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Fireworks CS4 Patch is live now

Adobe Fireworks team is pleased to announce the release of Patch 2 which is a Macintosh only patch. The patch can be downloaded from or will be detected automatically via the Adobe Update Manager.

The automatic patch can be triggered via the menu item of Help->Updates. This will install the patch for users in a automatic mode instead of downloading the patch via the above mentioned url and then a manual click to install it.

The patch is expected to fix the “crash on exit” on exit for Snow Leopard. Apart from this bug there are many other stability related fixes which should make Fireworks CS4 a much stable app now.

The random crashes and vanishing of applications while designing should not be encountered anymore.

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Default Fonts and CS5 release

Every release of Creative Suite installs a fresh version or a new set of fonts on your system. If you have been looking for answers to some of the following questions, read the post by in Adobe Type group.

  • To see what fonts are installed by the basic font set, click
  • To see what additional fonts will be installed by the
    supplemental set, click
  • To see a breakdown of what font set(s) each product will
    install, click
  • To see a breakdown of what font set(s) each product will
    include on the product DVD, click

There is some very valuable information about font installation and how the different Creative Suites flavors handle them.

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Get notified of CS5 trials

We can notify you via email when the Trials for CS5 are ready if you’d like.

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Fireworks CS4 Patch 2 – Mac help required

Hi Fireworks CS4 users,

We heard the voice of Fireworks users on CS4 version. The stability concerns and random crashes make it difficult for the end user.

As announced earlier we are planning for an update to Fireworks CS4 as a Patch 2.
This Updater will fix the Snow Leopard crash on quit bug, as well as other high priority crash and data loss bugs that we’re aware of.
This is quoted from a post at Adobe Fireworks team blog post

We have a build with us for the patch and need help from end user of Fireworks to install it and give us feedback. We are looking for people to test it out on a Macintosh platform. [EDIT] The patch will address critical bugs only on Mac platform. [/EDIT]

If you are eager to test this out for us, please leave a comment here and I can then extract your mail id. Or you can also mail me directly at sarthak at adobe dot com.

This program will be accelerated and last for a few days only (maybe). I along with other few engineers will work very closely with you to see the stability bugs have been addressed.

Note: If you haven’t already, please update to the latest version of Fireworks CS4 by using our 10.0.3 Updater. It is available via the Adobe Update Manager and on the Adobe Support site.

Please contact me early so that we can verify the bug fixes and release the patch to the public audience soon.


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Fireworks CS5 features

Adobe Fireworks was launches just couple of days back. We have heard of people wanting to have a look at what is new in the product, the features, enhancements and improvements over the much talked about CS4 release.

Bruce Bowman (Fireworks Product Manager) has posted an article at Adobe Dev Center which lists all the features and enhancements engineered by the team. The complete article can be read here

In short there are more than 900+ bugs fixed, 100 workflow improvements and features to make this release of Fireworks CS5 a compelling one.

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Adobe Fireworks CS5 launched

All Fireworks users out there! An announcement to be made about the upcoming release of Adobe Fireworks CS5.

This release of Fireworks is an acknowledgement from Adobe to all the users after hearing their problems from CS4 and earlier versions. The request made over the years in our database have been looked at and the usability issues restricting users to be more effective and efficient.

Look at the official product page at for more details about the release and high level engineering efforts.

I personally am very excited to work on this release of Fireworks once again. Would love to hear your feedback on this release.

If you’re interested in pre-ordering CS5, check these links:
Fireworks CS5:
Web Premium CS5:
Master Collection CS5:

For more details and future announcements keep a watch for the official team blog at

Don’t forget, there is a patch also coming for Fireworks CS4 related top issues. Feel free to post comments here related to Fireworks CS5 only.

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CS3 apps crashing on launch?

Is your Adobe CS3 app crashing on launch under 10.6.3?

Adobe released a Tech Note for it at

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