Pages panel explored

Pages panel is an important panel since it provides a way to quickly access multiple pages in the Fireworks png file. It also allows for various manipulations in the document related to pages.

Pages Panel Explored
  1. A Fireworks png file can contain a master page. The presence is not mandatory. All the objects present in in the master page are visible in all the other pages under a special "Master Page Layer" layer. This layer is by default added on all the pages and resides at the bottom in the layer hierarchy.
  2. Quick navigation to different pages is possible using the ‘PgUp’ and ‘PgDn’ keyboard keys. The navigation is circular in nature i.e from the last page a ‘PgDn’ down key press will lead you to the first page.
  3. Each page in the document contains an independent set of States and Layers.
  4. Multiple pages can be selected using the Shift/Ctrl on Win and Shift/Cmd on Mac
  5. Once multiple pages are selected, they can be deleted from the delete shortcut icon present in the panel as shown above.
  6. Optimize settings for the multiple selected pages can be changed at once by changing the Optimize panel settings.
  7. New pages get added just below the currently selected page in the pages panel.
  8. When a page is dragged and dropped on the New Page icon, the page gets duplicated and added just below the selected page
  9. The thumbnail size of the page in the panel can be selected from one of the predefined 5 options.
  10. An existing child page can be promoted to being a master and an existing master page can be converted in to a child page.
  11. The Link icon shown above is used for inheriting master page attributes like canvas color, canvas size, optimize settings when they get changed.
  12. Right click functionality has been added in the panel apart from the panel menu which can be accessed from the icon on right top location.
  13. The page numbers before the page name are a visual indication of the number of page and does not get included when the file is exported.
  14. When a page is duplicated, the new page gets appended with "copy’ string.

Use Case:

Master page functionality is really helpful when creating the navigation system which needs to be present on all pages. It might be a problem when the different pages are of variable heights where the footer in present will need to on individual page. The master page objects and its placement on other child pages cannot be changed. It can be modified only from master page and inherited by all child pages.

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2 Responses to Pages panel explored

  1. dave says:

    any info about new version .. this version of FW is totaly ***** pls tell me date when i can start using fireworks properly

  2. Dominik says:

    Thank you for the little explanation of this feature. 🙂