Import Fireworks FXG export for Flash Catalyst

A new script is posted at Adobe Labs for Fireworks which will address the request for better FXG export from Fireworks which can be consumed by Flash Catalyst.

The script can be found on from where it can be installed and functionality changes and enhancements done by the Fireworks team.

Below are copy pasted the Release notes for quick reference


  1. lineHeight for Text element was always exported as %, now its exported based on value selected in Fireworks ( % or exact)
  2. Tab indention was not correct for elements which were exported as bitmaps
  3. Exporting invisible bitmap elements caused script error
  4. Updated Rectangle primitive object to export transformation matrix and roundness value.
  5. Modified / Added Application Private Data for all elements (d:userLabel , d:type etc)
  6. Exporting effects applied on Groups and Symbols

Issues Fixed

  1. Error is thrown when FXG with Stroke for text is imported in Flash Catalyst
  2. Objects with different opacity are not imported properly to Flash Catalyst
  3. Export to FXG: TypeError: currRun.size has no properties
  4. Flash Catalyst: Unsupported elements exported as bitmaps are incorrectly positioned
  5. Text shift is seen when imported to Flash Catalyst
  6. Flash Catalyst: Importing of sublayers with different visibility is not proper
  7. Flash Catalyst: Importing a stack of symbols with different visibility is not proper
  8. FXG Export: Exporting text with numeric throws error
  9. FXG Export: Visible symbol elements are not exported
  10. Exporting test file to FXG shows a negative number
  11. Flash Catalyst: One of the rectangle in the bug file shifts when imported to FC
  12. Flash Catalyst: Rectangle roundness shows different value when imported in FC
  13. Flash Catalyst: Importing test file with text runs having a mix of attributes throws error while parsing
  14. Command doesn’t Remember the last export directory
  15. Warning is not thrown before overwriting FXG file
  16. Remove copyright notification in the FXG script
  17. Exporting a selection to FXG
  18. Text gets truncated when exported to FXG
  19. Unable to import the file to FC
  20. Export to FXG should throw warning while exporting files with missing fonts
  21. FXG export creates invalid tag names starting with a number
  22. Export to FXG encounters duplicate PNG files

Known Issues

  1. Rectangle with gradient applied is not exported correctly.
  2. Masks applied on Bitmaps appear stretched in FC
  3. Masks with unsupported properties are still exported as normal elements and not bitmaps
  4. Invisible bitmap element inside the group is not exported but the tag is exported.

Any queries, suggestions or proposals in this regard, feel free to post them at

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4 Responses to Import Fireworks FXG export for Flash Catalyst

  1. jeff says:

    Ahh, excellent, I’d given up on the fxg export after my first attempt at pulling it into Catalyst ended up all over the place

  2. charles says:

    I just want you to know that I have the latest updated fireworks cs4 and it sucks.I hate it and am pissed that I wasted my money on it. The update isnt good enough yet.It was designed for windows, face it. Just update the code and make it work on mac too. Most adobe users like mac anyway. Or, offer the current mac users to switch to windows so we can use it in parallels.The panels dont work well with the mouse (scroll) or typing.In artwork I cant see the text cursor to let me know where I am typing. its also super slow to move it (partially because I cant see it).The page button on the top of the window is not always in sync with the one in the panel doesnt work with spaces. thats unacceptable. its the only app for mac in the world that doesnt work with spaces.its SUPER slow and crashes all the time. even with the updates. on a word doc you can see where you were cut off. its linear. on artwork there could be 100 things you did and now you have no idea what was lost. this is uber important. its also unbearably slow.the properties inspector doesnt update itself to show what you are looking at. it takes a long time and sometimes it stays gray until you click it.what the heck is the “application bar?” its beautiful on windows – saves a ton of space with lots of functionality. on mac – its just a gray bar that does things that are equally accessible on the tool bar. were you planning on adding something to it? it a waste of space. why is it on by default? so, you can disable it therefore its not a big deal right? wrong. the fact that it is enabled by default means you guys are thinking of fireworks from a windows perspective, not a mac’s. we are being slighted. has anyone at adobe ever used a mac? i think my point would be obvious as soon as they opened fireworks. also, if you take off the application window the application bar doesnt dock on the top. this means that open windows slide underneath the floating application bar and you cant move them because that darn bar is blocking the title bar of the window. its very frustrating. clearly nobody at adobe has tried to make a project using fireworks cs4 on leopard.export to pdf has lots of trouble when opening those pdfs in preview on leopard. they only work in adobe acrobat.export to psd jumbles everything.export to ai jumbles everything.once you make something in fireworks you are trapped! you have to do the whole thing there bc it wont go smoothly to any other product!every time I change the default browser it resets on me when i restart and i have to do it again. in fact, lots of settings do that. like guides being visible….if you guys dont pick up the slack and start fixing this stuff, i am going to switch to omnigraffle. i have no choice. there is no other adobe product that can wireframe as well as fireworks. pages, states, links, symbols, and the common library are so useful for wireframes and no other product can do it. but god knows real designers are using photoshop not fireworks so it needs to be extremely compatible. why not add pages to other adobe products too?also, making symbols where the text is editable on each instance (but doing so without programming) would be good. and multiple master pages would also be useful.PLEASE FIX!!!! WE ARE DYING FOR THIS!!!!

  3. charles says:

    I just want to correct myself- I called adobe today and they said they do offer a cross platform service where you can exchange a mac product for the windows equivalent. you need to destroy the mac version first though, so you are left with nothing for two weeks while the windows one ships.get this – fireworks is FASTER when i am using the windows trial on PARALLELS than it is natively. how sad is that? clearly there is a problem here, and its not my computer…so i should just switch to windows then, right? well, they only let you do this once. you cant switch back. i dont want to switch to work in parallels only to find out that a week later these bugs are fixed on mac.

  4. I rarely leave a response, however i did some searching and wound up here Import Fireworks FXG export for Flash Catalyst Sarthak. And I actually do have 2 questions for you if you don’t mind. Could it be only me or does it look like some of the responses appear like they are left by brain dead folks? 😛 And, if you are writing on other social sites, I’d like to keep up with everything fresh you have to post. Could you list of every one of all your social sites like your twitter feed, Facebook page or linkedin profile?