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Adobe TV – Brand New Season of CS4 Shows

There is a brand new season of CS4-focused Adobe TV shows, presented by our very own Creative Tools Evangelists.
Each series showcases CS4 timesavers & “wow” features, and new episodes will be appearing on a bi-weekly basis.  Below are links to the first new episode in each show:

Taming the Web – Presented by Greg Rewis
Focuses on web design workflows in CS4 Web Premium

Short & Suite – Presented by Jason Levine & Karl Soulé
Focuses on Video & Audio workflows in CS4 Production Premium

The Complete Picture – Presented by Julieanne Kost
Focuses on digital imaging workflows in Photoshop CS4, Adobe Bridge, and Lightroom 2

CSInsider|Design – Presented by Rufus Deuchler
Focuses on graphic design workflows in CS4 Design Premium

The Russell Brown Show
Focuses on tips & techniques in Photoshop CS4 & Photoshop CS4 Extended

Flash Downunder – Presented by Paul Burnett
Focuses on Flash Authoring in Flash Professional CS4, including authoring AIR applications

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iPhone app designing extension for Fireworks

A new extension has been posted on the Fireworks exchange. It targets the buzz of mobile space i.e iPhone.

Designers can now create application designs and prototypes for the iPhone. The extensions allows you to preview your designed app in a iPhone simulator which is AIR based. The transition effects which are the trademark of the mobile device are also built in the extension and can be applied to the designs.

Be sure to read the pdf document which comes along with the extension to understand the usage and functionality. The extension can be downloaded from here.

iPhone extension for Fireworks

Kudos to Mayur Mundada for creating one more cool extension for Fireworks. The extension will work for CS4 with AIR 1.5 update.

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‘Scale Attributes’ property

Scale attributes tip

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New look and functionalities in Adobe forums

A brand new looking Adobe Community forums. Powered by Jive Software’s Clearspace, the forums have been completely changed as I see them.

Some of the highlight changes are mentioned below:

  • New look: Experience a fresh new look for Adobe Forums that is consistent with the rest of and easier to navigate.
  • Adobe ID login: Use the same login ID and password that you use to access other areas of
  • Improved search: Search the entire collection of forums using wildcards, fuzzy search, proximity search, weighted search, and Boolean search via the powerful new search functionality. You can also limit your search to the title, body, or attachment.
  • E-mail connection: Receive messages directly in your e-mail inbox by subscribing to forums or threads of interest. You can even post messages by replying from your e-mail program.
  • RSS support: Subscribe to RSS feeds on your favorite forums.
  • Enhanced private user-to-user messaging
  • Rich text editor: Use the rich text editor to create posts, add attachments, and embed images.
  • Ability to get noticed: Earn points through participation that demonstrate your expertise in the community.

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“Tutorials from Adobe” channel on YouTube

YouTube in association with Adobe has launched a new channel "tutorialsfromadobe". This channel currently hosts some of the videos for getting users started on Adobe Dreamweaver CS4. The playlist for Dreamweaver CS4 can be found at:

The complete URL of the channel on YouTube is

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Facebook and Adobe partnership

Adobe and Facebook® announced the availability of the new ActionScript 3 Client Library for Facebook Platform, a free and open source programming language library for developers creating applications using Facebook.
Officially supported by Facebook and Adobe, the ActionScript 3 Client Library for Facebook Platform is expected to be a complete resource that supports all Facebook application programming interfaces (APIs) including Facebook Connect.

Right now the license on the code is an MIT license, as found on the Google Code page.

Adobe has also launched a new developer center for Facebook at

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