Fireworks CS4 Patch 2 – Mac help required

Hi Fireworks CS4 users,

We heard the voice of Fireworks users on CS4 version. The stability concerns and random crashes make it difficult for the end user.

As announced earlier we are planning for an update to Fireworks CS4 as a Patch 2.
This Updater will fix the Snow Leopard crash on quit bug, as well as other high priority crash and data loss bugs that we’re aware of.
This is quoted from a post at Adobe Fireworks team blog post

We have a build with us for the patch and need help from end user of Fireworks to install it and give us feedback. We are looking for people to test it out on a Macintosh platform. [EDIT] The patch will address critical bugs only on Mac platform. [/EDIT]

If you are eager to test this out for us, please leave a comment here and I can then extract your mail id. Or you can also mail me directly at sarthak at adobe dot com.

This program will be accelerated and last for a few days only (maybe). I along with other few engineers will work very closely with you to see the stability bugs have been addressed.

Note: If you haven’t already, please update to the latest version of Fireworks CS4 by using our 10.0.3 Updater. It is available via the Adobe Update Manager and on the Adobe Support site.

Please contact me early so that we can verify the bug fixes and release the patch to the public audience soon.


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23 Responses to Fireworks CS4 Patch 2 – Mac help required

  1. Bob Spryn says:

    With all due respect the only fair thing to do here would be to give us the CS5 version. I know you don’t work for free, but we also don’t pay for alpha quality products, which is what we got with CS4’s Fireworks.You talk about this release being an answer to all the complaints you heard about CS4. But basically you are saying “No worries everyone we fixed the issues. Stand in this line and we’ll give you your new copy, as soon as you pay for it again.”Far as I’m concerned we already paid for the CS5 version, and have been alpha testing the CS4 version for you all this time.

  2. sebastien says:

    I m very interested to test it. Is it possible to do that ?I use FW since 10 years now and it is one of my favourite app.

  3. I’m interrested in this patch.I’m using Fireworks on Leopard and Snow Leopard. Does this fix crashes on both?

  4. Kaelig says:

    I’m interested.

  5. Rude says:

    Hi, I could help you test it on a Macbook Pro (MacBookPro5,1/Mac OS X 10.6.3).Cheers.

  6. Erki Esken says:

    Crash on FW exit is a daily issue for me. Would love to try this patch out and give you feedback.

  7. Sad user says:

    Exactly my thoughts. Have been using CS4 for a year and always loved the program for years but the random crashes have cost us more money than the license. By fixing 900+ bugs for CS5, Adobe is sort of admitting that FW CS4 was never supposed to be released. Now we have to pay to upgrade? Adobe should be more generous to paying users and compensate for the misery they’ve put us through with CS4. this is screaming for more piracy…

  8. Frédéric SANUY says:

    Realy waiting for the patch on Mac…:)Fred

  9. Arpan Chinta says:

    Look, we all know you aren’t going to offer Fireworks CS5 for free. But atleast give us an option to purchase an upgrade to Fireworks CS5 without having to purchase the entire suite.I’m quite satisfied with Illustrator, Photoshop & Indesign CS4. I don’t need an upgrade to them. But if I want Fireworks CS5, I have to upgrade the entire suite. Most of us received Fireworks CS4 as part of the suite, but Fireworks is the only part of the suite that is unusable.Give us Fireworks CS4 users an option to upgrade to Fireworks CS5 without having to purchase the entire suite, preferably at a price that isn’t very high, and most of us will be satisfied.

  10. Yann Fahrni says:

    I’m interested for that. Thanks a lot!

  11. jude kaider says:

    I’ll test out the patch. Send me the info.

  12. Jamie Wilson says:

    I would love to help out. So excited right now!!

  13. I’ll be happy to test out the update, I’m on Mac OS Snow Leopard.FW CS4 seems to crash when I quit and several jpg’s that I can open in Photoshop seem to make it crash too.

