Fireworks CS4 update is now LIVE!

The Fireworks CS4 application has finally released the much awaited patch to fix some of the big issues related to text and other stability related issues. The update can be downloaded from . The automatic update for the application from Adobe Update Manager (AUM) is coming shortly.

After applying the update, please ensure that the version screen now shows as shown below.


Fireworks CS4 update About us

We await your response to this update release.

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36 Responses to Fireworks CS4 update is now LIVE!

  1. What a huge improvement, thanks!

  2. dave says:

    nice, but “jumping menu” bug still exist

  3. Sarthak says:

    @DaveCan you explain the “jumping menu” bug?I do not follow it.

  4. Joseph says:

    Make sure you updated CS3 docs to CS4, otherwise you might encounter text box issues when grouping, shifting and then ungrouping.

  5. Dan Rodney says:

    It’s nice to see some bugs fixed. Here are two problems that still persist. I know at least one of them I mentioned before, but it’s worth mentioning again:1. Button symbols cannot be used to trigger disjointed rollovers. If you drag the pointer handle of a button symbol to another slice, you can choose the state you want to use for the rollover, but then nothing happens. It doesn’t actually work. Disjointed rollovers works for normal slices, but not button symbols. The workaround I use now is to re-slice the button, but then I must add the simple rollover behavior as well as the disjointed rollover. We teach this in our class and I’d really love to be able to tell people that Adobe has fixed this bug!2. On the Mac when I click on a menu I should then be able to start typing the name of a menu item to highlight it. Instead of highlighting it though Fireworks starts changing tools. This is a huge productivity reducer. I like to keyboard navigate and every Mac app lets me do this except for CS4 Fireworks. It worked OK in CS3 as far as I remember.The last suggestion is not a “bug” exactly, but is still a problem. The new kerning amounts require huge numbers to make any noticeable difference. I love fine tune controls when they make sense, but the reality is that it now takes forever to kern anything. It takes many keystrokes to push something even one pixel. I’d love to see the CS3 kerning come back, or at least let me change the keystroke amount to something higher so it’s useable. Right now kerning in CS4 is tedious to say the least.Thanks for the bug fixes and look forward to the next round. If you need more input on any of the issues I mentioned feel free to email me.Thanks,Dan

  6. Dan Rodney says:

    I forgot to mention one other issue (and this is after I have applied the update).On the Mac, when switching tabs, the first click in the document is ignored. I switch tabs, then I click on an object, but it doesn’t highlight. I must click a second time. Then I switch tabs, click on a object, but it doesn’t highlight. I must click again. It’s OK if I drag, but trying to click on a object doesn’t work on the first click. I must click again. A seemingly “small” bug but annoying because it adds needless clicks and if I don’t notice my click didn’t work, then I end up doing something to the wrong object.Dan

  7. Darren Ehlers says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  8. Sarthak says:

    @Dan,The slice which you see when a button is created is not actually present on the main canvas. You can verify this by seeing the object’s absence from Layers panel. The workaround which you are doing is the best at the moment.The usability issue of keyboard navigation is noted and logged internally.The kerning was changed in CS4 due to the change of text engine embedded into Fireworks CS4. A rough idea will be that the kerning value in CS4 is approximately 10 times the value in CS3 to appear same in both the app versions.The double click bug is still present in the updater build and we acknowledge it.

  9. Roberto C. says:

    Hi, thank you for the update!! But… i see that the reaction time when i click over a button, or an option, ora a tab, il little bit slow… Is it normal?

  10. dave says:

    i spent few hour of my time recording screen, simulating the bug and nothin :/.. icons in top menu jumping 5px down and right ..

  11. Dan Rodney says:

    @ SarthakThanks for explaining, but regardless of the reason for the button symbol disjointed rollover bug, I just wanted to be clear that it’s a new CS4 problem. CS3 and many versions past worked as expected. CS4 broke the behavior.As for kerning, the 10 times factor is the problem. I now must do 10 times the number of keystrokes it took in CS3. This makes me 10 times LESS productive when kerning! That’s a major problem in my book. If only I could change the keystroke amount to make it apply 10 times more per keystroke it wouldn’t be a problem.

