Adobe Fireworks CS5 trial/purchase is live

Adobe Fireworks CS5 part of the CS5 announcement on April 12 is available for download from this link. The product page and details about the version enhancements, features can be found here.

Adobe Fireworks is available as part of the following suites:

  1. Master Collection
  2. Web Premium
  3. Design Premium

You can download a trial version for Windows or Mac for 30 days and then evaluate an upgrade or a new purchase.


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One Response to Adobe Fireworks CS5 trial/purchase is live

  1. Matt says:

    I hope this gets to the right person!But Im inviting anyone and everyone who is interested/curious/skeptical/works with Adobe CS5 to follow along with me on my “CS5 in 30 Days” Project.I’ve started a project/challenge to see what a motivated beginner can do with the entire CS5 Suite in just 30 days!! We are building a website and incorporating and learning together as much of the CS5 suite as possible just druing the trial period of 30 days!Its a daunting task so we need all the help and support we can get from Adobe enthusiasts like you. So come along and check it out, you can read all about it at my blog: http://CS5in30Days.wordpress.comHope to see you there!Matt