Fireworks and Snow Leopard

Are you using any version of Adobe Fireworks on the latest OS from Apple aka Snow Leopard?

If yes, then do send us your feedback, observations, bugs, weird behaviors. You could be using any prior version of Firework like CS3 or the latest release of CS4.

Let us know your experiences and we will try to resolve in case there are issues found.

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106 Responses to Fireworks and Snow Leopard

  1. Roger says:

    I am running Fireworks CS4 (Web premium suite) on Snow Leopard. About 50% of the time the program crashes on exiting (Either by using Command-Q or selecting ‘Quit’ from the main Fireworks menu.This is not losing me any work but it is also a little bit disconcerting. I never observed this behaviour on Leopard.Roger

  2. Joseph says:

    Opening a file from an external or HD or the Desktop prompts the beach ball and permanently hangs FW.You guys did know Snow Leopard was coming, right?I’m sure there are more issues, but we’ll start with this.Joseph

  3. Joseph says:

    Follow up to my previous comment, it seems to not want to open some recent files I have created. It opens files from several months back (CS4 files too) with no issue. It must be the file itself…Sorry for the snide comments, it’s a bit frustrating. I will most likely keep snow leopard on a HD until solid updates come in for SL and Adobe.JP

  4. Sarthak Singhal says:

    Hi Joseph,The files are crashing the application for you? Or is it prompting for some error message when opening the file?

  5. Sarthak Singhal says:

    Hi Roger,Can you send me the crash logs for investigations? You might be sending them to us through the crash reporter but I can get some eyes to look on it quicker.

  6. Roger says:

    Thanks for having a look. Yes, here is a sample crash log.Roger

  7. Elia says:

    Hi, I’m having a same problem. FireWorks hang on forever opening complex PNG files. I can open images but not files that have pages and complex texts layers. There is no error messages. Just spinning ball and FW become unresponsive.I’m running latest version.

  8. Hi Sarthak,I’m having trouble with Fireworks CS4 since upgrading from Leopard to Snow Leopard. When I try to launch the application I get the error:”Fireworks can not run. An internal error occurred.”On the loading splash screen this happens right after the screen says “Initializing VM.” I get the error message, click okay, then Fireworks has to be Force Quit to exit.The same issue happens for me after the Snow Leopard upgrade, as well as after I’ve completely uninstalled the CS4 suite and removed all traces of Adobe files and reinstalled.

  9. Sarthak Singhal says:

    Have you installed the Adobe Fireworks Cs4 update from ?

  10. Sarthak Singhal says:

    Thank you Roger. We will investigate the crash log.I have removed it form your post as the length was just too long.

  11. Fireworks Version have a problem on exit: the program crashes.I have noticed that the program crashes only when I press “Quit Fireworks” button with all files opened in the program and the modal window wonders to me if I want save, cancel or don’t save any file. If I close all opened files and after I press “Quit Fireworks” button all works fine without crash.

  12. Yes, my Fireworks installation was up to date, with no further updates available whenever I checked.

  13. Bradlay Law says:

    I’m finding that Fireworks CS3 is crashing all over the shop in Snow Leopard. It seems to always crash after exporting a file (just to local disk) and it seems to just crash randomly whilst working away.

  14. Sarthak Singhal says:

    @Bradlay Would appreciate if you could send me some crash logs here for investigation.

  15. Bradlay Law says:

    Where would I find the crash log?

  16. Sarthak Singhal says:

    When Fireworks crashes, Adobe crash reporter will pop up. There will be an input field for your mail address. Next to it you will find a link for crash data. Click on it, copy it as a text file and send it over.

  17. Bradlay Law says:

    Just did it again when I was saving a file:

  18. Josh says:

    I am definitely noticing CS4 memory issues with Leopard. Everytime I launch FW my computer fan kicks on high and the app runs super slow. Saving images for web on an image rich page causes FW to run even slower until it just hangs for minutes. When I properly quite FW it crashes. Next time I’m on FW I willsend you the crash report. Photoshop seems to be running fin in comparison.In general I feel like this app (FW) is low on Adobes priority list which is frustrating. I would have expected Adobe to have been testing for an OS issues prior to Snow Leopards release.

