Fireworks features usage poll

What appeals to you in Adobe Fireworks? Any version? Old Macromedia days or Adobe days?

It could be specific to a feature which has been introduced in CS4, CS3, or the old days. It could be a workflow which makes you come back to the application, like Batch processing, slicing technique or something else.

I am gathering this data for knowing which feature/workflow of Fireworks is being used by designers. This is to gauge and help if something has been worked upon and could increase the efficiency of designers.

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18 Responses to Fireworks features usage poll

  1. Pietervl says:

    As long as it doesn’t crash, what appeals most is the fact that a duplicated page appears below the original instead of at the bottom (small annoyance in CS3).What bothers me are the completely random crashes I experience daily and the very slow response when I switch between objects (takes a second before the properties show up and when editing a symbol it takes at lest 2 or 3 seconds before I’m able to start doing something within the symbol. Another big dissapointment is the new common library. Where are the standard windows XP textfield, buttons, dropdownboxes, etc??I’m running it on a MBpro with snowleopard by the way

  2. Lembit says:

    I love Fireworks and I’m happy with most of the features. I’m still on CS3 and it might well be that some things I miss are already solved in CS4 and I hope to switch soon (better late than never, right…).Instead of praising any existing feature, I would like to point you to the über-pre-CS3-comments-thread on John Nack’s blog, where 150+ users gave their opinions: I was more than happy to see that Adobe FW engineers incorporated some of the mentioned stuff into CS3 release.Now, there’s still plenty of inspiration for future features in the comments of the above-mentioned post. I hope Adobe keeps listening to its users and FW keeps getting better.Sorry for shifting my comment from current features to future features, but it’s fully intentional 🙂

  3. Lembit says:

    After a bit of thinking: if I had to choose THE feature of Fireworks among the newer stuff, it’s probably Pages.

  4. Lembit says:

    Regarding increasing the efficiency of designers: mastering the little helpers listed here by Trevor McCauley increases your Fireworks productivity instantly

  5. I love Pages (and Master Pages), 9-slice sizing, Export Pages to Images, the ease of working in vector but being able to see all the pixels, Library items, styles.Would love to see color management, and better type tools (more similar to InDesign).Thanks, Fireworks team!

  6. I love the new pages functionality and all it involves. Especially the separate slice info for each page.Then there is the working PDFAnd text in a shapeand… how much time do you have? LOL

  7. Lorraine Johnson says:

    I stuck with CS3 because of all the errors people were having with text in CS4. I know they were fixed in the updater, but I also use the Text Editor a LOT and that had gone. I know all those same controls are in the Property Inspector, but it just isn’t as nice, somehow.A change that would be helpful is if extensions could be installed in Vista without needing to run the Extension Manager as an admin. That’s just weird.

  8. Ola says:

    I definitely would like to have the system text rendering in CS3 option back. It renders the closest to what things like in the web for mockups.Also as an unrelated request would be to have the ability to doubleclick groups and edit in isolation mode as in Flash and illustrator.

  9. Matt Mitchell says:

    Pages, share layers to pages and vector shapes all rock and I’ couldn’t do without them.Lack of crashing in CS3 is a nice feature. Not sure why you took that out in CS4. The unresposive laggy UI is a real drag especially when you are in a hurry. I love for you to divert your attention into making it rock solid, screw any new features. Smart symbols would be fantastic if the properties panel was usable (it’s not) and nesting symbols didn’t crash it. Please fix the slow UI.

