Are you a mobile website developer?

There are more mobile devices than the combination of computers and automobiles in combination. The phones are getting smarter and their capabilities are increasing.

This has led to businesses making their web sites optimized for mobile screen sizes. We would like to know are you a mobile web site developer? If yes

  1. What is the workflow you are following?
  2. What are the bottlenecks you face while developing, deploying, previewing or testing the web site in devices?
  3. What are the pain points in your workflow which can be addressed?
  4. What are your expectation from a solution?

Adobe is looking for feedback in this area exploring the possibilities. The goal may be to make you more efficient and productive.

Please write to us with as much feedback as possible. We might contact the commenting folks further to understand deep into their working style and collaborate with them.

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One Response to Are you a mobile website developer?

  1. Skeku says:

    I’m not a regular mobile designer but I’m only wishing Device central integration with Fireworks to get a better real visualization of what I’m doing for mobile projects and predict bad design ideas. You know, I’m talking about type rendering, pixel density, memory load… there are tons of mobiles with different capabilites. I think Device central is a great time saving and opportunity to do exhaustive tests.For example, a simple game we did months ago ( I had to do changes on fonts, reduce graphic load… precious time :S