Keyboard Shortcut Tips

Keyboard shortcuts are an important ingredient for an efficient user of an application. But different applications have their own custom set of shortcuts even if they have the similar kind of functionality.

Graphic applications like Fireworks, Photoshop, Illustrator and Freehand have a degree of overlap in their basic functionality. It is only in their advanced features that the applications start to differ. With the overlapping functionality amongst the applications it would be really beneficial if

  1. People working in some other application might like to use the same keyboard shortcuts in Fireworks.
  2. Migrating from other graphical applications to Fireworks for its specialized features but using the other applications keyboard shortcuts for some of the same task.
  3. A user has customized the keyboard shortcuts for an old version of Fireworks and would like to migrate the those shortcuts in the newly released version of Fireworks.

All the above problems can be solved as:

  1. See the below image where you can switch between the keyboard shortcut of other applications. The keyboard shortcut dialog can be accessed from the following menu items. This will load the keyboard shortcuts of the selected application.
    • WIN: Edit-> Keyboard Shortcuts
    • MAC: Fireworks->Keyboard Shortcuts


    Keyboard Shortcut dialog
  2. The keyboard shortcut file is an xml file which is placed at the locations
    • WIN: <OS Drive>:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Fireworks CS4\English\Keyboard Shortcuts\
    • MAC: /Applications/Adobe Fireworks CS4/Adobe Fireworks CS4/Contents/Resources/<language project file e.g en.lproj>/Keyboard Shortcuts/

    The path to "Contents" can be reached by Right click on "Adobe Fireworks CS4" app and click on "Show Package Contents". Just add the xml file from some other version of Fireworks and place it at the above location and restart the application. This will add the newly dropped xml file in the menu item. Select that xml file for shortcuts to work in the new version of Fireworks. Just remember to account for the Fireworks version when looking up the file path.

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3 Responses to Keyboard Shortcut Tips

  1. I would like to see more commonality between several of the Adobe applications. Sometimes it is difficult to remember which features are present in each application. Also, occasionally the same function is approached differently depending on which application you’re using.

  2. Hi Sarthak,I was about to post about shortcut sharing on my site and came across your post while looking to see what was already out there.The solutions for Mac did not work for me. By default the folder containing a custom shortcut set is hidden. If you search the name of the custom xml file, it will not appear in the results.The file path / access options I see above gets me to the system shortcuts, though not to the custom shortcuts.Here are my notes:To access a shortcut file you’ve created:Macintosh HD > Users > your username > Library > Application Support > Adobe > Adobe Fireworks CS4 > en (or other language abbreviation) > Keyboard Shortcuts > your custom named .xml file is hereTo transfer this to another version Fireworks or share with a work partner, follow the path above and place the file in your Keyboard Shortcuts folder.Hope this helps ‚ĶJennifer Q.

  3. The url I provided in the form above is the link to my page where I noted sharing custom named shortcut sets.I’ve also tested transferring the file from Mac to Windows and it works fine.