  19. Joseph says:

    Hi Sarthak.Fireworks fails to go beyond the start up dialog screen (just the white box, no other visual loads) when opening a file from finder, it hangs with the beach ball spinning. Files that were already locally on my machine prior to SL open fine.

  20. mmjaeger says:

    same annoyance here – Fireworks crashes upon exiting – this is really annoying and should get fixed soon by Adobe – we are not talking about a $20 software package here, don’t we – CS 4 is quite expensive and should work just fine.

  21. Patrick says:

    Hello All. The crash while closing the application bug is nothing that is new to 10.6. I reported that bug about a hundred times. Still no fix available. I don’t even notice it any more. I hoped id will be fixed by installing 10.6 but no. Still the same. To bad. I have an other bug that I noticed in 10.5 and now as well in 10.6. The Properties Windows sometimes just loose there content. You then need to restart FW CS4 and that is by far more annoying that the other bug. go adobe go. fix those bugs..

  22. Sarthak, I somehow feel you’ve got the cart before the horse on this one. You’re supposed to get feedback on an update BEFORE putting it live, not afterwards.Please do more testing in future. There are still far more messages here than is justifiable. What are you doing about it?

  23. Sarthak Singhal says:

    Here is an official word from the Adobe Fireworks management

  24. mike s says:

    In our design department, we have 4 users of Fireworks CS4, 3 on Macs, and all of us have had to downgrade to CS3, as CS4 crashes all the time. We are still on the normal Leopard OS.

  25. mike s says:

    My point: Fireworks CS4 is not even stable on Leopard. Sorry.

  26. mike s says:

    I have files made in CS4 that will crash every time they are opened. All my fonts are checked, and are OK.

  27. Is there any update on the cannot-even-start problem? Linking me to a FAQ saying that it’s compatible with Snow Leopard when it very much is not working doesn’t really help me, unfortunately. I’ve had to start rebooting into Windows anytime I need to do something with Fireworks; at least in Leopard it worked even if it was pretty unstable.

  28. Scott M says:

    For anyone that is experiencing a crash on quit with Fireworks CS4 and Snow Leopard, you can remove the ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe folder and relaunch Fireworks. This worked for me (it required me trashing the whole Adobe folder, not just the Fireworks CS4 folder inside). More info in the apple forums at

  29. Jim Holland says:

    Using Fireworks 8 (which I love) on Snow Leopard I get random crashes back to the OS – FW8 just dies. Was fine under Leopard. I use Fireworks for all my web and ipHone projects to this is a major blow! Can you help?ThanksJim

  30. Warren Blayney says:

    I installed CS4 web premium on a brand new mbp running snow leopard. All adobe programs run fine EXCEPT Fireworks. I get the “Fireworks can not run. An internal error occurred.” error message.I’ve tried uninstall/clean script/re-install and I get the exact same issue.This issue is being experienced by other users. When can we expect a patch/fix release?

  31. Sarthak Singhal says:

    Hi Warren,As you have installed the Web Premium afresh, please update Fireworks with the patch which was released sometime back. The Fireworks version should get updated to the patch is installed, let me know if that helped resolve the issue.

  32. Lorenzo says:

    Fireworks CS4 crashes a lot of times with Snow Leopard, sometimes when I quit the application, and ALWAYS when I drag an image from a browser into the stage.

  33. Simon says:

    I just had the problem some are having with trying to open a file by double-clicking and/or opening from within FW10.0.311 in Snow Leopard. Was getting the internal error message over and over again.My file was located on my file server, but as soon as I copied it to my desktop, it opened fine. Don’t know what’s up with that, but hopefully it might help some of you who are stuck with “bad” files.

