Snow Leopard update 10.6.2 recommended for Fireworks CS4

Apple has released an update for Snow Leopard. The update version is 10.6.2 and is a recommended update for all users of Adobe Fireworks CS4.

The random crashes seen while working in the application is expected to get fixed with this update release of Snow Leopard.

Once the update has been successfully installed, and there are some issues faced while working in the application, this forum is open for all of you to send in their feedback for the team to better investigate the root causes.

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15 Responses to Snow Leopard update 10.6.2 recommended for Fireworks CS4

  1. Mike S says:

    Does this fix the crashes that you get in normal Leopard? I am running 10.5.8, and I’ve had to revert to CS3 permanently.

  2. is it worth upgrading to snow leopard yet.

  3. Brad Kamradt says:

    I’m running 10.6.2 and have two problems that seem pretty well documented: 1) Crash upon quit/close, and 2) I can’t save or export ANYTHING. (When I try, I receive a Fireworks generated message that says “Cannot complete the request. An internal error occurred.” ?!??!?!?!

  4. Dave Fisher says:

    Im also running 10.6.2 its still crashing on exit or randomly when starting. I have also tried deleting Profile/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Fireworks CS4 and restarting the app. This is a Mac Pro machine that had CS4 on Leopard before upgrading to Snow Leopard.

  5. blorph says:

    i’m also running 10.6.2 and also have crash upon quit/close and now i cannot even open with program without the ‘cannot complete the request. an internal error occurred.really, really sick of this clearly alpha software.

  6. Joe Armitage says:

    I am running tiger and have got the 30 day trial for CS4 – at this point I will not be buyng this as I cannot open fireworks at all! it crashes consistently on startup. I have heard this could be to do with fonts?? but I cannot find a list of the fonts it doesnt like? Any help would be great as i am sure this is a known fault.

  7. artnok says:

    Doesn’t fix anything. Worse for me. I have now issues with the gradient tool that crashes FW. It didn’t exist before… I’m really angry. Each day I’m waiting for a stable solution…Damned…

  8. kent says:

    Now you know why Fireworks CS4 is soooo bad… Has anything been tested on this Sh*&@ before it shipped?For God’s sake adobe this piece of Software costs more than $100 . Is there anything we get worth our money? Its nothing but a piece of junk… I have dropped my plans to buy CS5

  9. Tabrez Ahmad says:

    I agree with Kent and Artnok.It is ridiculous how unstable Fireworks CS4 no matter what versions of updates I have. I’m sick of sending 5 crash reports to Adobe/Apple every day because i have either:a. Quit fireworksb. Changed the colour of text and pressed escape to de-selectc. change the colour of shapesThis is a great program, but would be really great if I didn’t have to press “cmd+s” every 10 seconds due to the risk of losing work.

  10. Like many people I have been getting the unexpectedly quit error when closing Fireworks.I can understand why Adobe think this is a bug not worth fixing as it after all during a quit, unexpectedly quiting message is of no importance I just report and continue what I was doing.But I do get an error which is very annoying and cannot find anything relating to it anywhere on Adobe. So is it just me?Using CS4 and Snow Leopard.Most times that I switch between Fireworks and Dreamweaver and try to open or upload a file in Dreamweaver I get the beach ball and Dreamweaver hangs. I have to force quit and restart again.I have found that anything I do after restarting that Dreamweaver crashes again, so now I restart Dreamweaver, open the website I am working on and quit manually, once it has closed I reopen Dreamweaver and all seems to work fine until the next time I switch between the two applications.I have narrowed this down to after an export and save, and most times I have exported, saved and closed the file I was working on in Fireworks, switched using Alt-Tab to Dreamweaver and tried uploading the recently exported images. Refreshing the file list or just scrolling through crashes.I have switched off the cache, but this has no affect.Could this be due to working on an external firewire drive, I don’t know, that is why we have the Adobe support teams who are there to solve these problems.Looking forward to your support and answers.If this is not resolved in CS4 then I will not be purchasing CS5 or any other Adobe products in the future. Why are we having these problems considering how much we paid for the software?

  11. Dustin says:

    Why aren’t the issues that Adobe is aware of posted in the FAQ section where support for Snow Leopard is claimed?

  12. Liam says:

    Im running Snow Leopard 10.6.2 and my copy of Fireworks CS4 still crashes any time I try to select a colour from the colour palette + every time I quit…

  13. Anjali says:

    I have downloaded the free trial of Fireworks CS4 for use on my iMac running Mac OSX 10.6. I am interested in exploring FW CS4 for prototyping, & exporting the native png file as a FXG file. However, my trial copy of FW CS4 refuses to export as FXG, & gives the following error:When I click on Commands >> Export as FXG, I get a new opo-up asking me to choose the folder for where to export; I do that, & another pop-up appears titled ‘[Javascript]’, the pop-up box has a label: Enter file name, & is pre-populated with Fwrks.fxg. I click OK. Now I get 2 pop-ups(whew!): one has the title ‘Script:Export to fxg.jsf’, & contains the text: ‘A command script is running’. The other pop-up box says:’TypeError: txtchars.replace is not a function’.Can you tell me how I can get past this annoying issue?Thanks.-Anjali

  14. richsadams says:

    Like others here, every time I quit Fireworks I receive a “Fireworks has quit unexpectedly” error message. I have to force quit the program. This is very annoying and time consuming.

  15. Lane says:

    JUNK! My good Adobe… flash is junk, now CS4 is junk… I gotta find something else. These apps of your belong on Windows.