New look and functionalities in Adobe forums

A brand new looking Adobe Community forums. Powered by Jive Software’s Clearspace, the forums have been completely changed as I see them.

Some of the highlight changes are mentioned below:

  • New look: Experience a fresh new look for Adobe Forums that is consistent with the rest of and easier to navigate.
  • Adobe ID login: Use the same login ID and password that you use to access other areas of
  • Improved search: Search the entire collection of forums using wildcards, fuzzy search, proximity search, weighted search, and Boolean search via the powerful new search functionality. You can also limit your search to the title, body, or attachment.
  • E-mail connection: Receive messages directly in your e-mail inbox by subscribing to forums or threads of interest. You can even post messages by replying from your e-mail program.
  • RSS support: Subscribe to RSS feeds on your favorite forums.
  • Enhanced private user-to-user messaging
  • Rich text editor: Use the rich text editor to create posts, add attachments, and embed images.
  • Ability to get noticed: Earn points through participation that demonstrate your expertise in the community.

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2 Responses to New look and functionalities in Adobe forums

  1. Ann Shelbourne says:

    I have been a prolific contributor to the Adobe Forums for more than ten years.Until now.The new Forums are totally unusable. They are ultra-slow; have a clumsy and space-wasting interface; are ugly beyond belief and are bloated with useless junk— while they have lost the most basic of navigational tools.Jive, and whoever else is responsible for this mess, should be replaced immediately.I have no intention of participating, or helping to answer User’s questions, in the Adobe Forums until they regain their former functionality.

  2. Sarthak says:

    @AnnI appreciate your concerns and the problems you are facing with the new jive based forums.Request you to highlight the issues in much details so that I can pass them to the concerned person internally.