  34. Mike says:

    Fireworks CS4 was running well for me under Leopard since installing the most recent patch ( But after upgrading to Snow Leopard recently it crashes all the time. Nearly always it will crash when quitting, but also at random while I am using it. It doesn’t appear to be a result of any one action — sometimes I will be changing a font, sometimes dragging an image into the application, sometimes editing a symbol, and the best one is of course crashing when trying to save.I’m going to try the fix mentioned above for the crash-on-quit issue, but the others are driving me mad because all of my design work is done in Fireworks. Any fixes would be much appreciated!

  35. Sarthak Singhal says:

    @MikeWe are also seeing the crash internally when CS4 exits. Th other crashes you have mentioned related to font changing, saving and other random operation, can you send us the reports when it occurs again.Are these random crashes experienced when migration to Snow Leopard was done?

  36. Philipp says:

    Same problems here. Fireworks allways crashes down. No efficient working possible know.And.. the programm starts in different Spaces of Mac os X. Some pieces in other spaces. Very strange! Same problem with Dreamweaver

  37. Mike says:

    Hi Sarthak — thanks for the reply. The crashes started ocurring after migrating to Snow Leopard. Yesterday afternoon I did a complete uninstall/reinstall of Fireworks to see if that fixes the issues, and so far it seems to be more stable (no major crashes yet). I’ll be using it all day today again though, so if I have any crashes I’ll send in the reports.

  38. artnok says:

    I was in that case : system upgrade with snow leopard then FW CS4 then, each time I was creating a new file an selecting a tool item, I had the spinning ball for years, and needed to force FW to quit.I tried several things but the one that worked was erasing the whole Adobe folder in User>LIbrary>Application Support.

  39. Philipp says:

    I’m loosing all account informations in Dreamweaver if I earase the User>Library>ApplicationSupport>Adobe FolderHow do you guys do this? Without loosing all customers informations in Dreamweaver?

  40. William Hacker says:

    I had the problem of Fireworks CS4 not starting up at all under Snow Leopard. I seem to have solved it by finding one font that was causing a problem: “Song.dfont”. Now it seems to start up fine, (though it still crashes on quitting). Worth checking if you’ve having this problem.

  41. Julie says:

    My latest and updated FW version crashes when I try to punch 2 objects and one of them has loosen/disconnected vector points and now I can’t even open Fireworks anymore. Thanks Adobe…

  42. William Hacker:Where did you find Song.dfont? I have searched my hard drive and it doesn’t seem to find this file anywhere.

  43. Jason says:

    Still hoping for some kind of clue as to when, or if, these issues are going to be addressed. Fireworks is an essential part of my workflow. Putting off Snow Leopard upgrade until I feel better about Fireworks functionality.

  44. Toby says:

    When creating a text box and then begin to type I get the rotating wheel forever and have to force quit. therefore there is no crash report being sent. I have updated to the latest version.

  45. Matt says:

    Here a solution that works to me.

  46. Aymee says:

    ARGH,I have Fireworks8. It crashes 30 times a day since I installed Leapard OS. So frustrating. It is not on Exit but just random. I can’t pin point any particular action at all. I have re-installed it just in case. Fireworks is how I run my business. It is very very frustrating as I have lots hours of work if I forget to save. I would say the most “often” crash is when I go export the png but also randomly. I really don’t want to have to switch softwares altogether. Is there a patch? I dont experience crashing on quitting and dont have a “song” font. any help from adobe would be appreciated.

  47. Ben Kopf says:

    I too have been so frustrated since upgrading to Snow Leopard – I have 10.6.1 installed and DW and FW both crash constantly on any number of events. Fireworks crashes every time I close it, without fail. Dreamweaver crashes all the time for any one of dozens of interactions – lately it’s been right-clicking on images or anything in the CSS palette. I have written to support and have a case pending but I’m at my wits end. $2000 for the design suite almost broke me and my livelihood depends on Adobe products. If I can help in any way please let me know. Thanks!

