Extending Fireworks CS4 document live

Adobe Fireworks CS4 extending document is live with the new document containing all the changes in the API for the product. The same document is also available as a pdf file which can be saved on you local disk for referring to it while you are disconnected.

Extending Fireworks CS4 web page

Web Help Link


Downloading PDF Link


Utilize the power of JavaScript interpreter built into Fireworks to enhance your productivity. To give you some examples, many panels have been built entirely using this technique. Some of them are Path, Align, Export to AIR panels.

Explore the power within the application.

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One Response to Extending Fireworks CS4 document live

  1. John laPlante says:

    I find that the PDF won’t open. I tried the link off the Help web site as well. Acrobat says it can’t open it. I have the CS3 version so it’s not a biggy but you might want to fix that.