Adobe Fireworks CS4 AIR update

Adobe Fireworks has an AIR 1.5 update.

"This update for Fireworks CS4 supports the release of Adobe AIR 1.5, the Adobe cross-operating system runtime that allows you to deliver personal, interactive experiences to the desktop. The update is available in both English and Japanese. Fireworks CS4 adds the capability for users to create and share the design and functionality of an AIR application before effort is spent on coding."

There are some User Interface changes to the AIR panel making it consistent with other Adobe applications. There has also been some logical grouping of fields in the user interface allowing for a cleaner and easy to follow workflow. The updates can be downloaded from

New AIR panel

The updates are for English, Japanese languages only and will have to be manually installed. The update will not be detected automatically by Fireworks CS4 when running and automatic installation also. Any other areas will not get affected with this update.

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2 Responses to Adobe Fireworks CS4 AIR update

  1. James says:

    Why on earth does Fireworks CS4 ALWAYS open documents full screen?I can tell this is an after effect from you guys adding that tabbed interface garbage which was a stupid idea in the first place.I mean look at this scenario that I encounter several times a week, I had a layout and want to shove a bunch of photos into it, so I drag all the photos onto my fireworks icon when I already have my document open then normally these would all open cascaded and sized the same as the file allowing me to drag them all into fireworks in a few seconds.Since CS4 I drag them onto the icon and I’m greeted with 20 full screen windows even if the documents are all under 400×400 pixels big, does this not seem really stupid to you? I mean you have to admit if I did have your useless tabbed interface activated then it would still be stupid.Maybe in future you should consider how people actually work using your software instead of trying to fix the problems with the windows GUI with bad ideas like tabs, because lets face it thats why you added tabs, window management in windows is HORRIBLE because of the MDI interface which makes it a tedious nightmare, so to fix that you added the stupid tabbed interface, fair enough windows users are used to garbage so probably think that a sh*t sandwich with “tabbed interface” written on it is a good idea, however mac users already have brilliant window management and you managed to break the damn thing with this terrible release.Thank god my boss who insists on fireworks is leaving so hopefully I won’t have to suffer this trash much longer.

  2. J McCauley Bowstead says:

    I’m finding the tabbed interface on Photoshop CS4 absolutely infuriating. I always work in Photoshop with several images open at one time, dragging images or elements of images into a master document. Every time I want to move an image across the screen it disappears bafflingly into a tab. Also I find the grey interface really distracting, to the point that I’m having to move the large grey interface with the control panel out of sight at the bottom of the screen – obviously this causes problems whenever I want to turn on the transform controls, or the select layers control et cetera … please help!