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Fireworks and Snow Leopard compatibility

There has been a official statement release from the product manager of Fireworks, Bruce Bowman. The statement has been made live at Fireworks team blog at

He talks about the various issue Fireworks designers are facing while using the app on Snow Leopard. The much talked about crash on exit, hang and error on launch all get a mention in the official statement.

The complete post can be read at

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Fireworks png files at Yahoo Developer Network

Yahoo Developer Network has hosted some nice assets for wireframing and other designs. These assets are Adobe Fireworks png files which are in the symbols format allowing them to be reused across multiple pages in a document.

You can copy them in the Common Library location and refresh the panel. They will be available for your design layouts or wireframes.

A screenshot of the assets is shown below:

The complete article and the files are placed at

Quite an impressive set!

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Fireworks CS4 + Text Tool on Snow Leopard = Hang?

Are you facing hangs, beach balls, wheel of death while working with Text tool on Fireworks CS4?

We have investigated the issue and the resolution is below: Steps to follow:

  • Quit all the applications that are running.
  • Navigate to “/Applications/Adobe Fireworks CS4/Required/” folder.
  • Rename the file, “GlobalResources” to something like “GlobalResources_original”.
  • Now copy the file from this link at the same location. (essentially we are replacing the old globalresources file with the one I have attached with this mail above)
  • Launch Fireworks CS4 and select the text tool to type something on canvas.

The file has been placed at location

CAUTION: This solution needs to be used ONLY when the text tool is not working. The other issues of crash on exit/save will not be solved by this file replacement technique.

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