Fireworks CS4 + Text Tool on Snow Leopard = Hang?

Are you facing hangs, beach balls, wheel of death while working with Text tool on Fireworks CS4?

We have investigated the issue and the resolution is below: Steps to follow:

  • Quit all the applications that are running.
  • Navigate to “/Applications/Adobe Fireworks CS4/Required/” folder.
  • Rename the file, “GlobalResources” to something like “GlobalResources_original”.
  • Now copy the file from this link at the same location. (essentially we are replacing the old globalresources file with the one I have attached with this mail above)
  • Launch Fireworks CS4 and select the text tool to type something on canvas.

The file has been placed at location

CAUTION: This solution needs to be used ONLY when the text tool is not working. The other issues of crash on exit/save will not be solved by this file replacement technique.

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6 Responses to Fireworks CS4 + Text Tool on Snow Leopard = Hang?

  1. Tony says:

    Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to release an update to fix this? I’m sure there will be frustrated users who will never find this blog post.Good to know that the kinks are being ironed out though.

  2. artnok says:

    Hello ! Thx for your help but… Why is it that the files no longer exists !

  3. vajra says:

    Fireworks CS4 and 10.6Hang when selecting the Text toolthe fix (new GlobalResources made sure its unix and removed preffs) worked once then after a shut down beach ball again fixed worked again but not after the 3rd shut down! Now what!

  4. Karl says:

    My problem is with crashes at save…. so this won’t help. What will?

  5. Does Adobe even care about fixing Fireworks?Now is the time to start looking at other options away from Adobe as if they cannot even be bothered about these problems it is more and more evident that all they want is more money so release new versions expecting us to hand over more money and have the same issues.Not this time, even if it means switching to the dreaded Microsoft I will consider it unless Adobe can prove they care about their customers and produce a fix for CS4 that makes all the bad shit go away.CS5 does not stand a chance from where I am standing.

  6. This fix only seems to work once, now FW hangs again. Its a real pain as I like FW for Web work and after 8 years using it.. I’m pretty fed-up. My stack is Mac OS X 10.6.7 8GB RAM Intel. I really dont want to upgrade to FW Cs5 just to get text working.

    Can we actually get this fixed????