Fireworks CS4 10.0.3 update – clarification

Hope fully by now you would have installed the updates which went live yesterday. In case you have not done it, we recommend users to install this patch. I have received some queries on how the patch resolves the already infected Fireworks png files.

To clarify that point, the patch will NOT automatically realign all the text objects which have their bounding box shifted or jumped. There might be huge number of png files created in pre-patch version of Fireworks CS4 with this bug. The text objects which have been infected will need to be touched by changing any of the attribute to align the text characters and its corresponding blue bounding box.

Once this operation is done on the file, the text objects will not jump around. Even after applying the patch, the infected text objects will show a jump but that will be only once and not for the subsequent text nudges or aligns. In case you still find the text jumping with newly created files in post patch Fireworks CS4 build, please raise it.

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