Adobe Fireworks CS5 launched

All Fireworks users out there! An announcement to be made about the upcoming release of Adobe Fireworks CS5.

This release of Fireworks is an acknowledgement from Adobe to all the users after hearing their problems from CS4 and earlier versions. The request made over the years in our database have been looked at and the usability issues restricting users to be more effective and efficient.

Look at the official product page at for more details about the release and high level engineering efforts.

I personally am very excited to work on this release of Fireworks once again. Would love to hear your feedback on this release.

If you’re interested in pre-ordering CS5, check these links:
Fireworks CS5:
Web Premium CS5:
Master Collection CS5:

For more details and future announcements keep a watch for the official team blog at

Don’t forget, there is a patch also coming for Fireworks CS4 related top issues. Feel free to post comments here related to Fireworks CS5 only.

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