Fireworks CS4 new update – work in progress

Adobe Fireworks CS4 always crashing on quit?

We have acknowledged this issue in the past after release of Snow Leopard. There is work in progress for a new update for Fireworks CS4. There has been one patch released some time back which would have fixed many text alignment issues for you. Once this patch has been applied, the Fireworks CS4 version would read

If you have not applied this patch, please download it via Adobe Fireworks support site. The product manager for Adobe Fireworks has released an official entry at the team blog announcing the work for a new update.

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7 Responses to Fireworks CS4 new update – work in progress

  1. About time. Ridiculous how long it’s taking to resolve this issue.

  2. Mark Bingley says:

    I bet we dont see this mystical patch for months yet.Adobe dont care about Mac users. Even though we are the core designers in the world.oh well… the mean time….crash…crash…crash…crash…crash…crash…crash…crash…crash…crash…crash…crash…crash…crash…crash…crash…crash…crash…crash…crash…crash…oh… and … crash…

  3. Mike says:

    Fireworks CS4 does not work on complicated multi-page files. We’ve had to go back to CS3 about a year ago.Finally, a release is being announced. Will it fix the multi-page bug?I certainly hope so.

  4. Thomas Link says:

    Certainly NOT a solution for me – Fireworks still hangs on _every_ “Quit”

  5. drn says:

    Fireworks CS3 crashes on every launch. Acrobat 8.2.1 crashes within seconds after opening.

  6. Having posted on the previous blog entry: still continue to be unable to open Fireworks CS4 in Snow Leopard. Whether I install from a fresh OS or upgrade makes no difference, the program never even opens. It throws up the splash screen and then tells me that it’s closed due to an internal error.I’ve installed every update and I’ve diligently reported it through the crash-reporting tool each time it fails.Snow Leopard has been out for over six months now and this program, which its developers have claimed to be fully supported, widely doesn’t work for many people. This is far from an uncommon issue, support forums are full of such complaints.I find it appalling that for such an expensive piece of software this is still not working months after a major OS launch, with no real explanation by the developers as to what’s going on or when it will be fixed.

  7. JudyWoo says:

    I have Flash MX 2004 which bounces, does not open, displays an “internal error” message. My machine is Mac OS 10.6. Will there be a patch for any older versions of Adobe products?