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Fireworks CS4 feature set Part 1 of 5

In an earlier post I had mentioned top 11 features of Fireworks CS4. The engineering was not limited to only those features. Below mentioned are some more features which were engineered. This is part 1 of a series of 5 posts.

  1. Fireworks CS4 has 2 rendering engines. An earlier blog post titled "CS3 and CS4 rendering engine differences" will give you more details about it and a means to interchange between the two.
  2. Better Photoshop integration for Import and Export for psd files.
  3. FXG Export. Can be accessed from Commands->Export to FXG
  4. Symbols In place Editing

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Welcome back in 2009

Hope you all had a good relaxing time with family at respective homes. I welcome you all back as we will gear ahead towards understanding the details of Fireworks CS4 release. In the past posts I have tried to sum up some of the details but will try explaining things on a feature viz feature basis.

I want to thank all the visitors of my blog for their support and the excellent comments which have kept me on my toes. I have been posting for some time and would like to know now if you all are expecting something different. With the information bank I have related to Fireworks I tend to assume that knowledge restricting me from posting them.

I am still on an extended vacation and will try to moderate this blog to the best of my capacities till I reach back office. With the economic slowdown and turmoil at multiple places in the world, let us all pray for a prosperous and safe year 2009. Good luck for the year ahead.

Happy New Year 2009

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