Fireworks CS4 feature set Part 2 of 5

Part 2 of 5 for the features of Fireworks CS4.

  1. 9 Slice Tool
  2. Better support for Nested Symbols
  3. Arrow Tool
  4. Optional XMP data for JPEGs

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2 Responses to Fireworks CS4 feature set Part 2 of 5

  1. Timothy Wood says:

    I am interested in learning how to program in your product. However, aside from a far-from-exciting free trial, you offer no help to those of us who are just starting and aren’t ready to make a real commitment. There are two possibilities by lacking such an offer. You may get people to buy your product immediately, or you may drive beginners away towards other products or illegal means to obtain your software. In the age of information, do you not find it foolish lack a for of graded commitment? I think if you released a free version that lacked necessary tools to profit off the program, such as publishing, you could keep neophytes interested in your product, and allow them to hold off on purchasing until they have something worth publishing. $700 is a huge commitment for many. If you want to skim the pool at all, you should offer graduated levels of your product.

  2. Hi Timothy,It is really nice to read comments from a user like you who is resonating the thoughts I have had for a while.Are you interested in developing extensions for the product?I know Fireworks and other Adobe products are quite famous amongst designers.But if you look at other Adobe products none of them are being offered as a stripped version or the graded approach as mentioned by you.I personally feel that for a graphical application, cutting down on features and functionality will not give the real power feel to a designer.An option could be disable the save functionality and allow for all features to be turned on.I feel the 30 days trial version with full functionality offers designers a good time to investigate and evaluate the product.I am willing to discuss more avenues for people to try the software before the final purchase.