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Fireworks CS4 feature set Part 5 of 5

The last post in the series for Fireworks CS4 feature. Part 5 of 5 for the features of Fireworks CS4.

  1. Support for Illustrator file while opening/importing which contain Multiple Art boards in it.
  2. Contextual menus for Pages, Layers and States panel
  3. Preferences panel has been aligned with other Suite applications
  4. Support for 4 byte characters in panel names, page names, objects etc.
  5. 9 Slice scaling for nested symbols

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Comment with correct mail IDs please

Request to all the commenter on my blog.

I have seen many commenter giving incorrect mail ID when a comment is being entered in response to a blog entry. This has been a problem as I tried to communicate with some of them. The communication was entirely official for details about issues being referred in the comment. When the mails were sent, they bounced back.

If you are worried about the exposure of your contact details to other visitors, then you don’t need to worry. The mails IDs which you enter are visible only to me and not visible to any other visitor/commenter on the blog post. They will be able to your name. Another public information of yours will be the value you have entered in URL field. I am sure you would love people coming to the mentioned web address so I don’t think that should be a hesitation to fill in. I urge all visitors on my blog to post their correct mail ID so that in case I need to contact you for some issues, I have the mail IDs to mail you back.

There are times when we have not seen an issue but a user reports them. It becomes extremely difficult for us to fix it when we don’t know the correct steps even with the code in right front of us. Appreciate you co-operation in future.

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How does Fireworks fit in your workflow?

Doug Winnie has posted a blog understanding how Fireworks fits into a designers workflow. He is looking for answers to 2 questions.

  1. What role does Fireworks play in your workflow?
  2. Where do you find the value of Fireworks and it’s integration with Creative Suite and other Adobe design and development tools?

There have been many interesting use cases Fireworks users have posted. Read them and also post the ones you are performing in your stint with Fireworks application.

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Fireworks CS4 feature set Part 4 of 5

Part 4 of 5 for the features of Fireworks CS4.

  1. Skinning of flex components which can be used in Flex as CSS behavior. It can be accessed via Commands->Flex Skinning
  2. Demo Current Document. Accessible from Commands->Demo Current Document
  3. Panel changes: Double byte support in the custom panels.
  4. Measure Tool
  5. Asynchronous Saving.

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Adobe Fireworks CS4 AIR update

Adobe Fireworks has an AIR 1.5 update.

"This update for Fireworks CS4 supports the release of Adobe AIR 1.5, the Adobe cross-operating system runtime that allows you to deliver personal, interactive experiences to the desktop. The update is available in both English and Japanese. Fireworks CS4 adds the capability for users to create and share the design and functionality of an AIR application before effort is spent on coding."

There are some User Interface changes to the AIR panel making it consistent with other Adobe applications. There has also been some logical grouping of fields in the user interface allowing for a cleaner and easy to follow workflow. The updates can be downloaded from

New AIR panel

The updates are for English, Japanese languages only and will have to be manually installed. The update will not be detected automatically by Fireworks CS4 when running and automatic installation also. Any other areas will not get affected with this update.

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Back to work now

I was on a long vacation after the Christmas holidays and joined back work on Monday. It was the first time I took such a long break from work and feel quite refreshed. The vacation took me to Dubai and the emirates of UAE. It was a beautiful experiencing the city in the midst of a desert terrain.

It is a destination I would recommend people to visit when they get an opportunity. I have shared some images below. Hope you enjoy them. With the numerous places I visited there I can now easily guide tourists visiting the city of Dubai and around.

UAE vacations shots

A bigger image gallery set can be found at

I was quite dormant during the last 3+ weeks responding to numerous comments I got and the new posts on the series of "Fireworks CS4 features". The series will be continuing till the last set gets posted. I will be more active now on this blog and hope to satisfy your requirements from Fireworks. Let us spread the Fireworks around!

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Adobe Reader survey – participate

The product development team of Adobe Reader is doing a survey to gather some inputs about the application. The survey and other details related to it can be found at location
here .

Please give your valuable feedback in making this application better.

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Fireworks CS4 feature set Part 3 of 5

Part 3 of 5 for the features of Fireworks CS4.

  1. Tooltips for objects with the dimensions. This can be accessed via View->Tool tips
  2. 9 slice scaling for primitive rectangle.
  3. The gradients and patterns movement on the canvas is not live.
  4. Region based Screenshot Tool has been added for Windows. It can be accessed via Commands->Take Screenshot

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My Blog URL changed – simpler now

Designers and fellow Fireworks users,

The URL of my blog has changed. Rather it has been shortened for better remembrance. The new URL is

The new URL reflect my first name only. Earlier one was reflecting my complete name including the last name. Any references to the old links will automatically be redirected to the new link so you will not face any problems. In case there is any, please let me know at the earliest and I will try to get it sorted out.

This might be of importance if you link to my blog. Also it will save the redirection time if you navigate to the new URL straightaway.

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Fireworks CS4 feature set Part 2 of 5

Part 2 of 5 for the features of Fireworks CS4.

  1. 9 Slice Tool
  2. Better support for Nested Symbols
  3. Arrow Tool
  4. Optional XMP data for JPEGs

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