  48. Ben Kopf says:

    I forgot to add my platform info.Desktop:- OSX 10.6.1- Mac Pro with 16 G RAM and 1 TB of HD- Nvidia’s latest card and drivers- Adobe Design Suite Premium CS4 (I use FW and DW mostly)Laptop (same crashing occurs):-OSX 10.6.1- MacBook Pro 13″- Brand new last month bought at the Apple Store.- Adobe Design Suite Premium CS4

  49. Sarthak Singhal says:

    There are no patches for Fireworks 8.

  50. Sarthak Singhal says:

    @BenCan you send me some of the crash logs? Upload them at some file share and post the link here for further investigation. You can send me both the Fw and Dw crash logs.

  51. Rick Hopkins says:

    I find Fireworks CS4 to be almost completely unusable on Mac OS Snow Leopard. It needs an update or a patch or something. It crashes on me when opening files, when exporting files, when saving files, when closing the program…. ALL THE TIME! I have sent in probably 20 crash reports with no response. This use to be my favorite application. I now am looking for alternatives because it sucks so bad. It’d be nice to hear some sort of response, especially with the amount of money I spent to get the application.

  52. Warren says:

    I can’t believe Adobe hasn’t released a patch/fix for FW CS4. Plain and simple it doesn’t work on Snow Leopard. I can’t even get it to start, and yes I’ve tried everything suggested by Adobe.What is happening to fix this problem. Is Adobe going to refund people for a product that doesn’t work?

  53. Summer says:

    Trying to use Fireworks MX on new Snow Leopard operating system. Whenever I try to use any of the select tools (lasso, etc) I get the neverending spinning beachball…Grrrrrrrrrrr.

  54. Thomas Piotrowski says:

    Fireworks CS4 on Snow Leopard OSX. Two issues one quite serious. The first has been repeatedly reported — crash on close. The second, freezing the entire system, happened twice recently when I was copying other files while had been working in FW for some time. Also open were Firefox, and Open Office. In closing, CS4 FW is an untrustworthy application currently 🙁

  55. Colceriu Nicolae says:

    Guys, let’s face it, Adobe doesn’t give a crap and we pay for this insolence. They launched CS4 not so much time ago with rings and bells, telling to us how wonderful it’s gonna be. Now they don’t give a crap because CS5 is coming out in like 6 months as they announced.Yes we struggle every bloody day but apparently isn’t something they care about. And my thought is that Adobe will not fix this. CS 4 is probably a transition version to CS5 that we bothered paying/upgrading. Ad this isn’t a $15 software right ?Sad but true. I would suggest a civil complaint/trial against Adobe for claiming/selling what their software obviously isn’t.

  56. Michelle Feldman says:

    Fireworks 8 dies repeatedly on Snow Leopard and I see no patches available for it. I would think about upgrading but a) Macromedia products don’t support Windows & Mac anymore on the same install disc and b) It doesn’t look like CS4 works very well either. Are you guys trying to kill Fireworks?

  57. vajra says:

    Fireworks CS4 and Mac 10.6Hang when selecting the Text toolUsed the Adobe fix (new GlobalResources made sure its unix and removed Fireworks CS4 preferences folder)It worked once then after a shut down opened it up and down beach ball again Re did the fix it worked again. But not after the shut down and beech ball re did the fix and still the beach ball.Now what!

  58. Also getting annoying exit crashes, and crashes when using the program for various tasks.It also seems very slow running in general; eg adding a new image and it freezes up, then jumps back into action finally and adds the layer.Very annoying, and not something we should expect for the price.Is Adobe/Customer service on Twitter? Can we mount this campaign in anyway?

  59. Sarthak Singhal says:

    @AndrewCan you send me the crash logs you are seeing?Once we have the crash logs, it will help in better investigation and finding the root cause issue…Sarthak

  60. James says:

    Fireworks MX 2004 wont run on Snow Leopard. Icon bounces for a bit (5 sec) and then stops. Thats it, no errors no nothing. Somewhat disappointing Adobe.

