Adobe Fireworks resources on the web.

Apart from the regular Exchange, Dev net articles, forums and community help available at Adobe’s official website, following are some of the links which are dedicated to Fireworks. It includes forums, blogs, extension posts, design posts, workflow descriptions and many other cool stuff dedicated entirely to Fireworks.

Alan Musselman

Aaron Beall

Thierry Lorrey

Matt Stow

Fireworks Guru Forums

There is also a Linked In group. Catch up on some of the interesting discussions going in there. There is also a google group named Macromedia Fireworks.

In case you guys find some other resources about Fireworks anywhere on the web, let me know so that I can highlight it as well. Let us spread the Fire which Works!

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One Response to Adobe Fireworks resources on the web.

  1. Pariah Burke says:

    Good list, Sarthak. You can also find plenty of Fireworks-related articles and resources at (