Page navigation shortcuts

Pages are a boon to Fireworks since their introduction
in CS3 release. There is a built in Keyboard navigation facility for iterating through all the pages in the document of a Fireworks png file.

The ‘PgUp’ and ‘PgDn’ key does the trick of navigation. Even when the focus is on the canvas, the keyboard shortcuts will work.

Incase you are editing a field or entering some values/text in any of the panels then you will need to exit that editing field and then the shortcut will work for you. Simplest way is to click on the canvas to gain focus on the main area of the application.

This keyboard navigation is valid on Windows and Mac.

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2 Responses to Page navigation shortcuts

  1. Tim K says:

    Cool post!I think there are thousands of designers out there who don’t understand or use Fireworks. I still don’t feel like it has been given enough attention in the advertising for Creative Suite. I wish there was a way to get more people to use the program!

  2. Sigmadog says:

    I agree with Tim. I’m one of those designers that is just starting to work with Fireworks, and though the learning curve seems steep, I generally like the results.One of the hardest parts seems to be making the mental switch from Illustrator workflow to Fireworks. The UI is close, but different enough to still cause me fits at times. I suppose that’s part of the Macromedia legacy and just needs to be surmounted.I’m not concerned that fewer people are familiar with the program – I just wish I was more familiar with it.Hopefully, I’m getting there.