  61. Mike says:

    Hi Sarthak,When you ask us to send you crash reports, where should we send them? Do you have an email address or something I can forward these to? Obviously the automated reports are being sent, but you mentioned sending them direct to you because you can get eyes on them faster…

  62. Simon says:

    Is there any help for those of us trying to use Dreamweaver MX2004 on Snow Leopard? It just won’t even open. Thanks.

  63. kate mcguire says:

    Attempting to use Fireworks CS3 tools to modify jpeg file – OS is Snow Leopard. Hangs every time and need to force quit application.

  64. Ian says:

    And Fireworks 6/MX freezes with the spinning ball as well, on a brand new MacBook Pro running 10.6.2. I just have to click on the grey background to deselect an image or hit the key combination to export and it’ll freeze.It doesn’t sound like there’s much point in upgrading.

  65. Krowdrah says:

    The plot thickens; I had Fireworks MX 2004 installed on Leopard and it seemed to work ok ish (but took ages to load and would beachball too on intensive tasks). I upgraded over the top with Snow Leopard and it still worked OK. I did a complete re-format and reinstall, and patch to 7.0.2. The icon bounces briefly then disappears and the program fails to open.Any other ideas (apart from purchasing CS4!)

  66. Steve says:

    I am running Fireworks CS4 and just installed Snow Leopard. Now Fireworks will not open at all. I’ve tried it a dozen times and every time it says “internal error” and shuts down. Help! I’ve been sending in crash reports, but have received nothing in response.

  67. botoncandy says:

    @ James, and anyone having problems using Fireworks (or Dreamweaver or Flash) MX 2004 on Snow Leopard – I found something that worked.Install Fireworks on a machine running something prior to SL (I used a machine running Panther). When it’s completely installed, go to Library>Application Support>Macromedia and find the Registration files.Reinstall Fireworks on the SL machine – but don’t launch it yet. Swap out the Registration file from the other machine. Now launch Fireworks. Worked for me – good luck!

  68. Lee says:

    My imac originally had 10.5.6 with Fireworks mx 2004 on it. I updated to 10.6.1 and fireworks still works. Now on my new imac that came with 10.6.1 the icon bounces but never opens. Any news on a patch?

  69. Spencer Taylor says:

    I’m having the exact same problem but in Fireworks 8. I realize I can’t complain too loudly as I haven’t upgraded but I’m less inclined to do so if the same thing is happening with the newer version.The primary instance of crash for me comes at various stages of exporting files. I’ve just been working on updating some PNG files this morning and only opened 3 because I knew I would probably crash. I looked at the first and second one and realized I didn’t need them so I closed both. I then clicked on the third and removed the bmp that needed to be replaced. I then went to open the file I needed to import but realized I should have selected import so I closed the ‘Open’ dialog window. I then began to click on File -> Import but the program crashed.I’ll keep reading into this but do hope to find a viable solution soon as I use Fireworks all the time.

  70. Spencer Taylor says:

    I’m glad it worked for you but I only have one mac and am unable to execute. Do you happen to know what is different about the two files? If something with the SL reg file is corrupt, perhaps it can be manually fixed? Any advice would be great.Thanks.

  71. botoncandy says:

    @ Spencer Taylor – sorry, but I don’t know what the diff is between the files.I was kinda’ hoping that by posting the info someone else can figure it out.Good luck to you!

  72. Sarthak Singhal says:

    @Spencer If you could attach the crash log here, then it might help up in further investigation. As we are talking of 3 versions old Fw, it will be a difficult task to investigate with huge efforts.If anyone else is seeing the crash issue with Fireworks CS4, we will need the crash log from them as well to investigate more.

  73. Elspeth Gordie says:

    Just to add that I’m using Fireworks 8 because it’s the most stable (for me). Fireworks 6/MX would just crash if I tried to do anything useful. Fireworks 8 still crashes occasionally but very occasionally – for the most part it seems stable for me. OSX 10.6.2 and Fireworks Not expecting to move to CS3/CS4 any time soon, given the problems reported by others above. Clean rewrite of the code?

