Comment with correct mail IDs please

Request to all the commenter on my blog.

I have seen many commenter giving incorrect mail ID when a comment is being entered in response to a blog entry. This has been a problem as I tried to communicate with some of them. The communication was entirely official for details about issues being referred in the comment. When the mails were sent, they bounced back.

If you are worried about the exposure of your contact details to other visitors, then you don’t need to worry. The mails IDs which you enter are visible only to me and not visible to any other visitor/commenter on the blog post. They will be able to your name. Another public information of yours will be the value you have entered in URL field. I am sure you would love people coming to the mentioned web address so I don’t think that should be a hesitation to fill in. I urge all visitors on my blog to post their correct mail ID so that in case I need to contact you for some issues, I have the mail IDs to mail you back.

There are times when we have not seen an issue but a user reports them. It becomes extremely difficult for us to fix it when we don’t know the correct steps even with the code in right front of us. Appreciate you co-operation in future.

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2 Responses to Comment with correct mail IDs please

  1. Andy Baker says:

    The solution is to add the words ‘this will never be publically revealed’ next to the email address box. No-one is going to remember reading this post when they come to comment.

  2. Hey Andy,Thank you for that good advice. I have implemented it.Hope to have people mentioning their correct mail IDs from now on.