Fireworks CS5 features

Adobe Fireworks was launches just couple of days back. We have heard of people wanting to have a look at what is new in the product, the features, enhancements and improvements over the much talked about CS4 release.

Bruce Bowman (Fireworks Product Manager) has posted an article at Adobe Dev Center which lists all the features and enhancements engineered by the team. The complete article can be read here

In short there are more than 900+ bugs fixed, 100 workflow improvements and features to make this release of Fireworks CS5 a compelling one.

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21 Responses to Fireworks CS5 features

  1. Alan S. says:

    I teach courses in the web development/design curriculum at a public community college. In the past, we’ve primarily used Photoshop with ImageReady to teach web graphics and prototyping. Since Adobe removed most of the web-related features from Photoshop, we made the move to Fireworks (against the advice of our advisory committee, which informed us that local businesses and organizations were still relying heavily on Photoshop for prototyping). Well, our advisory committee was right (or wise) and we were wrong. The move to Fireworks CS4 last year has been a complete disaster, both in terms of student satisfaction with the program and the time invested coming up with workarounds to the plethora of bugs that plague this sorry excuse for a graphics and prototyping tool.We have experienced so many bugs in this application that I’m not sure if they are actually bugs or just inconsistencies attributable to poor design that the developers consider normal for this program. Aside from the bugs, a major complaint from our users is that the interface is “all over the place” and unintuitive. The animation interface, for example, is clearly one of the worst ever devised in a program – just extraordinarily clunky. And why, for example, is a command like “Convert Marquee to Path” under the Select menu, but “Convert Path to Marquee” under the Modify menu? Shouldn’t these commands be next to each other? Things just seem to pop up, fly out, or jump around all over the place. Why, when one attaches text to a path containing a fill, does the fill disappear? When detaching the text from the same path, the path object jumps to a different position in the stacking order.One hour, everyone is drawing paths with the Pen tool with no problem, while in the next hour the paths begin disappearing on the screen as they are being drawn.When creating states for rollovers, sometimes State 1 displays in the browser as State 2 (over state) and sometimes both states display as the over state. On some computers in our lab, the command to ungroup objects is Ctrl+Shift+G and on some computers the same command is Ctrl+U, despite the fact that all of the versions are, installed from the same master DVD.When creating a couple rollovers from slices in an extensively-sliced document, two sets of images are created for every single slice on the page, which is incredibly inefficient. The user must then delete the redundant images manually or delete all the images, re-export the document as “Images Only,” and then export the second states of each rollover slice individually. These kinds of workarounds are just inexcusable and make working with Fireworks unproductive, tedious, and painful.We will not be moving on to Fireworks CS5; rather, until something better comes along, we will be returning to Photoshop, despite the fact that almost all of the web features have been removed. If Adobe was smart they would abandon Fireworks and return web-related features to Photoshop. Even switching back-and-forth between Photoshop and ImageReady, which was far from ideal, was infinitely better than what Fireworks has to offer.

  2. realjons says:

    I’ve been using Fireworks for 8 or 9 yrs. The Fireworks CS4 is the WORST Designing TOOL , I have ever seen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Fireworks CS4 just told me OUT OF MEMORY, then i couldn’t fount my saved file!!!!! I WAS USING SPOTLIGHT SEARCHED OVER AND OVER, oh, I JUST LOST MY ALL DAY WORK!!!!! THIS HAPPENS A LOT! I have to stay this fuckin office do it all over again !!!!! FUCK ALL UR RETARDED TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GOOD JOB for fixing 900+ bugs, Maybe just 20% bugs got fixed ?!WE DONOT WANNA NEW FEATURES , I JUST WANNA IT WORKS AS MY MAIL.APP. CAN YOU DO THAT ?

  3. Dodger says:

    Not to nitpick, but is it necessary to release a completely new version of the software to fix some 900 bugs? If there are 900 bugs in the previous release, should the people who paid for the previous release not have access to those bugfixes instead of having to pay for a completely new piece of software?