  14. Although I love Fireworks and am a Fireworks evangelist, I think that Bob Spryn (the first comment above) hit the nail right on the head. You have touted +900 bug fixes in CS5, which is fantastic, but that is simply admitting that you #1 released a buggy product with CS4 and #2 had people pay for it. At this point I know that you’re working on fixing things with the release of a CS4 bug fix as well as the release of CS5, and that is great.Fireworks has a tremendous amount of potential and I feel that it’s come a long way, but there is still much to be done to take a good digital design product and making it GREAT. I do not want to downplay what the Adobe developers have done to-date as I can’t imagine having to go back to Photoshop to do my digital design work.I hope that Adobe (the company) is taking Firework’s potential in regard when making future budgeting decisions. Sarthak and Bruce B., I have no idea what your budgets are compared to other Adobe products and what your team resources are as compared to other products, but I hope that Adobe starts to give you more resources (if they have no done so already). I am excited to see where Fireworks goes in the future and although I was not terribly excited by the CS5 release, I understand that you had to get Fireworks to a working/non-buggy level before you started adding any additional major features.I would love to participate in CS4 and CS5 testing in any way possible as I am truly vested in the future of Fireworks and it’s success.

  15. Emmanuel Martinat says:

    Thanks God ! We’ve been heard.I’am up for testing.Thanks

  16. David McGuigan says:

    Just bought an i7 MacBook Pro and did a clean full install of my CS4 Web Standard license from the Adobe provided DVD and neither Dreamweaver nor Fireworks will successfully launch. Flash launches but won’t let me edit any file I create ( grays out the layers and other panels, very strange ).Is this a known issue? If I can’t get this figured out tomorrow I’m going to have to find some other software to use until I can get this stuff figured out.I can try installing the patch you guys are testing if you think that’d help. Thanks.

  17. Please add me to your testing list. Please. I’m desperate. I’ve been using Fireworks for 10 years, but the CS4 version has driven me to insanity.Fireworks 10.0.3 just crashed for the third time, and I lost a great deal of work each time. I’m at my breaking point. On the first crash, I was trying to select a block of text. On the second crash, I was modifying a gradient fill of a box. On the third, I was trying to modify a symbol.4/27/10 10:12:33 AM Adobe Fireworks CS4[7110] Adobe Fireworks CS4(7110,0xa06644e0) malloc: *** error for object 0x139a880: pointer being freed was not allocated*** set a breakpoint in malloc_error_break to debug

  18. Arpan Chinta says:

    @David,try to run the updater. If the updater does not work (it didn’t for me), download the updates manually from the Adobe’s site, and install them. Hopefully that should atleast let you run the software. It will still crash, but atleast it will open and run for a while!

  19. Arpan Chinta says:

    @Sarthak,you know, you are just fantastic. You completely ignore what we have said, not a single response to complaints from us, your customers. So many users have asked you questions, but you haven’t given a single response.Why do you even have comments on your site if you aren’t interested in what we think??!!! Or rather, only interested in the responses that agree with you. Any disagreements or complaints and you just ignore them. I haven’t seen you or anyone at Adobe respond to a single criticism except to keep repeating that an update that fixes the crashes will be released. What about all the other bugs that you aren’t fixing!!!!!

  20. beb says:

    I have the same problem. Not with FireWorks, I don’t often use this application.But I’m using DreamWeaver, PhotoShop, and Illustrator every single day.And I have thousands of messages per day, just like this:05/05/10 15:14:07 [0x0-0x48048].com.adobe.dreamweaver-10.0[13235]Dreamweaver(13235,0xa081f4e0) malloc:*** error for object 0x28b2bb4: pointer being freed was not allocatedIt’s REALLY annoying.

  21. private says:

    I made a decision tonight.I’m a freelancer, I have to run my own business, and to pay my softwares.I’ve paid for the CS2, it was crap on an Intel Mac.I’ve paid for the CS3 master edition, perfect.I’ve paid the CS4 master edition (CS3 was perfect, but more and more clients sent me CS4 documents…)But with CS4 I had huge problems, crashes, bugs, and so on. I really had the feeling I’ve thrown thousands of euros for nothing.It is certain that Adobe won’t patch CS4 anymore as CS5 is released.So we have all to pay the suite.I won’t.Tonight I’ve decided to download an illegal version of CS5 to get rid of my fully paid CS4.

  22. Alan Legg says:

    I’ve just patched CS4 Fireworks to and now if I import an Illustrator file, edit it, save and close it and reopen it all the text has gone?I never had this issue before the patch?