Welcome back in 2009

Hope you all had a good relaxing time with family at respective homes. I welcome you all back as we will gear ahead towards understanding the details of Fireworks CS4 release. In the past posts I have tried to sum up some of the details but will try explaining things on a feature viz feature basis.

I want to thank all the visitors of my blog for their support and the excellent comments which have kept me on my toes. I have been posting for some time and would like to know now if you all are expecting something different. With the information bank I have related to Fireworks I tend to assume that knowledge restricting me from posting them.

I am still on an extended vacation and will try to moderate this blog to the best of my capacities till I reach back office. With the economic slowdown and turmoil at multiple places in the world, let us all pray for a prosperous and safe year 2009. Good luck for the year ahead.

Happy New Year 2009

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5 Responses to Welcome back in 2009

  1. dave says:

    PLEASE, when we can expect new bugfree version of fireworks CS4?

  2. Hi Dave,I agree with your frustration and the problems you have been facing designing in Fireworks.But I request you to be patient and try to understand things from my perspective also.Sometimes a quick turn around with bug fixes and updates are not possible.

  3. SiamJai says:

    I like your articles about feature comparisons between CS3 and CS4. They help sorting out compatibility issues and ease the transition from the old app to the new one. So, I’d be glad to see more of these.It would also be great if we could get some insights from the engineering side of Fireworks. I think many users would be interested in what it’s like to work on this great program.Looking forward to another happy and productive year for Fireworks! 😉

  4. Sarthak says:

    Hi SiamJai,Thank you for the encouraging words. I will try to highlight compatibility areas between the new and old versions of Fireworks.I will also try to sometime write about a typical day in office of a Fireworks engineer. Hope that will excite some designers.It will be nice if you could let me know anything specific you are looking for. I tend to assume things which Fireworks users might be aware of but it tends to be otherwise on many ocassions.Thanks