  4. Arpan Chinta says:

    Sarthak, You should really answer their question. Sounds valid. If the previous version was so buggy, why should be have to pay to have the bugs fixed.I really don’t know if I am going to move to CS5 or just jump to some other software. Fireworks may be more powerful, but I have wasted so many hours because of instability and bugs, that I probably would have saved a lot of time working on some software has a lot less features but was stable.You guys are very proud of the fact that you’ve fixed so many bugs in CS5. But you aren’t mentioning anything about all of your customers who actually paid for an unusable and buggy CS4. I purchased CS4 Web premium mainly because CS4 was supposed to be so much better. It wasn’t!

  5. Aaron says:

    The new gradient dithering is complete awesomeness; I love that it works on live vector gradient fills not just the gradient bucket!I hope to see many more releases of Fireworks, it’s still easily the best screen/web design tool IMO.

  6. Bob Spryn says:

    I completely agree with the previous posters.Fireworks used to be somewhat decent. CS4 was one of the worst ‘released’ pieces of software I’ve ever used. It wasn’t even worthy of beta state, it was in alpha condition.Fireworks CS5 should absolutely be a free update to CS4 users of that program, provided the quality level has gone up.Feel free to email me my CS5 serial!

  7. matt terry says:

    Totally agree with horribly buggy fireworks cs4, have you ever tried selecting multiple layers and moving them around in the stack, whoa, complete madness as random layers are selected and deselected…Anyway, all 900+ bugs surely should be a free upgrade to the cs4 version – i don’t want cs5 and have regretted buying cs4 ever since i got it. But if you’ve fixed bugs in cs4 then release them you fuckers.It’s not even beta software, it’s dreadful – what the hell happened to adobe?

  8. Patrick says:

    Sorry everyone, but Ive been using CS5 for 2 days now, on 3 separate computers(all windows 7 ultimate) and the “Not Enough Memory” error that freezes fireworks, wont allow you to save, and typified what was so so wrong about CS4, remains. This is with Outlook as the only other open program, working on one small file. My question to Adobe: If my entire team can replicate this error simply by using this product, why cant your team fix it after 2 versions? Like many here, I have used Fireworks for almost 10 years and I have had a very warm place in my heart for this product, but it is such a POS now that I am constantly searching for a non adobe product that will support my workflow. This is clearly a product adobe doesnt want to support, and I wont be forced into using Photoshop as a fallback.

  9. Andrew says:

    Recovered Files is supposed to be a new feature to Auto-Save files when FW crashes. CS4 crashes ALL the time. So, I have used the FW Air Auto-Backup utility – which now CAUSES CS5 to crash. When CS5 crashes, there are NO recovered files waiting for me on my desktop as promised. Where is this magical “Recovered Files” feature? Does it really work? Yes, I’m using a Mac.Fireworks absolutely cannot be trusted without an auto-save / auto-backup feature saving at least every 5 minutes.Please tell us if this will ever work!! And how can we access this.

  10. I agree... why not show some good will and RELEASE BUG FIXES FOR CS4 says:

    Sarthak… go work for Google or heck even MS. Adobe is garbage.I have been working through the jungle of bugs in FireWorks CS4 and wonder how could Adobe release such junk. Really, this is a class action suit and an insult. To get a working version of CS4 I need to buy a Version 1.0 of CS5? Not a great marketing move.When is a CS4 Working release going to be issued? Any attorneys out there interested in going after Adobe to get refunds for all us designers who paid for and defective software and are being told eat it?

  11. Joseph says:

    Adobe has lost all good will with me. My boss asked me if we should upgrade the group to CS5 Design Premium. I told him no way.You should create a patch for Fireworks CS4 with these 900+ bug fixes. The fact that you haven’t just exposes Adobe’s low regard for its customers.

  12. Crookes says:

    Yeh, I think that is a fair question.Why haven’t the 900+ bugs been fixed for the people that spent £300 on the software?@Alan even with the bugs, its still all about fireworks rather than photoshop. For intuition, even with bugs, fireworks wins hands down.

  13. pmoore says:

    I’ve been a user since 1985 people…Im so sick of this monopoly! I’ve lost real money redoing work that was caused by a faulty product. LETS DO SOMETHING AND SUE THESE F)&&*%ERS!

  14. Mad A. Hell says:

    Amen, amen, amen. CS4 is a complete load of crap. Bugs galore and the one function that would mitigate how absolutely unreliable it is, AUTO-FREAKIN-SAVE is MISSING!!!!


