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Fw User Interview –

This is the first Fireworks user featuring on my blog. I asked him to share some details about his life in designing and using Fireworks as the tool. Be sure to check out his website at The article is completely unedited and has been shared in its natural form.

Incase you would like to share some information about your usage of Fireworks write a comment and I will contact you and work with you to get the details posted here a new entry.

Without any further delays, ladies and gentlemen I present to you Thierry Lorey

Fireworks Zone is a one man website and it started early 2000 when Fireworks 3 was released and about the same time as Kleanthis Economou’s was launched but it became PHP-driven only in 2003.

It was from the start dedicated to Fireworks. I started with Fireworks 3 and found it right away so easy to use and a magical application where you could create your designs and generate images and the code for your website. Of course, later I realized it was a bit more difficult than that and I had to learn HTML and CSS. Since then I am hooked up to Fireworks

Fireworks Zone keeps me busy:

Testing Fireworks features, extensions,

Writing articles, book reviews, tutorials, posts, etc,

Developing Fireworks Zone with HTML & CSS and I leave the PHP to a developer,

Adding new sites in the linkbase,

Promoting and monetizing Fireworks Zone

Beta testing the new features for the next Fireworks version and add posts to the forum

Creating Fireworks products for sale in my store with commands, textures, libraries, etc.

Replying to questions

You see it is a full time job

Hope you enjoyed reading about Thierry who lives in France. I feel very comfortable in interacting with him on various features, issues and worklfows.

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Blog entry using Contribute

The whole process for posting a blog to this place was a lengthy process for me. One of the colleague showed me how to use Adobe Contribute and I am posting this blog entry from within Contribute CS4.

I am feeling comfortable right away after using this application. I now regret of not having used this application before even when it is available inhouse.

That being said, I will be exploring the different options of Contribute CS4 and see how I can provide you with some video walkthroughs as well of some of the features of Fireworks.

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Blog up and running with no issues

The issues related to various aspects of the blog like permanent links, commenting, searching have been rectified. Now you can safely navigate around the space without any 404 errors. I know I have not been very regular in the past due to hectic schedules internally.

In the meantime you can suggest anything you would like to read about. Also you can search the earlier posts for some tips and tricks about Fireworks.

In case you encounter any issues, please raise a red flag.

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Intermittent Issues with the blog and comments posting

You might encounter some issues while posting comments or viewing the different posts in the blog. I am working with guys at the back-end to restore the systems back to normal and error free.

I need you to be a little more patient, co-operate and till then enjoy the updater fixes for Fireworks CS4. Just hold on to those comments for some more time and we will be good to run once again

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Update Installation Issues?

I am seeing multiple folks reporting the issue of update failing to install on their machines. To get a speedy answer to your queries and a resolution, I would recommend you to follow the thread at Adobe forums linked at

The thread is being followed by people from the installer team as well and you can get your queries resolved sooner than on my blog. I try to be active in that forum as well but somewhat get restricted by solving the issues of core product functionality and features.

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Fireworks CS4 books

Sometime back I had mentioned of Apress Publications delivering a book for Fireworks CS4. The books available for Fireworks CS4 has increased to 5 which I know of. There might be more and I would appeal to all to add the books to this list as a one stop place for books for Fireworks CS4. Below mentioned are a total of 5 books which I have seen available till now.


Fireworks CS4 books in market


Add to this list if you know of any other title for Fireworks CS4.

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Fireworks CS4 10.0.3 update – clarification

Hope fully by now you would have installed the updates which went live yesterday. In case you have not done it, we recommend users to install this patch. I have received some queries on how the patch resolves the already infected Fireworks png files.

To clarify that point, the patch will NOT automatically realign all the text objects which have their bounding box shifted or jumped. There might be huge number of png files created in pre-patch version of Fireworks CS4 with this bug. The text objects which have been infected will need to be touched by changing any of the attribute to align the text characters and its corresponding blue bounding box.

Once this operation is done on the file, the text objects will not jump around. Even after applying the patch, the infected text objects will show a jump but that will be only once and not for the subsequent text nudges or aligns. In case you still find the text jumping with newly created files in post patch Fireworks CS4 build, please raise it.

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Fireworks CS4 update is now LIVE!

The Fireworks CS4 application has finally released the much awaited patch to fix some of the big issues related to text and other stability related issues. The update can be downloaded from . The automatic update for the application from Adobe Update Manager (AUM) is coming shortly.

After applying the update, please ensure that the version screen now shows as shown below.


Fireworks CS4 update About us

We await your response to this update release.

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Fireworks CS4 update 10.0.3

Here is the latest new I have to share with you folks about the updater planned for Fireworks CS4 10.0.3. Below you can find the post content from Bruce Bowman, new Fireworks product manager. Watch out for the white little Adobe updater pop up in you system tray or the dock icons bouncing up and down. Once live we would love to get your feedback on it.


"There have been some recent changes in the product management team for Fireworks. Rick Jones has moved into the Fireworks Product Marketing Manager role, and I am now the Fireworks Product Manager.

It is my pleasure, as my first of what I hope will be many Fireworks blog posts, to share some really good news – we have the Fireworks CS4 10.0.3 Updater ready and we’re targeting May 6 as our go live date. Once live, it will be available via the Adobe Update Manager and on where you will also find release notes with details on the bugs that this updater fixes.

This updater fixes the most common bugs that we know about in Fireworks CS4, including numerous text shifting problems, stability issues on Mac and Windows, and bugs related to pasting text from Microsoft Office applications. The team would like to thank you for your patience as we developed this updater.

I’m very excited to get started in my new role, and look forward to interacting with you in the Fireworks community.

Bruce Bowman
Fireworks Product Manager"

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Change canvas/image size for all pages at once

With multiple pages now in a Fireworks png file, it can difficult to re size the canvas or the image size one by one for each page. An often missed settings in the "Canvas Size" or "Image Size" dialog is the check box named aside "Current page only"
. It is shown below in the dialog.

Canvas Size- Current page only setting


By default it is checked, but the settings are remembered across multiple Fireworks sessions.A quick time saver option now known to all you Fireworks designers!

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