My website…now live!

A long cherished dream is finally taking shape and I am already feeling elated with the outcome. The excitement and joyous feeling is for the launch of my website at

Apart from working at Adobe Systems in Fireworks team, I try to stay close to nature. This could be spending a long day at the botanical garden or the nearby locality park. Exploring off city limits and indulging in some travel for treks also lets me be close to Mother nature.

The travel is on multiple occasions not limited to landscape and extends to heritage sites, new city explorations and others. On all these trips and journeys I manage to capture some photos.

The captured photos let people get a glimpse of my journey and see the place through my lens. The website launched shows some of the moments which I consider as my good ones. The photographer page lists different themes under which the photos have been arranged.

Being a traveler and blogger, the site also has a blog section, which gives a detailed description of the trip experience in the form of a travelogue and the trip photos. I am hopeful that it will equip a traveler with better means to plan for their itinerary and have a great time.

Feedback, critique, comments, suggestions are all welcome.

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2 Responses to My website…now live!

  1. Buddy says:

    Is that a fireworks slide show?It is a beautiful site,I really enjoyed seeing it.Thank you.

  2. Sarthak says:

    @BuddyNopes this is not a Fireworks slideshow. Although you can easily edit the CSS to make the slideshow exported from Fireworks appear like this one.My website utilizes one from