    Who is driving the boat, a blind idiot? I have used Fireworks from early Macromedia days. Great product. Adobe takes over and it completely goes to hell. I agree with pmoore, lots of class action these days – people are tired of this total crap, “buy CS4 and life will be great…” What a crock, it’s worse than CS3 and I literally bought the upgrade just to try to get it to work. I was not interested in a single feature. What a complete waste of money.

    • Sandy says:

      Mad A. Hell – Couldn’t agree more. (I agree with others here too.) I skipped over CS# until recently. I went from MX to 8.0, which I love. I have taken a chance on CS5. I am frustrated with the “Out of memory”. I hate hoggish apps. And what is up with no auto-save? MS has been autosaving for years. Come on Adobe. Don’t understand why we have to download the tool. Why doesn’t this utility come standard. Jury is out on CS5. From what I am reading, glad I skipped all prior versions of CS…

  15. bikeman says:

    I am a long time user of Fireworks 8 and I love it – it is stable and so much easier to use than Photoshop.

    What a shame then that employers insist on web designers using Photoshop when I can do 99% of what I need in Fireworks in half the time it takes in Photoshop.

    It’s also a shame that Adobe seem intent on killing off Fireworks so they can sell their over priced Photoshop app.

  16. Bulã says:

    Adobe sucks big time cause of that, it just managed to ruin a great product. Did you observed that all ex macromedia software is not 10 times bigger while doing the same stuff a lot slower ?!?! And that some effects, like those from edges, which were present in fireworks 8, are now gone ?!?!
    Here it came Adobe to buy their competition who were destroying them ! That was all about, macromedia was much better than Adobe and in one or two years, could buy a half priced Adobe !
    But anyway, the macromedia suite is crappy since managed by adobe and photoshop is the same crap as always. I guess I’ll look for Corel or something. Is cheapper and seems better. At least to do a book in Corel, you don’t need to buy “Indesign”..Corel is like Indesign and Illustrator together, while at half price !!!

  17. UsefulTips says:

    The CS 5 out of memory errors on Windows are caused by too many GDI objects being created, you can monitor them from the task manager View menu to show them as a column , but basically its a massive resource hog that creates too many GDI objects and exhausts its memory heap – this lack of resource management should have been caught in product test cycle, obviously.

  18. Mike Hardwig says:

    This is our final license buy, making the recommendation to not upgrade to CS6 for our company’s corp. license. we’ll save money just shopping old licenses for FW8 and honestly, until ActionScript 4 is out, there are no new features in the past 2 releases of the CS suite that justify the cost of our corp. license.

    We can legally use your products without you gaining profit from them. We don’t need upgrades anymore because there hasnt been a viably useful feature in the entire CS Suite for us since ActionScript 3. Until ActionScript 4, we’ll stay on old licenses; that’s how we’ll protest.

    Reaping what you Sow when you start harming other people’s profits with these clunky, untested program releases and the APPALLING practice of making us pay for bug fixes. To anticipate your response: If that isn’t what we paid for, then they should be avail. to our CS4 suite license as free updates. They AREN’T.

    From this point forward we’re closely evaluating your releases for ACTUAL features. bug fixes will be ignored. save a real feature (like a new AS version) we aren’t upgrading.

    Lose any applications (especially the macromedia suite) and we’ll change our hiring requirements to non-adobe applications.

    That’s one less Fortune 500 wasting their money on you. Feel good about this release yet?

  19. Nobbby says:

    If this software was a physical household product like a washing machine or television they would not be able to get away with it, they would have been forced to do a “product recall” on 10000s of customer products or create a product upgrade which a qualified fitter would have come out to install to make the item work properly.

    Because it’s not the newest up-to-date software Adobe see fit just to leave us all up s**t creek without a paddle.

    I cannot even count how many hours work I have lost due to Fireworks CS4 and I would dearly love to bill them for it. And NO I dont want to be forced into shelling out and upgrading to CS5.

    For all those that purchased the CS4 version of Fireworks Adobe should send us a FREE version of CS5 Fireworks including all bug fixes or service pack included as a matter of urgency!!