar face from the DevCenter articles. 🙂

  4. Hi SiamJai,That was quite a thoughtful way to identify me. Good to see your comments on my blog.