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US based designer?

Are you a US based designer?

There is a contest run by Government whose details can be found at Sunlight Labs. Be sure to read out the rules as it is restricted to US citizens only.

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New blog dedicated for Design and Web future

Would you like to hear about the innovations or thought process happening at Adobe?

Are you a designer or developer who would like to get more from Adobe? We are also looking for feedback from you on these areas.

To address these issues, a new blog has been launched named "Design and Web" by 2 Sr Directors at Adobe. Subscribe to the posts and comments and let us know your feedback on the various questions posted there.

It is more of a conversation ground where we would like to hear more on the issues you face and how can Adobe help you in getting efficient and take up more or new projects.

Do check the latest posts about mobile/multi screen developments and HTML5 + CSS support thinking happening inside! There are videos which will help you instantly get an understanding and then help us with some feedback.

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Fireworks CS4 new update – work in progress

Adobe Fireworks CS4 always crashing on quit?

We have acknowledged this issue in the past after release of Snow Leopard. There is work in progress for a new update for Fireworks CS4. There has been one patch released some time back which would have fixed many text alignment issues for you. Once this patch has been applied, the Fireworks CS4 version would read

If you have not applied this patch, please download it via Adobe Fireworks support site. The product manager for Adobe Fireworks has released an official entry at the team blog announcing the work for a new update.

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