  12. Sarthak says:

    @DanI did not get what you are referring to because I see the same behavior in CS3 as well.Now I think I am missing something being described by you. Can you explain me more or send me a video screen share for the behavior in CS3. I will then see the issue why the same is not happening in CS4.Thanks in advance.

  13. Dan Rodney says:

    @ SarthakI don’t know if you remember, but I had told you about this button symbol disjointed rollover bug right after CS4’s release. I think I even sent you the files, etc. But to illustrate the bug I’ve made a video for you. In it I show first how it works in CS3. Then I show how doing the same thing to the same file does NOT work in CS4. The behavior is added and shows up in the Behaviors panel, but the indicator line doesn’t show like it should and most importantly the rollover doesn’t work. I hope it helps. have an exercise in our training workbook that describes how to do this process (and the CS4 workaround) if you need it. Feel free to email me if you have questions.

  14. Sarthak says:

    @Dan,Thanks for the video.Be assured that this is being worked upon.

  15. Dominik says:

    Thank you for finally fixing the most annoying bugs. Keep up the good work!

  16. A coworker now has to reenter his serial number in order to install this CS4 update. Doesn’t seem normal. What’s the fix?

  17. Sarthak says:

    @NathanielI am assuming that the serial number entry was done once.That being said it should not have come. Was the Fireworks application of the Suite through which it was installed, was deactivated or moved to a different location in the machine.The updater will check for the integrity of application/suite and then apply the patch.

  18. Lorenzo says:

    First CS4 Fireworks is awesome as the older versions and being able to natively copy/paste vectors from illustrator over is great. BUT on my PC it locks up and crashes more often now than before. I will reinstall and see what happens. The last error I got was a Runtime C++ error R6025 – pure virtual function call.I have 4 gigs of RAM.why is this happening?Its seems more unstable – reminds me of microsoft products. And I’ve been using Adobe products for a decade.

  19. Hal says:

    CS4 problems persist with Fw Using Intel Mac OS X 10.5.7 with Wacom Graphire 4 mouse latest driver (April ’09). But the bugs go back to OS X 10.5.5 and older Wacom driver. Also problems listed do NOT appear with Fw CS3 Replace Color: using From: Image, does not work. (no change in bitmap) Furthermore if you leave From: Image selected, brush often quits having any effect until you go back to Replace Color and select From: Swatch. This bug happens with touchpad or Wacom mouse.2) Reshape Area tool seems to see multiple mouse clicks: Hold down left Wacom mouse button and the circle grows and grows- will grow off the canvas and eventually Fw gets stuck in a loop, beachballing, need to force quit. Problem does not occur with Mac touchpad, only mouse. But same Wacom mouse works just fine with Reshape Area with Fw CS3 version

  20. Jen says:

    In Fireworks CS4, rollovers work in Preview in Safari and Firefox, but do not work when exported as html and images.

  21. Peter says:

    Our design team has recently upgraded to Fireworks CS4 from CS3 and are now frightened to use it due to stability issues.CS3 was always prone to crashing when working with multiple files containing many pages and nested symbols and we have got used to saving frequently.However CS4 is very flakey and inexplicably crashes on simple files making it virtually unusable.This has happened on multiple machines even after installing the recommended update.…s_updaters.htmlWe are using Mac book Pros intel duo 2.4 ghz with 2gb of RAM on osX 10.5.6Has anyone else experienced these issues and can suggest a solve for these stability problems with either CS3 or 4 as we are considering abandoning the product?

  22. Sarthak says:

    Thanks Tim for the detailed bug descriptions.

  23. Sarthak says:

    @LorenzoWe suspect that if the pure virtual function error is coming then it should come all the time for a specific workflow.Can you send us the details about the steps which lead you into this issue?@JenCan you check if the js file is copied with the export to html and images. Also can you try removing the behavior from the Behaviors panel and re-applying it?

  24. CajunKev says:

    Hi, using 1003011, the Replace Color tool doesn’t work when Image is selected. Also, weird window behavior: when the Application Bar is on (and I would like to leave it on), document windows snuggle up under it as it if wasn’t there. This doesn’t give me access to Original/Preview, etc.; works fine in other CS4 apps so far as I am aware. I am on a Mac. Let me know if you need more details. Right now, Fireworks CS4 seems to be the buggiest of the CS4 apps I’ve worked with… and I’ve worked with most. Good luck in fixing all these problems!