  74. kristy says:

    Using FW CS4 with Snow Leopard 10.6.3. I’m getting lots of weird hang-ups while working in files. For instance, just went to add some text to a file and I get the beach ball, it hangs up and I have to Force Quit. When I go to Force Quit, it says Fireworks not responding. I haven’t lost anything, I’m saving all the time, and I can still get things done, but it does slow me down having to force quit and re-open all the time. Will send crash log next time!

  75. Sarthak Singhal says:

    @KristyI hope you have followed some of the steps mentioned in the Fireworks team blog post at

  76. kristy says:

    I was hoping that was going to fix the problem, but it didn’t I’m still get the hanging text cursor even after replacing the Global Resource file AND upgrading to 10.0.3. I guess I’ll have to do what I want in Photoshop. Disappointing.

  77. Sarthak Singhal says:

    @kristy I think, you can try by removing some fonts and then launching Fireworks to use the text tool. There is a *.dfont which was causing some issue for some users.If nothing else works then I can work closely with you…Sarthak

  78. Ingrid says:

    I am also familiar with the problem of Fireworks crashing on quitting, sometimes while not being able to save a file, which gets me really nervous.Also I cannot paste Word-text as plain text into Fireworks documents. I have to use a workaround using textedit.I’m using Mac OS X 10.6.2, Snow Leopard and Fireworks CS4

  79. Elia says:

    FireWorks Crash on quitting 8 times out of 10.Pasting text from Word results in images rather than editable text. Have to paste it into mail client first and the copy again into FW.

  80. Moshe Caine says:

    Just installed CS4 Creative suite on 42 new iMacs in our new computer class. (4 GB ram), Snow Leopard. Fireworks crashes completely on every single computer. Totally unable to open the program. This is an unbelievable lack of regard for the Mac users by Adobe (and not for the first time). What makes it even more frustrating is the fact that Fireworks is actually one of the most brilliant pieces of software developed by Adobe (actually by Macromedia). But once again, Adobe seems to regard the Mac community as a hindrance rather than as the driving force behind their software. All queries regarding the problem are answered by the same laconic suggestions. Wev’e tried all the usual Uninstall and reinstall, remove library this and that, close spaces, check pref, etc etc. Nothing works. Bottom line, this is one of the main reasons I still run Windows in Bootcamp.

  81. Thoughtful says:

    I can’t believe Adobe’s unresponsive attitude toward these posts. I too upgraded to the “Curse of Snow Leopard” and ever since Fireworks will not open at all. Plus, now certain fonts are disappearing in Photoshop and InDesign starting with Arial.Sarthak, why don’t you actually invest 5 minutes and update people on what is being done about this problem. There are MONTHS of posts on here, and not a single solution or even “I’m working on it.”

  82. Jano says:

    Today I lost four hours of my work. I was stupid enough to work in an Untitled file without saving it. When I wanted to save it, I got an error message saying: “Could not render the database. Fireworks is low on memory”. So I tried to save my work by copying content into a new blank file and saving that file as it was suggested on some forums. It did not work as I could not copy individual items. It allowed me to copy only a single element, no matter what I tried.I decided to close the file and expected a Save prompt. It surely came out. So I saved it, the canvas disappeared without any error message. And guess what, the file wasn’t on my disk. I wasn’t very smart, I admit. I just didn’t know what else I could do.Come on Adobe! How long has it been since you released FW CS4? More than a year? And no update since then? Are you kidding me? CS4 is not cheap by any means, but more and more I feel like it’s a cheap piece of crap!

