Back to work now

I was on a long vacation after the Christmas holidays and joined back work on Monday. It was the first time I took such a long break from work and feel quite refreshed. The vacation took me to Dubai and the emirates of UAE. It was a beautiful experiencing the city in the midst of a desert terrain.

It is a destination I would recommend people to visit when they get an opportunity. I have shared some images below. Hope you enjoy them. With the numerous places I visited there I can now easily guide tourists visiting the city of Dubai and around.

UAE vacations shots

A bigger image gallery set can be found at

I was quite dormant during the last 3+ weeks responding to numerous comments I got and the new posts on the series of "Fireworks CS4 features". The series will be continuing till the last set gets posted. I will be more active now on this blog and hope to satisfy your requirements from Fireworks. Let us spread the Fireworks around!

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