  25. @CajunKevCan you give me more details on the replace color tool not working?I tried at my end and seems to be working. We are aware of the App bar issue related to the buttons getting hidden.

  26. charles says:

    I upgraded to the latest fireworks cs4 and its still buggy.The panels still dont work well with the mouse (scroll) or typing.In artwork I cant see the text cursor to let me know where I am typing. its also super slow to move it (partially because I cant see it).The page button on the top of the window is not always in sync with the one in the panel still doesnt work with spaces. its the only app for mac in the world that doesnt work with spaces.its still SUPER slow and still crashes all the time when you do anything slightly complicated.the properties inspector doesnt update itself to show what you are looking at. it takes a long time and sometimes it stays gray until you click it.if you take off the application window the application bar doesnt dock on the top. this means that open windows slide underneath the floating application bar and you cant move them because that darn bar is blocking the title bar of the window.export to pdf has lots of trouble when opening those pdfs in preview on leopard. they only work in adobe acrobat. especially when you choose jpeg2000. then nothing shows up in preview. in acrobat it still shows up though.every time I change the default browser it resets on me when i restart and i have to do it again. in fact, lots of settings do that. like guides being visible….are they releasing an update for this stuff? i need to use fireworks because there is no other prototyping tool like it. all of these bugs are only on mac. fireworks works well on windows. i want to switch it to the windows version but not if they will release an update for mac (they only let you switch once). whats the word from adobe on this???

  27. Pat says:

    I just installed Fireworks CS4 and updated it to the latest version,, and am getting the Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime error R6025 – pure virtual function call.

  28. Urbano Antunes says:

    Hi there everyone.I am having some trouble when applying some styles to vector shapes. its not working as it use to in previous versions like CS3.Can someone tell me why fireworks doesnt apply the styles on the library at shapes?

  29. Nicole says:

    Hello,I am using Fireworks CS4 updated to on a new iMac using 10.5.8. Fireworks is running soooooooo SLOW! It takes me half a day to do something that I should be able to do in 10 minutes! I see I am not the only person complaining about this, is this going to be fixed soon?

  30. Jonas says:

    Switching to the properties for smart objects tabs takes like a second on a PC. Are you planning to speed it up?

  31. Titan Creative Group says:

    In the 10+ years that I’ve been using Fireworks, I’m FINALLY at a point where the program is no longer useable and it’s time to use something else.My laundry list of problems with the program is LONG – I won’t bore you – I’m sure many of you are experiencing all of the same issues if you’re on a MAC.Creating a simple rollover is impossible now. When I click PREVIEW, the canvas is blank – transparent – as if nothing is there – even though I have two states. In the last version before this upgrade, if I were to try and save images to a folder within the “IMAGES” folder, it never allowed me to save them to anything other than the “IMAGES” folder.I could go on and on but I won’t.This program is unusable, so on that note, I’d like to personally thank everyone at ADOBE for dropping the ball on not only this app, but also Photoshop CS4 for MAC – the entire art/design community salutes you.

  32. jeff noyes says:

    I totally agree with Titan. Adobe, you’ve gotten to big. The majority of the design community is on a mac – yet you can’t figure out how to get the software stable. You’re product manager should be fired because they clearly don’t know what they’re doing.

  33. Stephen Waddock says:

    Can you give us an update on this text jump bug? We recently upgraded to CS4 (I know…I know….but, Big Corporations move slowly) and have been experiencing the text box jump issue on every file I create.I did some research and downloaded and install the update patch but, it did not solve this issue. I opened up an .png file I created last night and went to edit the text boxes and found I had to select them off the layers panel, edit them and then move them back to their original locations. Very annoying.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  34. Sarthak Singhal says:

    @Stephen,We hoped that the text jump issue has been fixed with the update for Fireworks CS4. If you are still facing the issue, can you send me the file and the workflow which can still show me the issue for further investigations?A file created in CS4 might have this issue once. The text object once fixed should not show up this issue. But they will need to be touched once to fix it.

  35. Sarah Brabbbin says:

    Where does this leave us Windows users? I still have major issues getting Fireworks CS4 to run at any speed at all.

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