Adobe Fireworks CS5 launched

All Fireworks users out there! An announcement to be made about the upcoming release of Adobe Fireworks CS5.

This release of Fireworks is an acknowledgement from Adobe to all the users after hearing their problems from CS4 and earlier versions. The request made over the years in our database have been looked at and the usability issues restricting users to be more effective and efficient.

Look at the official product page at for more details about the release and high level engineering efforts.

I personally am very excited to work on this release of Fireworks once again. Would love to hear your feedback on this release.

If you’re interested in pre-ordering CS5, check these links:
Fireworks CS5:
Web Premium CS5:
Master Collection CS5:

For more details and future announcements keep a watch for the official team blog at

Don’t forget, there is a patch also coming for Fireworks CS4 related top issues. Feel free to post comments here related to Fireworks CS5 only.

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7 Responses to Adobe Fireworks CS5 launched

  1. Alecs says:

    After the CS4 version of Fireworks, I have to confess I would no way in hell even consider of buying this version, without proper testing it first.We are awaiting for a trial version to see if the big words, and the big buzz is backed up by a stable product, on all fronts.In other words, I don’t believe shit until i see it (click it) with my own eyes (hands)

  2. Hugh G. says:

    How soon can we expect a trial release, Sarthak?

  3. Brian M. says:

    I posted these over on the official announcement page but haven’t received an answer yet, so reposting here. Thanks for any info you can provide!A couple questions:- Can the mouse scroll wheel be used in layers palette?- Can the canvas be moved in fullscreen mode with the hand tool beyond the borders of the image? In other words, does Fireworks CS5 work like Photoshop in that regard? Photoshop allows the image to be positioned off center so that, for example, you can zoom in and work on the right side of an image while still having tool palettes open on the right. Currently Fireworks doesn’t allow panning beyond the edges of the image.

  4. Bryan says:

    Sarthak, thank you for all your efforts. As a long-time Fireworks user I am glad to see that it’s still under active development.Does CS5 or the upcoming CS4 patch add color profile support?

  5. Adam Friedman says:

    All this torture under CS4, which is riddled with bugs, and you guys work on CS5 instead of fixing the faulty product you’ve already released?!You force users to pay top $ to upgrade in order to fix the half-baked piece of software you published instead of acting ethically and releasing more than one or two patches in the span of two years?!This blows my mind.

  6. Free Lunch says:

    I hope they fixed all of the crashes with editing symbols. I lost countless hours of work with CS4.

  7. Roy VIncent says:

    when will be the filters and brushes from photoshop added to fireworks?