Adobe Fireworks new book!

Adobe Fireworks CS4 has a new book on the shelves. Friends of Ed from Apress publications have released a new book for beginners which sets a good understanding for designers and users exploring the capabilities of Fireworks. There are some really good case studies in the book to get you related to real world scenarios.

Below mentioned is table of contents of the book. For more details about the book, please visit site

Book cover

Summary of Contents

  • Part One: Learning Fireworks
    • Chapter 1: Welcome to Fireworks
    • Chapter 2: Fireworks and CS4 Integration
    • Chapter 3: Working with Bitmaps
    • Chapter 4: Working with Vectors
    • Chapter 5: Exporting from Fireworks to the Web
  • Part Two: Using Fireworks
    • Chapter 6: Creating Visual Effects
    • Chapter 7: The Ins and Outs of Animation
    • Chapter 8: Skinning Flex Components with Fireworks
    • Chapter 9: Creating Adobe Air Prototypes
    • Chapter 10: Fireworks Extensions
    • Chapter 11: Extending Fireworks: Developing an Effective Workflow Using Javascript and Flash
  • Part Three: Fireworks in Action
    • Chapter 12: Web Site Case Study #1: Blog
    • Chapter 13: Web Site Case Study #2: CSS Sprites
    • Chapter 14: Web Site Case Study #3: E-Commerce

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One Response to Adobe Fireworks new book!

  1. I ordered my copy right away – can’t wait until it gets here. This will be the perfect book for me to use to help new Fireworks users.Thanks, guys, for the book and thanks, Sarthak, for letting us know about it!