How does Fireworks fit in your workflow?

Doug Winnie has posted a blog understanding how Fireworks fits into a designers workflow. He is looking for answers to 2 questions.

  1. What role does Fireworks play in your workflow?
  2. Where do you find the value of Fireworks and it’s integration with Creative Suite and other Adobe design and development tools?

There have been many interesting use cases Fireworks users have posted. Read them and also post the ones you are performing in your stint with Fireworks application.

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5 Responses to How does Fireworks fit in your workflow?

  1. Brownspank says:

    Got a link to his blog entry?

  2. Please find the link updated in the blog post itself.

  3. Brownspank says:

    Thanks for the update!

  4. Thank you for pointing out the missing URL.Happy to see people following my blog.

  5. Thanks for the link — Tweeted it!