Vectors rendering in Fireworks

Fireworks is a hybrid application with a competent set of tools and operations for the vector objects. One thing that suits for Fireworks is the ability to design for the screen. It could be a website, web application, desktop application, mobile application, ATM machine or anything else.

Designing with vectors and still get the pixel precision defining for it gives the application an edge. To learn more about how the rendering happens for the vector which have been created in Fireworks check out the following Knowledge Base article at adobe .com by Trevor

Vector Rendering in Fireworks

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12 Responses to Vectors rendering in Fireworks

  1. kosmar says:

    hm, how do i possibly enter a half pixel value as shown in the article? cant do it in the objects palette, cant make it with the arrow keys.

  2. kosmar says:

    also, the line of underlined text happen to be drawn on half or whole pixels randomly in aliased text, which doesnt simulate browser behaviour at all. you should keep that always to hard lines i would suggest.

  3. Sarthak says:

    @KosmarYou will not be able to enter a sub pixel value in the fields. It is a random visual appearance but inherently Fireworks does not support sub pixel drawing.The screen shot in the post has all the art in complete pixel values. Although the intensity of color in the surrounding pixels dim to show the smooth curves as shown above for soft line.Is this what you are referring to?For the text underline problem, I have a few queries.Which Fireworks release version are you working with?Which font are you referring to?CS3 version had a System Anti alias option which allowed for closest match for screens display.In CS4 the vector rendering has changed. Also the text engine changed as you are aware.I feel Custom anti-alias option allows for the maximum flexibility and closest match to what is seen in web browser.

  4. kosmar says:

    referring subpixel/lines: i was just wondering if its possible, because it was in the screenshot. one related annoyance with lines is that you usually want it to be the exact length o the object values. thats exactly what by definition not happens according to reality and underlined antialiased text (wrongly said aliased above, sorry): i have the problem right now with arial 12px no matter which anti-alias option i choose (i prefer smooth btw.). some underline is aliased, some not. thats not what a browser does. a browser always shows a hard line. i suggest to have that behaviour in fw as well as i dont want to put lines manually under each word i want to look like a link.but this is rather minor compared to jumping text boxes … scnr

  5. kosmar says:

    i work with cs4 .495 .yes, cs3 had system anti-alias, which was a great option, but cs3 also made hard underlines no matter what.

  6. kosmar says:

    btw “random visual appearance” is exactly not what i signed up for … merely i was hoping that those few issues of random visual appearance would have been gone with the update, just to see that there was more of it introduced to my experience.

  7. Sarthak says:

    @KosmarI will need to see the file visually to see the issues you are facing when working with such vector objects.Is the text being drawn at high magnification values?Here also I feel seeing it visually will help me evaluate better.The text jumping bug is an internally known issue.As mentioned in the article this is behavior which is known internally and is being thought about.

  8. kosmar says:

    no problem, here is a fireworks source png that documents both issues. open in browser to see or in fireworks to examine. thx.

  9. Sarthak says:

    @KosmarI appreciate you helping us with re-emphasizing the problems many other users like you run into when designing in Fireworks.The 2 problems mentioned about underline and the pixel precision are known.The article helps for the users to understand the way drawing is done in Fireworks.

  10. Rich says:

    Are there any plans to allow you to specify inside and outside as well? I have more control in illustrator of how well the line is anti-aliased by choosing those options. Would be nice to have it directly in FW.

  11. Tom Gosling says:

    Sarthak, when is this text jumping bug going to be fixed? Are you guys working on it?It’s very, very frustrating!

  12. Sarthak says:

    @Tom,Adobe Fireworks team is planning to release a patch which will fix the text jumping issues encountered.