  10. I would like to see a more responsive UI (this is something I hear as an issue from almost everyone I work with) and more stable application (no more crashes). I also get a problem when saving files to a server where the temp file splits off from the main file I am saving and I am left with a strange file (i.e. 000002.png or something similar).I would also like to see a much more robust text tool. The features in the Fireworks text tool still pale in comparison than to those in Photoshop. Fireworks still lacks the ability to edit left margin, right margin, justify last left, justify last center, justify last right, the ability to hyphenate, a full set of faux text options like Photoshop other than just bold, italic, and underline (i.e. strikethrough, caps, small caps, superscript, and subscript). Now I know that you can change text to all caps, all lowercase, and uppercase first letter using that script under the commands menu, but that simple loops through all the text in a text box and changes everything. Photoshop allows you to select one of more characters in a text box and allows you to make most of these changes. I would also like to see one click superscript and subscript versus having to decrease the size of the text and then increase the baseline. The FW text tool has come a long way, but if you take all of the options from Photoshop and bring them over it would make such a powerful and robust FW text tool. Then again, I would have no idea what that would entail from a development standpoint.There are also issues with document library items. If I use blending modes on any objects inside of a document library item, the blending mode is lost when I bring it to the stage. I then have to apply a blending mode to the library item itself once I create it. What if I want to use separate blending modes on separate objects inside the document library item? Not sure why this is the way it is.Someone had mentioned earlier about spending the time to get the bugs out of the software and making a really solid version. I really agree with this philosophy as there is great potential with Fireworks. I was able to help persuade the creative department in my company to begin using this application as a primary interactive design tool (40+ designers) so I have a lot riding on the future of this application. Plus, if my company went back to Photoshop I would lose my mind. I can’t believe I used that application for interactive design for over 12 years after I found out that a tool like Fireworks is available.Can’t wait to see what’s in the future for Fireworks. Cheers!

  11. Jon Hicks says:

    Hi Sarthak,As requested, here is a link to my crash data: me if you’d like any more!

  12. A. Wayne Webb says:

    Give me back the simplicity of creating an image in Photoshop, creating my rollover and down buttons, slicing and dicing and then creating my HTML. This was child’s play using PS and Image Ready.The layer adjustments, filters, and patterns in Photoshop are what I want to use. Not the horrid subsets of them in Fireworks. And Fireworks does not allow one to use self-generated patterns. If I have my own patterns in PS I shoudl have them in FW.If I wanted to Prototype something I will gladly use Photoshop. Not the half-hearted approach using FW.Fireworks is trying to be a on stop shop but in the process is failing miserably at everything. Keep it Simple Stupid!

  13. me. says:

    Have you seen this? guess you don’t need more. ;-)me.

  14. Geoff says:

    My deep love of Fireworks is rooted solely in its unique vector/bitmap composite approach. There is NOTHING else on the market that better suits my particular style of design work, though DrawIt is fast approaching parity in this area.It is this very essence of the program that appeals to me.Unfortunately, I now live in fear that Adobe will discontinue FW at any moment after the abomination that is CS4. It crashes hard by simply quitting the application on a fresh, updated Snow Leopard platform.

  15. To put it simply, why are the UI’s and key commands not more similar across all Adobe apps?I understand the need for separate apps, and that they were all purchased from different companies (except for Acrobat and Postscript and Illustrator), but Adobe has had enough time to make all these apps consistent.When can this happen? Oh, and FW crashes and doesn’t handle text well. C’mon! Adobe practically invented text so this is ironic at best.I am glad, though, that you’re open to comments. It definitely makes Adobe look better.

  16. kemie says:

    Things I could not live without:-All things vector :)-Pages-Symbols-9 slice scalingI’d like to see better tools for wireframing and prototyping. Build an asset library of editable and configurable smart symbols of the most common UI interface elements, not just forms, but tables, menus, tabs, and even conventions like tag clouds.

  17. Zoltan Ray says:

    The ability to recognise fonts as they are activated or installed without restarting the program would be great, especially as it existed until CS4.One positive addition would be making all numerical values (for fontsize, leading, width, height etc.) ‘nudgeable’ like Firebug so you can select the value and adjust it with the arrow keys.Also, preserving transparency in the clipboard would be convenient, so if I copy an image in my browser I can paste or drag it directly into FW without the alpha being premultiplied.How about giving more options for colour palettes? Even if it’s making the spectrum area expandable, or adding sliders for HSL and RGB.

  18. Dave says:

    I would like to see the Text Editor brought back. It’s great when you want to paste new text as plain text because it doesn’t change the font in the design.Plus, now in CS4 when I copy text from a Word doc and try and past it into FW it will paste it as an image. Are you kidding me?! I have to open up a plain text program and paste the text in there first. Again, the text editor would fix this problem as well.