  83. Ross Feldman says:

    I’m using Fireworks CS4 ( on Snow Leopoard (10.6.2). I’ve noticed two consistent behaviors:1. On quitting (cmd-Q). This is very consistent – perhaps 90-95% of the time.2. While working using the Text tool. This is less consistent – perhaps 50% of the time.In both cases, work files don’t appear to be affected.Crashes appear to become more frequent once Fireworks has crashed once. In other words, I might be able to work for several hours before the first crash, but once the first crash of occurs, they happen much more frequently.Let me know if you need other info. I’d really REALLY love to have this resolved.Thanks

  84. Dustin says:

    I recently purchased a new Mac Mini and downloaded the Adobe Fireworks trial. I’ve installed it from the image, uninstalled, reinstalled by extracting the files to the desktop (as Adobe suggests), and still it crashes a large majority of the time when the program is closed.I’ve went the the entire troubleshooting process. Not sure what else crashes but the issue of crashing upon closing is consistent. All updates were downloaded and installed.Does anyone know if these issues will be resolved in CS5? I am curious because I’m not sure whether it would be better to buy now and get the upgrade, or wait and buy the full Fireworks CS5 version.

  85. I am trying to add/edit a flash button on my website, and I get the following error message:While executing onLoad in Flash Options.htm, the following HavaScript error(s) occurred:At line 74 of file “Macintosh HD:Applications:Macromedia Dreamweaver MX:Configuration Commands:Flash Options.js”: TypeError: objtag.getTranslatedAttribute is not a functionI have never had this problem before, but I do have the new 10.6.2. Leopard, so I am wondering if that might be a problem.Thank you, in advance, for any help you can provide. I am a teacher, not a web designer. 🙂

  86. denny says:

    Same crashing problem in snow leopard. Adobe ever going to address this?? No wonder Apple is avoiding Flash and focusing on HTML5 instead. Crappy code and even crappier support. Stand behind you expensive products guys!

  87. Teddy says:

    I use Fireworks for a long time, and I love it! It’s one of the most powerful app for UI design.I’m a mac user (Snow Leopard), and I got every single errors in this topic.Every time I lose some work cause crash randomly…And also, it’s sooooooo slow…So sad that Adobe DOESN’T REALLY CARE about Mac users!So sad that Adobe DOESN’T REALLY CARE about Fireworks!you can’t imagine how many times I’ve cursed this company … it’s so annoying…

  88. Jeff Jenkins says:

    Long term fireworks user here and very, very disappointed that Fireworks crashes a lot under Snow Leopard. Mainly happens when closing the applciation, pretty poor quality support from Adobe if you ask me. This is obviously a problem for lots of people and has been for months so why isn’t it fixed yet?

  89. Simon Anthony says:

    I have the same setup and don’t wish to spend more money updating software which did work perfectly well – before I spent money and updated the OS.Why is there ‘no path for firework 8’? Is there a low priced upgrade path? Can the crashes be fixed?Why have these questions not been answered yet?Thanks.

  90. I have the same problem, as the 90 users above myself in this thread CS4 and Snow Leopard, this was reported months ago, could you post a progress update for all of us that have spent good money on Adobe software (fireworks seems to be the only application affected).Many Thanks

  91. I have Snow Leopard current and using FW CS4 will all current updates. I also get the “unexpectedly quit” and crash report windows about 99% of time when exiting the program by any means: Command + Q or File Quit…..doesn’t matter. I’m not losing any data……just time! :-(I deleted my FW preferences files and cache and now I’m not getting so many “unexpectedly quit messages” when I quit, but now I can not insert any FW PNG into my DW without crashing my DW.This is a new one today.

  92. Tabrez Ahmad says:

    Hi there,I have had FW CS4 for over a year now. 90% of the time it crashes. This is mainly when I highlight type to change the colour. When I press escape (to de-select), this instigates the spinning beachball and just crashes. I always send error reports, I HAVE updated to the latest version of FW CS4 as well. Would you like me to post my error reports here?Thanks.

  93. Chris Thurrott says:

    Add me to the list. Very disappointed, crashes every time I quit. MacBook Pro 2.66 GHz 4 GB RAM with 10.6.3

  94. Hi everyone,There have been around 100 comments on this single blog post as well. Adobe hears your problems and has planned for a NEW UPDATE for Adobe Fireworks CS4.For more details on the updater please visit the update news blog post.

