Fireworks Users and Engineers handshake

Lately I have seen a lot of comments getting posted at my blog and I am quite happy with it. My goal is to narrow the barrier an Engineer or a Designer faces while communicating with each other. A developer writes code without sometimes getting to know how that code is being used in real life designing. A designer on the other hand would like to applaud the engineers or criticize them for the work that has been done. These two personalities do not know the right people or the medium to convey this message.

My perception of Fireworks engineer and users

Trust me there is no other satisfying feeling for a developer when a customer tells them directly what a beautiful job they has accomplished. And if there are bugs, issues, enhancements to be done and they come directly from people like you, it keeps the blood pumping in their veins of engineers. This is just what I am trying to achieve through this forum.

We keep hearing internally about how Fireworks is getting used by designers outside. I would like to hear directly from the customers how they actually use Fireworks. Please do not restrict about writing using the CS4 version only. The work flows involved around Fireworks could span across multiple versions. The integration amongst different CS4 applications where Fireworks play a role. What is the end result from the work flow? Is it a prototype generated, wire frame, mobile application mock up, interaction design. These topics we have heard but would like to know a little more in depth of how these are achieved using Fireworks.

Be assured that I will have the feedback circulated around so that the engineering team can have a direct look at how their features and functionality are being used in real world. It will drive them crazily happy when they read the feedback from all of you Fireworks users.

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11 Responses to Fireworks Users and Engineers handshake

  1. Mikko says:

    Good post, nice to hear voice from “the other side”. I appreciate the effort coming closer to the end-users. Just get those known bugs fixed in CS4 so i can do the upgrade 🙂

  2. Hi Mikko,Thanks for the comment. I will appreciate if you could post the work flows involved when you working with Fireworks.On a general note this will also help us in defining the road map for Fireworks with best possible quality.

  3. vivek says:

    Great hearing again from you Sarthak and i really appreciate the way you and Fireworks engineering team helps the end user like us 😉 . . be keep in touch and i will keep asking for some new features, request, bug solving.Cheersviveki2fly

  4. Good initiative Sarthak but you should maybe suggest workflows to work on.Here is the workflow I’d like to see improved. It concerns Symbols from the Document Library. You can transfer them to the Common Library through the “Save to Common Library” feature but only one at a time which reduces the effectiveness/attraction of Common Library.I hope this could be fixed by allowing to select more than one symbol.

  5. Hi Thierry,Glad to see you at my blog. I really hope that I am able to reach to the Fireworks customers and understand them better.What you have mentioned is the pain points that you have faced while working with Fireworks.I would like to go a step even lower and understand what do designers and other users of Fireworks do while working with Fireworks.Is it for logo designing, prototyping etc. There could be so many other uses and I would like to understand those first before I get to the workflow issues.The above information along with the features that is being used during their Fireworks usage.Hope more Fireworks users coming by my blog and share the information.

  6. Tim Sheiner says:

    I’m an Illustrator user, evaluating Fireworks to understand if it can meet all my bitmap editing needs, or if I need to spend the extra money to get Photoshop. I’m using CS4 on a Mac PowerBook.On a functional level I am pretty satisfied, but I am running into intermittent bugs that are productivity destroyers. These are hard to define but something seems to get in the way of Fireworks picking up mouse events. For example, I’ll be using pencil and all of a sudden it stops drawing. Fireworks is not hung, I can access menus, change tools, etc., but tools don’t work, don’t cause changes to file display. I click around, switch between original and preview or leave app and return and eventually the behavior clears and I can start working again.Anyone else reporting this? Again, feels like some other app is stealing the keyboard/mouse events.??Thanks!

  7. Hi Tim,I understand the problem you are facing. While drawing are you using shortcut keys to do your job?Are you trying to access the multiple panels of Fireworks or the menu items using the shortcut keys during your drawing?Appreciate your feedback. ThanksThe new user interface is causing such focus issues to multiple users at various work flows and we are finding it a little hard to identify the exact steps as the issue is observed intermittently.

  8. dave says:

    Ctrl-Shift-S bug > open window with “Could not complete your request This command requies an active document.”

  9. Hi Dave,I have seen few more users who have run into the same issue.I feel that this is basically the central problem where the focus in the application is getting away.This also results to shortcut keys not working on occasions.I will ask a similar question which I have asked to some more people who have reported similar issue. Were you working with any of the panels while this issue surfaced?I will try to post a blog entry where I will need more inputs from readers like you.Current workaround I see is that you might need to click on the canvas once or twice for the keyboard shortcut to execute successfully.

  10. dave says:

    Ctrl-Shift-S bug- in my case this bug starts when i open CS3 file and dont update text /in replace fonts dialog click on OK/

  11. Dave:Did the workaround suggested above work for you? I know it is a crude one but I can just suggest this at the moment.