Kuler service in Fireworks CS4

Kuler is another service which has been added in Fireworks CS4. Kuler is a color palette sharing mechanism amongst the community of designers. The kuler panel can be accessed from Windows->Extensions->Kuler menu item.

The Browse tab within the panel allows users to search for the right palette. When the search results are populated with color palettes, an triangle icon next to it brings up a menu as shown below. The theme can be edited within the Kuler panel which will bring you to the Create tab.

Kuler panel Browse tab


You can also select a palette and add them to the Swatches panel in Fireworks through "Add to Swatches Panel" menu. This will add the palette of 5 colors at the end of all color entries in Swatches panel in Fireworks.

The Create tab as already mentioned allows for the editing of searched themes. The below image has 2 icons highlighted which communicate directly to Fireworks. The yellow highlighted icon numbered 1 sets the current stroke color of Fireworks as the Base color. The blue highlighted icon does the same operation but for fill color. If stroke or fill has transparent set to them as the color, a dialog will warn the the user to choose only solid colors. Same warning dialog appears when the user tries to work with gradients and other non solid color values.

Kuler panel Create tab


Other workflows are if the fill or stroke field is selected in Tool palette, double clicking on any color in the 5 squares will set that color to the selection in Tools palette.

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