Blog up and running with no issues

The issues related to various aspects of the blog like permanent links, commenting, searching have been rectified. Now you can safely navigate around the space without any 404 errors. I know I have not been very regular in the past due to hectic schedules internally.

In the meantime you can suggest anything you would like to read about. Also you can search the earlier posts for some tips and tricks about Fireworks.

In case you encounter any issues, please raise a red flag.

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2 Responses to Blog up and running with no issues

  1. Sarthak,I am an avid and daily user of Fireworks and love the application. I wanted to ask you a quick question about posting to your blog. If I am making a comment to a post on your blog can I insert images in my comments?Can you please communicate with me via email since I know the answer to this question does not belong on your blog. If you would kindly respond to my email I would greatly appreciate it.If I cannot post a blog comment using images, do I have permission to email you with the contents of my blog comment, this way I can use images? I do not want to be a bother as I am sure you get many emails from users of Fireworks.Best regards,Stephen Deutsch

  2. Sarthak says:

    @StephenYou can upload the images to some file sharing site and hyperlink it in the comment. There is limited html tags allowed in the comments to all blog post comments.