  95. Erin Lounsbury says:

    Mine happens EVERY TIME I have to save a file. Pretty annoying and very time consuming. I hope you guys find some kind of fix and not just for the latest-and-greatest versions, but also for the majority of previous versions that people still continue to use.

  96. lee says:

    And add me to the list as well.Running FW CS4 Build on Leopard. Just lost about 3 hours of work doing nothing more than working with a PNG and lots of layers, bitmaps, images, text. Seems to happen when I try to save &/or flatten all or flatten selection. I get the spinning beachball and then the crash, dumps out into the Crash Reporter.Also, leaves an artifact file “000002” which is a PNG, but it’s only 4k and can’t be opened. This has happened a whole bunch of times. Yes, I try to keep saving, and often renaming the saved files, but it isn’t enough. Those 3 hrs lost…on a nice sunny day. 🙁

  97. Dan Sorensen says:

    I’m pondering buying my 3rd MacPro in 5 years. The reason I’ve bought-then-eBayed the past two… bad bad bad ports of Macromedia/Adobe products on Mac. Everything works wonderfully on Windows but using Dreamweaver/Fireworks was specifically the reason I abandoned the entire Mac platform.Very surprised no one has brought up the terribly jittery brush/eraser tracking. Anyone ever try to erase something on a raster image? It’s like the poor tool is trying to follow your mouse pointer and can’t keep up! This was a problem in Fireworks 8, CS3 AND CS4 as I went to an Apple store just to see. Works awesome in Windows!And if I recall, the color picker from the Property Bar isn’t at all the same as the Windows version. It’s been 2 years since I’ve seen it, but like the Hex textbox wasn’t even in the flyout or something. Argh! Or certain keystrokes are different between Mac/Win. I think I even remember the complete absence of a panel (modify or align or something) from the Mac version in CS3! I could be wrong.Adobe, you make some wonderful, revolutionary software but it pains me to see these things not fixed in newer versions.

  98. Christy says:

    I am a dinosaur, running Fireworks 6.0. At least I used to run it prior to installing Snow Leopard. When trying to use FW, I get no farther than one or 2 commands before hanging with the beach ball. These commands are as simple as placing an image or deleting a layer. Any fixes? I have copied the error report message information. But it is HUGE and didn’t know if I should paste it here.

  99. Gus says:

    Fireworks has been crashing on me religiously every day for the last 6 months. I have no choice but to use the mac and photoshop is out of the question. I save compulsively every other minute so that is how I get by but the day I finish this project that requires fireworks, I will be the happiest man alive. I will resort to just using pixelmator or outsource this work to someone else that either has the patience to deal with adobe product or frankly just has a PC.

  100. Tom Nunamaker says:

    Trying to run FW CS5 on the lastest Mac OS X 10.6.3 and I get “the program can not run. An internal error has occurred” error when trying to load the initial user preferences I think. It’s well before the program loads. I was hoping CS5 was ready for Snow Leopard but apparently not.

  101. Sean says:

    It’s funny how the official documentation has no info on “fireworks is low on memory” problem yet so many Mac users have the problem. Adobe, I would rather use a different app than downgrade my platform.

    What a dud.

  102. Craig says:

    How about a patch for MX 2004 to get it to run properly on Snow Leopard (10.6.6)?

    • Dave says:

      Same problem ..just upgraded my mac to snowleopard and DW will not mount on the desktop…a) can you send me a patch please for now …b) should i buy a second hand cs4dw and will it work in snowleopard ..or how much to upgrade to css5dw

  103. Patrick says:

    Fireworks crashes often when I select a Text (to copy the color value or the text. etc,..) and then switch to another program (dreamweaver or a web browser).
    Another annoying bug is, when fireworks is opened for a longer time and i try to create a new document, fireworks gives me the error message, that the memory is overallocated, although only 1 small document is opened.

  104. Carol Brown says:

    I’m having issues with css3 mobile package for Firework. Css properties panel is saying I need the latest version of Fireworks. My Fireworks is already updated. I have Fireworks cs5.1 and Mac Lion version.